Worst Drizzy Drake Songs


The Top Ten

1 9AM in Dallas

What how is this a bad song? Its fire!

This song sucks but its not the worst

Whoever made this entire list probably twerks at parties. And is a guy.

2 Over My Dead Body

This song is the best

This is the best song...! * You can't compete with Drake...! * This song should not be on the worst songs...

3 Bedrock
4 November 18th

Why is this song on the list? Its Drakes best song! LIKE LEGIT! Its way better than Started From The Bottom. That whole song is a lie. Because 5 minutes after he graduated from degrassi, he was on the next plane to see Wayne.

5 July


6 You Know You Know
7 No Lies
8 Started From the Bottom

It's kinda funny that this is even considered to be one of the worst Drake songs

I guess "started from the middle class" wasn't catchy enough

It doesn't have the flow of other great Drake songs.


9 Right Above It

Why is this here?! One of his best!

This is actually a REALLY good song! Why is it in the worst?

Shouldn't even be a song

10 Make Me Proud

Come on Drake you could do better than this crap I mean really Nicki Minaj

This is a cool song

The Contenders

11 Versace

Whats the point in repeating same words just for comic effect it sucks to say but this song is just a skip he could have done better

12 Hotline Bling

Amazing and funny get it off.

13 Headlines

This song has the hardest beat he's ever made why is this on here.

Worst song drake ever made.

14 H.Y.F.R.

Sounds like he's not even on beat in this song. terrible to listen to

15 The Motion

This song is so not the best

16 Wu-Tang Forever

Literally one of my favorite songs

17 Right Hand
18 God's Plan
19 Ratchet Happy Birthday

Do I even need to explain?

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