Top 10 Worst Dragon Ball Z Filler Episodes

Dragon Ball Z is filled with tons of filler and here are the worst filler episodes from Dragon Ball Z.

The Top Ten

Goku's Next Journey

Awful ending to a great anime series. - egnomac

Goku's Ordeal

Chi Chi becomes fed up that they don't have a car and forces both Goku and Piccolo to stop their training and take drivers ED several problems with this episode for starters its been shown that Chi Chi is capable of driving so there's very little reason to make Goku learn to drive and secondly Goku has the ability to telaport anywhere in the world within seconds plus he can fly Chi Chi could have just have Goku do the grocery shopping instead, this entire episode feels completely out of place. - egnomac

Gohan's First Date

Gohan gets blackmailed by one of his classmates a girl named Angela and has to go on a date with her or she will tell everyone his secret he thinks the secret is the fact that he is Saiyaman so he goes along with it and of course during their date disaster strikes and Gohan ditches his date so he can save the day as Saiyaman and also Vidle is there and they save the day but just as Gohan is trying to sneak away Videl spots him and confronts him unfortunately Angela sees him with Videl and is devastated thinking that he left to be with Videl and tells his secret which is not that he's Saiyaman like he thought but that she saw him wearing teddy bear underwear and breaks up with him again nothing more than filler. - egnomac

A Friendly Surprise

Episodes 41-44 Gohan, Krillin and Bulma land on what they think is Planet Namek they even see two Namekians who lead them on hunt for the Dragon Balls after finding the last Dragon Ball it turns out that it was all a lie that they're not really on planet Namek and were tricked by the two aliens who want to steal their ship so they can escape the planet or be trapped forever making the entire Dragon Ball hunt a complete waste of time. - egnomac

Forfeit of Piccolo

Piccolo mostly stalls for a lot of the episode before realizing that his opponent in the world tournament is in fact the Supreme Kai he panics before forfeiting the match making this episode a waste of time. - egnomac

Buu's Reincarnation

The final three episode were nothing but pure filler. - egnomac

Krillin's Proposal

Krillina and Gohan try to retrieve a pearl from underwater so he can give to his girlfriend Maron but the fish and the other sea creatures refuse to give up the pearl and so they give up on the idea, then Krillin lets Maron go since he wasn't able to get the pearl but she states that she still would have liked him anyway before leaving with a bunch of other guys. - egnomac

Losers Fight First

Hercule and his two prologize s show up to battle Cell and are easily disposed off in mere seconds making the episode a waste of time. - egnomac

Nappa's Rampage

Vegeta calls a halt to the fight so that they can wait for Goku to arrive and like the episode says Nappa goes on a little rampage and of course Goku doesn't show up and the fight continues. - egnomac

Bulma's Big Day

The worst without any quality

Bulma gets taken hostage by two of Frieza's goons and has to go down underwater and retrieve one of the Dragon Balls while trying to outsmart them and that's pretty much it. - egnomac

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