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41 Sierra Mist
42 Sprite V 1 Comment
43 Apple Juice

My brother has an apple juice addiction. When he's thirsty after going outside he says "Can I have some apple juice" and I'm like " DRINK SOME DAMN WATER IT QUENCHES YOUR THIRST AND IS GOOD FOR YOU" - SammySpore

It's like acid. Grape, Cranberry and Orange Juice are WAY WAY better. - Curtis_Huber

44 Milk

Come on guys! Milk is good for you, and babies drink it from their mother! It's part of life!

It's actually bad for you because you don't know what the cows ate and what they eat helps produce the milk

It's actually not good for you, or for the cows that produce it.

Milk tastes disgusting, maybe strawberry milk, but not regular. - Mariomaster63

V 7 Comments
45 Tang

It used to be good but the recipe massively changed. Use cheap chemical ingredients now. Smells weird, burns your throat, and has a nasty aftertaste. Makes the inside of my mouth feel dirty.

They just use powder to make it which sucks!

They NEVER got an actual fruit to make it.

46 Banana Milkshake
47 Iced Tea

I hate this garbage it taste like poop.

Your poop

48 Thumbs Up

This sucks and whhy is coke on this list "Can you imagine a world without Coca Cola" - Walter White A.K. A Heisenberg

49 Kinnie
50 Lemonade

I love lemonade. Why is this on the list?

Who doesn't like this? - SammySpore

51 Pineapple Smoothie
52 Kool-Aid
53 Grape Juice
54 Blueberry Juice
55 West Coast Chill
56 Gatorade
57 Venom Energy

What. Venom energy is cool

58 Mountain Lightning

Generic knock-off of Mountain Dew. Tastes like chemicals. Bottle that can easily fool people. Lots of citric acid. Very little caffeine. This belongs in the sewers! - imacg4

59 Ensure

This drink makes my stomach hurt if I drink too much of it. - MageSword

60 Sam's Cola
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