Top 10 Worst Drake & Josh Characters

While Drake & Josh does have good characters like any show it has a few terrible characters.

The Top Ten

1 Gavin Mitchell

He's just as boring as Mark Delfigalo and is very uninteresting.

2 Susan

Maniuplative and downright pointless.

3 Carly

A generic love interest for Drake that's forgotten about so fast she never returned.

4 Drew

Uncessary ripoff characters that added nothing in the one episode they were in.

5 Papa Nichols

A crazy veteran that goes bezerk over every single thing.

6 Grammy Nichols

She didn't appear often but when she did she was unpleasant.

7 Walter Nichols

One of the more weaker characters in the series in all honesty.

8 Eric Blonowitz

Like Craig he was a annoying character and only used for cheap jokes. However the way Drake made fun of both them was hillarious.

9 Craig Ramirez

He was very annoying and unlikable in all honesty.

10 Crazy Steve

He might've been comedic relief but other then that he's downright mediocre.

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