Top 10 Worst Doug Episodes

Here are some of the worst episodes from Doug which includes both Nickelodeon and Disney's versions.

The Top Ten

1 Doug's Christmas Story

This episode was always very unpleasant to me. I never enjoyed watching it - taishisohma

In one of the worst Christmas episodes ever Mr. Bluff presses charges against Porkchop after he alledgesly attacks Beebe unaware he was trying to save her from the thin ice and has him locked up, what makes this even worst is Porkchop is unable to defend himself since he can't talk and is an easy target for Mr. Bluff. - egnomac

2 Doug's Best Buddy

Doug's old friend Bobby moves to Bluffington and tries to make an impression on Dougs friends but comes off as rude and offensive annoying all of Dougs friends to the point where they don't wan't to hang around Doug with Bobby around. - egnomac

3 Doug and the Bluffington Five

The School announces that they will be having mandatory school uniforms however almost everyone is against this so Sally Patti, Rodger, Beebe and Fenrtuck form a group to protest the school uniform but principle White and vice principle Bone refuse to listen so a debate is held then things really get chaotic as the group breaks up and form their own protest groups after Patti becomes too power crazy during the debate Skeeter attempts to debate about the positives of school uniforms everyone boos real loudly and refuse to let him speak Patti realizes just how out of hand everything has gotten she eventually convinces everyone to let Skeeter speak and they eventually realize they like the idea of school uniform before the school decides to drop the whole school uniform things because they can't decide on the design. - egnomac

4 Doug's Hot Dog

Doug finds a lost pup in the park and takes him home where everyone adores it all while ignoring Porkchop who becomes really jealous, but it doesn't take long for Doug to find out all the difficult things about having a puppy or at the very least one that can't take care of itself like Porkchop, Doug reaches his boiling point after the pup destroys his rarest comic instead of taking the puppy to an animal shelter he just leaves it at the park where he found it. - egnomac

5 Doug's In Debt

Doug borrows a hat from Judy which ends up in Rodgers hands and Rodger forces Doug to basically be his slave mainly by making him use his locker in exchange for the hat, earlier in the episode Rodger wants a giant plastic cow for reasons that are just to weird to explain he offers a lot of money for it the owner refuses to sell so he gets Doug to help him steal it and to think he goes through all this trouble all because he didn't want to tell Judy the truth and even worst in the end after he finally tells her what happened she just beats up Rodger and gets her hat back that simple. - egnomac

6 Doug's Bad Trip

This was the last episode of Doug on Nickelodeon and it kind of ends on a rather sour note The Funnies decide to drive to the Great Painted Gorge but the trip turns into anything but great as both Doug and Judy make frequent stops along the way on places that sound cool and exciting but turn out to be lame and a ripoff in the final monets of the episode everyone is frustrated at one point Doug tells Judy to Shut Up and Mr. Funnie gets really angry at Doug and they almost crash during a rainstorm none the less they eventually make it to the gorge despite all the mishaps. - egnomac

7 Doug Rocks The House

During a rock throwing contest Doug accidently causes the house the collapse everyone is amazed by what Doug did except for Patti who calls him terrible apparently she's upset about what he did yet she doesn't even tell him why Beebe agrees to talk to Patti for him then she gets angry at him for no reason, as it turns out the house Doug accidently destoyred was Patti's old house, now here's the problems I have with this episode for starters there was no way for Doug to know that the house use to be Patti's then Skeeter says something that infuriates me he says "I thought you knew" now how can he now if he just moved to Bluffington did everyone already forget this and second Patti never tells Doug once why she was so upset in the first place. - egnomac

8 Doug's Mail Order Mania

Basically Doug gets duped into a series of sweepstakes scams and ends up giving up a lot of money and time. - egnomac

9 Doug Can't Dig It
10 Doug's Dog's Date

A pretty forgettable episode Doug's dog Porckchop falls for another dog and that's it. - egnomac

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