Top 10 Worst Dreamworks Characters

The worst Dreamworks characters ever made by the studio!

The Top Ten

1 Francis E. Francis - The Boss Baby

Francis E. Francis's Defeat Is The Worst Animation Villain Defeat Ever! He Only Gets Tranformed Into A Fat Baby After Drowns In A Pool!

The worst Dreamworks villain ever, and the worst Dreamworks character ever, from the worst Dreamworks movie ever. (Voiced by Steve Buscemi) - 445956

2 Oscar - Shark Tale

He is absolutely racist!


Horrible, ugly, and unlikable. (Voiced by Will Smith) - 445956

Eh, I don't know, I like him, he's extremly developed and he learns his mistake at the end - darthvadern

3 Cookie - Shrek Forever After

One of the most pointless characters in the Shrek universe. - egnomac

Unnecessary idiot. (Voiced by Craig Robinson) - 445956

4 Creek - Trolls

I used to hate him! But in that awful netflix cartoon, he actually turned good again!

Huge huge jerk. Deserves his death. (Voiced by a real life jerk, Russell Brand) - 445956

5 Kim-Ly - Turbo

The most pointless character in all of Turbo, and a stereotype. (Voiced by Ken Jeong) - 445956

6 Kyle - Home

Unneeded character. (Voiced by Matt L. Jones) - 445956

7 Ken - Bee Movie

Annoying character that does nothing but annoys me - darthvadern

Horrible character. (Voiced by Patrick Warburton) - 445956

8 Poppy - Trolls

An annoying jerk to Branch,and represents Dreamworks on crack. - bendyfazjazz234

She is so stupid

9 Derek Dietl - Monsters vs. Aliens

Huge, huge, jerk. (Voiced by Paul Rudd) - 445956

10 Oh - Home

Yeah. I hate Oh! His face is way too close to the camera in the film! He is so overrated, just like the film! - Badabooo2

The Contenders

11 Prince Charming - Shrek the Third

He was a good character in Shrek 2, but awful in Shrek the Third. (Voiced by Rupert Everett) - 445956

I actually think he's one of the best - darthvadern

12 Penny - Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Annoying bitch who gets to have her ass whooped. - bendyfazjazz234

13 Rumpelstiltskin - Shrek Forever After

Boring villain. (Voiced by Walt Dohrn) - 445956

14 Trolls the beat goes on - Poppy

I hate poppy everywhere get her above branch even in one epiosode she throwed a tantrum about wanting to know who is the giver so I hope she dies and all of the trolls threw a party

15 Nana - Madagascar

I think she’s funny

16 Branch (Trolls: Beat Goes On!)

Branch was my favorite character from the movie and the holiday special, but in this cartoon, he was such a absolute lunatic! He constantly harvested tears from a crying baby troll who was alone! What an idiot!

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