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21 Oolong

I know he's not as bad as Master Roshi, but if sexual predation is a worse offense than whining, he should still be higher than every female character on this list, even Pan.

The episode that introduced Oolong contained a lot of pedophilic humor that was pretty gross. Afterwards, he went on to become the most pointless character in the entire series.

Oolong is a coward he turns into a huge knight and then runs away and he's completely useless in Z.

Another perv but unlike roshi is completely useless even in DB (except when he wished for underwear).

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22 Vegeta Vegeta Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Although Vegeta is one of my personal favorite characters and I appreciate the psychological complexity he brings to the series, in a weird sort of way I'm actually relieved to see him so high on this list, because I can definitely see some legitimate reasons for not liking him. At the beginning of the series, he brutally murders several of his own colleagues and singlehandedly slaughters a village of Namekians. At the end of the series, he's married to the sort of beautiful rich woman Master Roshi can only dream about (never mind that he was verbally abusive to her when he first met her), he has access to super-advanced technology and a fortune he didn't earn, and seems to have a pretty good life. Of course, in between those two ends, we see him beaten to a pulp numerous times and he dies twice (once in an attempt to save his loved ones), but for me personally, if I like this character, it's only in the context that every time he gets too cocky, we have the satisfaction of seeing him ...more

So overrated.

Why is he on here? He's a better father and husband than Goku. Smarter, too. He made DBZ better. Why do you think nobody cares about Dragonball? Cause Vegeta wasn't in it.

Worst pathetic stupid fool who deserves to die. - Monday23

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23 Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr.

A lot of people like to rip on Raditz for being one of the weakest dragon ball characters in general. At least HE actually came close to killing Goku. This saibamen wanna-be, Is like the black sheep of all the Dragon ball villains. I could win in a battle with Garlic Jr if I were to do so! For god sakes, Mr popo could totally obliterate him off the face of the planet if he wanted!

It was hilarious that Team Four Star had Mr Popo eat him!

24 Chiaotzu Chiaotzu

I mean come on, what can this guy do?

This is suppose to be chaoz


It's too bad that his defyning moment was self destruct on Napa... Which did absolutely nothing!

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25 Babidi Babidi

Well, he looked like a flie, so it was quite fitting Fat Buu smushed his ugly face.

26 Guldo Guldo

Good thing vegeta killed Guldo he was a total wussy when he was fighting gohan and krillin

I was gonna put Frieza but this guy is pointless - ikerevievs

Guldo is okay but his powers aren't that good. Still, he is quite fast but Burter is faster. - SelfDestruct

27 Android 18 Android 18

She's not that bad, I actually find her scarier when she was married to Krillin (Roshi found out the skull crunching way). Android 17, on the other hand, is an overrated moron! His plan to reach Goku at Kamihouse (which is in the middle of the ocean) is to drive there in a van, WHEN HE'S AWARE HE AND HIS SIBLINGS CAN FLY AT OVER MACH 9! It's no wonder Imperfect Cell choose to eat him first, it's to get him over with! Super 17 (basically C-17 and the lazily named "Hell-Fighter 17" combined) is even lamer, with his death by Goku - I mean "Kid Goku" charging through his belly being a complete rehash of King Piccolo's death.

Who put her on here! She's the best female character by far

Such a boring character...

Android 18 is a badass! Love her, love her, love her! - SaiyanGirl

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28 Yajirobe Yajirobe

does nothing except give other fighters and eat senzu beans. He shows up to the battles to hide behind a rock and watch.

Yajirobe is the worst character on this list. I mean, he's flat out useless

At least Yajirobe was able to defeat Cymbal, one of King Piccolo's sons.

He's simply GARBAGE, get off my T.V. Yajirobe you worth it!

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29 Saibamen Saibamen

Saibamen can kill like 2 Z-Fighters (Yamcha and Chiaotzu) other than that all there good for is being a punching bag.

Saibamen suck like come on even Vegeta can knock them out on one blow

What? What which suck saw bulma kill saibamen?

I thought you meant Saiyaman at first

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30 Supreme Kai Supreme Kai

Because he would never give gohan the chance for the sword and make the hardest material in the universe so gohan could swing at it and break the sword also no vegito or ultimate gohan

If it wasn't for him gohan my overall favorite character wouldn't survive from majin buu

Supreme kai was awesome old and yong

He let Spopovich and Yamu steal Gohan's energy. Made the Z-Warriors hide behind the hills even after Dabura killed his Kibito then turned Piccolo and Krillin into stone for no real reason. Prevented Vegeta from blasting their way to the bottom of Babidi's Spaceship cause it MIGHT revive Majin Boo even though he knows Majin Boo needs 100% energy to be revived and even if it did he would be severely weakened thus easy for Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta to exterminate. Completely underestimated the Saiyans' powers and completely overestimated the enemies only realizing his mistake during his ass beating despite having several instances to put 2 and 2 together. He didn't warn Gohan of Boo's ability to absorb people... arguably his most deadly technique.

Without him the whole Saga wouldn't have happened at all. Sure he saved Gohan's life against Fat Boo but otherwise he might as well draw a M on his forehead and work for Babidi for all the "help" he was. - dhochoy

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31 Whis Whis

Ugh, this thing. I hate its face, his dress, his lipstick and false eyelashes and nail polish, I hate his fruity voice and I hate his personality. He is just so annoying and useless. But I hate the cat too so they can both gth.

How? - MKBeast

32 Baby

Baby is basically terrible, his existence mocks me. Even his name is pathetic.

I cracked up when I first saw him and Goku said "That's enough baby! " And I thought he was tired of not being able to kiss his ape crush and when I never saw baby I though he was a little girl. No wonder I thought that.. Lol

. Hey dude shut up baby is not the worst buu sucks kid buu is cool but baby is my favorite but is baby should have been in dragon ball z

I hate baby, why he's not in the top ten, I have no clue, but I do know one thing he's in GT that's why I hate him

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33 Cui Cui

Scene from tfs DBZ Kai abridged
Vegeta "Hi Cui! "
(Blows him up into glop)
Vegeta "Bye Cui! "

34 Maron

She's just filler. She doesn't exist in the manga! - Goku02

I'm guessing it's Krillin's girlfriend because his daughter's name is spelt Marron, not Maron. That and the fact that Maron is a stupid airhead and Marron isn't a bad character.

Which one? Krillin's Bulma clone girlfriend or Krillin and C-18's daughter?

No that's krillins daughter

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35 Kami

Not so great for a guy called "god". Especially in the Garlic Jr filler.

36 Broly Broly

I like him. But I like him for how ridiculously over the top the film made him out to be, which is pretty much why half the world hates him.

No character depth, blatant Hulk ripoff, and he's just bad in general

Nothing says "whiny baby" like a fully grown man with nearly Hulk-level power and infant-level emotional maturity.
"Weeeh, weh, I'm crazy 'cause baby Carrot wouldn't stop crying, so I'm gonna seek revenge forever and ever and never forgive him! "
"Yeah... Our king tried to kill us and our planet was destroyed, son. Clearly worse has happened. Also, how could you remember something like that when you were only a few days old?! "

37 Mr. Popo Mr. Popo

Well, Team Four Star couldn't fined much of a way to parody him other than turning him into a Chuck Norris Dark Lord.

People only hate him because no one is strong enough to beat him.

Popo means poo in Spanish, LOL - Yona_db

Ah racist you said his "Black skin is uglyL oml that's racist ah! Say he is ugly! Not black skin! I have brown skin!

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38 Android 19 Android 19

Got his arms cut off by Vegeta. - SelfDestruct

Android 19 ruined the entire cell arc. Great joy when vegeta blasted him to bits. Way worse than hercule

He sounds like a wind-up-baby toy.

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40 Uub Uub

Although he's said to be the reincarnation of Buu, he actually seems to be the reincarnation of Nam from Dragon Ball.

Bit of a random way to end the series.

Some bald guy.: urg slightly bald guy

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