Worst Drugs to Get Addicted To


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1 Desomorphine

I mean, you have a life span of about 2 years after starting the addiction, so yeah, this is really horrible. - SevenTreeTool

This drug is just plain awful, do not try it. - SwagFlicks

2 Heroin

It's one of or the most addictive and life-ruining drugs - FettiMC

Less harmful than desomorphine, but still bad to take. - SwagFlicks

Don't do drugs kids. - Catacorn

It wouldn't be as bad if it werent for the tolerance. (don't get me wrong every drug is bad) but it triggers something in your brain that promotes tolerance

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3 Hyoscine hydrobromide
4 Methamphetamine

If Walter White give me one, I accepted

5 Cocaine

But I need them

6 Alcohol

The thing is, people don't appreciate the fact that alcohol can be nearly as dangerous as some of the drugs that are sold illegally. Yet, alcohol is central to society, and anyone who doesn't harm themselves this way is looked down on. If certain drugs which are, in fact, illegal, were in its place, would it have the same effect? - PositronWildhawk

All of the idiots below saying Alcohol is not a drug are just plain wrong. Alcohol IS a drug, although a legal one.

This is the most widely sold drug, and it's killed many many people. Don't drink. - SwagFlicks

Its not a drug, but it can damage your life. - Catacorn

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7 Phencyclidine
8 Nicotine
9 Synthetic Cathinones
10 Oxycodone

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11 Benzodiazepines

This list is crazy, only from alcohol, benzodiazepine and less known drugs withdrawal you can die, things on top of the list are meh... - zetturno

12 Diphenhydramine
13 Tobacco
14 LSD
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