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Mini-Description: In my eleventh album review, I decide to push Drake off the CN Tower for his most hyped (and worst) album to date.

Best Song: "Weston Road Flows"
Worst Songs: "Pop Style", "Feel No Ways", "Child's Play", "U With Me?", "Hotline Bling", "One Dance" ft. Kyla and WizKid, "Hype", "Faithful" ft. Pimp C and DVSN, "9", "Grammys" ft. Future, "With You" ft. Future, "Still Here"


My personal opinion of Drake is a lot more generous than most. Yes, Started From The Bottom and Love Me were absolute abominations that should never, have EVER graced this world, but these are Drake's worst, and he's actually really talented. I
liked Take Care (its title track was my favorite song of 2012), I for the most part thought Nothing Was The Same was okay, and If You're Reading This It's Too Late was one of my favorite albums of 2015.

Then....something happened.

Drake's potential just faded away as soon as IRRTITL was released, and while I don't know what exactly caused this, I do know one thing: it happened at his peak. He had just released a collab album with Future, which, while not terrible, was definitely far from good! But, there's no way to talk about Drake without talking about the Meek Mill beef. Alright, here's what I have to say about it: why did it happen? I get that Meek was marrying Nicki Minaj, who was previously in a relationship with Drake, but was that really deserving of one of the biggest internet booms in music? Yes, Back to Back was great, but every other result of the beef was petty at best.

The subsequent singles released after the beef died were absolute trash, mainly because there were only three: Hotline Bling, One Dance, and Pop Style. And these singles gave me really bad feelings for what was to come. Even worse was when I found out that the album version of Pop Style (the one I'd have to judge) removed Jay-Z and Kanye West, the latter being the only thing keeping the song from worst-of-all-time atrocious, and I got even sadder.

So I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Views is one of the worst albums I've heard in 2016 so far.

I mean, I wasn't expecting him to top If You're Reading This It's Too Late, but I also wasn't expecting him to make this! Worse than Rachel Platten's fest of blandness, worse than ANOHNI's hopeless wreck at being political, even worse than Meghan Trainor's Thank You.

It's honestly hard to decide where to start with this, mainly because this album is such a gigantic nothing. 80 minutes of absolutely nothing. Which reminds me: this album runs LONG. Forget the fact that it's 20 tracks, a bunch of them are over 4 minutes. Which ties into...

The instrumentation and the production. I mean, good lord this is bland. Even at his best, Drake is pretty colorless, but never has his music been this gray, boring, and run together. Other than the more tropical (albeit melody-less) vibe on Too Good and the Mary J. Blige sample anchoring probably the best song here with Weston Road Flows, the production only gets interesting when it's atrocious. And that actually happens a lot. The horrendously mixed dance-hall of One Dance, the drab boinging synths on Pop Style that only gets bearable when it gets a little bit of gospel swell, the sample and airhorn on Controlla, the bleak blended tones on the ironically named Hype, the elevator trap song Hotline Bling, and the hideously weak low-fi drums on Feel No Ways, this would all be audio torture if it was interesting.

The guest stars are either ridiculously phoned in or just plain should not have been there. I mean, on Grammys, Future even admits that he doesn't want to be on it, as he says that he "doesn't do featured". PARTYNEXTDOOR is pretty easily ignorable doing his worst Future impression on With You. But then we have One Dance, which compresses Kyla and Wizkid's vocals so badly that you can barely even hear either of them, especially WizKid. But worst of all, we show that Drake has no taste in any of the music he makes with Faithful. I don't care too much for Division, but PIMP C?! He's a dead legend, and when you sample him saying that he only works with Bun B, but he's not even on here. That's just disgraceful, and should have never been cleared.

The most appalling thing is that, again, the version of Pop Style on this album doesn't have Kanye West, the only thing keeping Pop Style bad instead of horrid. Because of that it's easily the worst song on this album.

And Drake himself? Well, he's probably the worst thing on this album. This is easily his most bored performance. He matches the beats pretty well (not saying he rides the beats well, that's too much to ask), with his dull, nasal lower range taking up the majority of this album, and even when he gets into his higher range on songs like One Dance, he's still one-dimensional.

But then we have to get into the lyrics, which like the production, only gets interesting when it's insufferable. We'll get into how Drake has no regard for women in a bit, but ignoring that, when a line as wack as "got so many chains call me Chaining Tatum" is one of the less struggling bars on the album, you have a problem. I can't believe I'm saying this, but please Drake, get your ghostwriters back. Probably the worst example of this is Hype, where he says that he isn't running out of material (so this album isn't a thing), how he has to pay 50K at Tiffany's (that matters), that Views is already a classic (an awful one to be sure), and that he feels like Joelz Santana (you know, that rapper from Run It by Chris Brown and Pop Champagne by Rob Brownz, two of the worst songs from the 2000s).

But I don't think any song's lyrics on this album are as negatively memetic as on 9, a song I hate all because of one line: "turn the 6 upside down it's a 9 now". First off, what is the 6? Second, you didn't even have the guts to name this album Views From The 6, why would you bring that up randomly? Third, this line is an absolute favorite amongst the toxic Anthony Fantano fanbase for whenever he gives a 6/10. It's not funny. It's not even clever. Other than that, 9 only barely exists, which makes that line all the more awkward.

But as many times as this album is wack, it also shows that some of 2013 Lil Wayne has rubbed off on Drake, because the hypocritical misogyny here is ridiculous. You have an insufferable song like Hotline Bling where he wants basically a slave girl who stays at home while he's out of his house for years and does what he wants, but then we get a rancid song like Feel No Ways where Drake is mad because she's badmouthing him after they broke up when it was Drake's controlling nature that caused the relationship to fail. Forget the fact that his complaining of this girl not responding to his text fast enough in U With Me is simultaneously miserable, and creepy, and that he whines about his girlfriend not wanting him to be happy when he's asserting himself as a "controlla" in the titular song (can't think of why)...

No, the song that exerts Drake's inner misogyny is Child's Play. Would be the worst song on the album if Drake didn't cut out Kanye West in Pop Style, we start off with a skit saying that if your girlfriend goes out to a football game, she's screwing a player on the team. Now that's the facts for ya! Then we have Drake arguing with his girlfriend at the Cheesecake Factory, until he whines about her taking his Bugatti to go shopping at CVS Pharmacy. These two things (which are Drake's fault/really stuff he shouldn't be worrying about) make him hide his keys, lie about how many women he's slept with, and threaten to take her back to the hood.

But what really gets me here is the framing. I honestly think Rae Sremmurd have more consistency with their misogyny that turns melodrama than Drake does here. As much as Rae Sremmurd make themselves out to be unlikeable jerks who screw everything that moves then cry when their girlfriends leave them for that reason, at least with songs like Now That I Know and My X they aren't making themselves the victims and aren't trying to make themselves look like good boyfriends. While Views isn't worse than either SremmLife album, it doesn't change the fact that Drake doesn't know how toolbaggerish he looks behind the mic.

I mean, you want someone submissive and threaten to leave your girlfriend basically to die because you argued at your favorite restaurant, and cheat on her multiple times whilst lying about it, then cry when your girlfriend leaves you for that reason and talks down on you for it, and say that your girl doesn't want to see you happy.

I find it a bit poetic. If You're Reading This It's Too Late, one of the best albums of 2015 and easily Drake's best album had no hype behind it, and came out of nowhere. It did fill up the charts quite a bit, but nothing really made impact. Views, on the other hand, is one of the worst albums of 2016 and easily Drake's worst album, being hyped for months and being delayed for about the same time. It filled up the charts, but the impact it made caused many people, including me, to go insane. I'm thinking a strong 1/10 and there's no way I can possibly recommend this. This is WonkeyDude98, and my next review is going to be something special -- and not in a good way.


Great review! How could One Dance be at #1 for so long? - Martinglez

Dance-hall. - WonkeyDude98

How did you feel about Too Good? You referenced it once. And good job only thing I hate about this review is the title.
Also, IYRTITL had no hype becuase
A. It's a mixtape
B. It was a surprise

And in One Dance. WHAT IS GOING OT!

Finally, Child's Play is back on the charts. Hopefully nothing happens - ProPanda

Great beat, okay vocals, awful lyrics. Falls in the same mold as, say, half of this album when it comes to awful relationships, - WonkeyDude98

IYRTITL had no hype? But wasn't 2015 one of Drake's strongest years? It had to be based around something. I personally adore that mixtape. - Mcgillacuddy

Well. It was one of his strongest because of that album, which popped out of nowhere - ProPanda

I'm kind of glad it came out of nowhere, because Drake had no people to worship it prematurely so he'd laze on it. It's just funny that'd happen with Views. - WonkeyDude98