Worst Dream Theater Songs

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1 You Not Me

Well this is the worst Dream Theater song, but don't blame the band. Blame the dumb pop music writer the record label brought in to rewrite this song.

Leave it to the record company to ruin this song and several others from "Falling Into Infinity"

I can't stand this song

Dream Theater is amazing. This song isn't evven that bad. It's just not as goood as their other songs. - gelatinbeastworm

2 Prophets of War

The only dream theater songs I disliked were this and you not me the rest rocked

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3 Honor Thy Father

There is no such thing as a bad dream theater song shame on whoever made this list

What this song is killin it! - ProfessorSparks

4 Sacrificed Sons

Whoever put this on the list needs to listen to it more and a nightmare to remember and the dark eternal night are great songs what?

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5 The Dark Eternal Night

Ok, I didn't think this was unpopular. - AdamDestructorJr.

6 The Spirit Carries On

I can't stand this song

It's so mopey and glum and not at all like the good DT songs I really can't stand it.


7 Repentance
8 6:00

"6:00 on a christmas morning"
When he repeated that 4 times in the beginning I already get annoyed and skip the song...

9 Lie

This is the worst list I ever made sorry. I really want to delete it

10 I Walk Beside You

This song is terrible. Sounds like a lame christian rock song. - Caleb9000

I never really liked this one. - AdamDestructorJr.

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11 A Nightmare to Remember

If you think this song is bad, you must be a Justin Bieber fan

This song is awesome what's?

12 The Killing Hand
13 Metropolis


Nope. - AdamDestructorJr.


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