Heroin is by far the worst drug. It is extreemly addictive and very toxic

I've been a recreational drug user since I was about 15. I've used pot, alcohol, psychedelics, cocaine, crack, meth, benzodiazepines, opiates, and heroin. Of all those substances I have found that heroin is the hardest to refrain from doing and is the only drug I have ever been dependent on besides marijuana. The withdrawals from heroin are absolutely the worst feeling in the world as well. I will never try heroin again. When I started using drugs I decided that I should try everything at least once, and it worked well for every other drug besides marijuana (which I love and believe the benifits out weigh the risks so I do not see using as something detrimental to my health), opiates, and heroin. If anyone were to have this same mentality I would strongly incourage them to never try either.

There shouldn't be a debate if heroin or methamphetamine should be at number one. They both dangerous drugs. Heroin has more physical addictive properties ( but also psychological ) and methamphetamine more psychological addictive properties ( but less physical than heroin properties ).

By far the most dangerous drug in the world. Oh, and another thing, POT IS NOT BAD! No one on earth has overdosed or died from it. It doesn't cause harm to your body physically or mentally. It doesn't kill your brain cells it just freezes them. The people who say marijuana is bad have no idea what they are talking about. Weed is gods green gift!

Just watch the Australian Ice Destroys Lives Commercial. Heroin might be super addictive and harmful, but at least you're not a psycho. Most Heroin crimes are for dealing the drug. Most Meth crimes are for using the drug, Methamphetamine-induced crime, Psychotic reactions and dealing the drug. And at least Heroin can be used as a medicine. The reason it is more addictive is because of the substances put in it. Even Cocaine is put in it. Ever heard stories about Morphine Addiction. It's the same with the Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) addiction when it was first made. All drugs are bad, but Ice is the worst. It's even worse than Krokodil. So Heroin should be ranked third.

Everyone listen. I used to smoke weed. I've done coke and meth but that is it never tried any other drug. The reason why drugs like weed and alcohol are so high on the list is because they effect so many more people. And yes weed can cause cancer. One joint had 2 times as much cancer causing elements than one cigarette
Just that most people that smoke weed smoke cigs. Also weed is truly a gate way drug. It was for me but not saying it is for everyone. Now I don't do any drugs anymore and I never have been am addict. Not even close to one. But how many people does anyone no that does coke, meth, herion or any other hard drug that didn't do weed first. If I was never exposed to weed I never would of been around meth or coke and that is a fact. Weed and alcohol are do high because they effect so many people. That is all

I think any one who does this is a piece of shot and really needs to get help I had to baby brothers that put a gun in there because of this nasty ass drug and a 3 baby brother that hung himself because of it I wish they would find every dealer and put them all in jail I hate this drug more than life itself

It's gonna destroy your life if you touch it and bring everyone who's around it down. Nobody can withstand the temptation of a legendary drug. It's noted for being one of the most dangerous drugs. It's evil, your friends and family would never want to see you touch it ever.

Heroin and not methamphetamine should be at the first place of this list. Opiates ( especially heroin ) are substances with greater physical and psychological dependence properties. Withdrawal symptons of methamphetamine are mainly psychological symptoms with no life threatening physical withdrawals. Heroin on the other hand can be deadly if you are physically out of the substance.

Don't do drugs kids! And all of these drugs are terrible. They've ruined people's lives! Do you know how Amy Whinehouse died? A drug overdose. Judy Garland? Same. Michael Jackson? Drugs. Are you seeing a pattern because I am. And I think Marajuana is bad too because it slowly kills you. Lindsay Lohan is broke and jobless because of pot. She had to pose nude for Playboy just to rack up some money! All drugs are bad.

Heroin is highly addictive and affects you both mentally and physically. I has killed millions of people worldwide and is still being used today.

Only 3% of those who are addicts ever recover. If you try this drug just put a bullet in your head because you will not only ruin your life but all those around you.

How the hell heroine is on 1st place?

Because of its reputation? OK, it is highly addictive for sure! But so is Crystal Meth and even tobacco is just as addictive or even more!

Having said that, heroin is almost NON TOXIC!

It's A Very Serious And Hardcore Drug That I Wish No One Good Person Should Throw Away Their Life Over This Kind Of Poison - FettiMC

I'm 19 been doing it for a year and I already lost friends family relationships stole everything from anyone and currently sleeping in an abandoned house. I'm on the library's computer I sold everything I had. Oh yea I have hepatitis c

Heroin, in my opinion, is the worst drug yet. The only thing I see that people do with it is inject it into their veins, and it is pretty cringing and disturbing to me. I've never taken drugs before, neither am I going to even bother doing it, not even on a $1 mil. dare. With that much money, to me, it's still not worth it.

The only substance more addictive is sugar. That is what we learned in class. All drugs are bad, but this one is the worst.

It's extremely dangerous because it's only 20-25% pure on the street. Dealers add things like cough medicine, think of that being injected I. Your arm.

Bradley Nowell died of a Heroin overdose on May 25, 1996 so whoever says no ones ever died of it needs a little more research. (Sublime lead singer)

Meth is worse. At least Heroin is somewhat part of the Earth. Meth is pure chemicals.

I am surprised that Slash, Izzy Stradlin, and Steven Adler from Guns N' Roses were heavy users of this drug. Slash and Steven even did cocaine. It is amazing they are still alive. I hope none of my friends do this. Pot is safer than any of these on this list.

My dad smokes this and made me try it once and I was hooked for 2 years until my girlfriend said if I didn't stop she'd kick my ass up in between my ears so don't do this it's addicting

Why is marijuana so high up in the list? Marijuana is good for you

Heroin needs to be number 1! It will not get you high or anything, just kill you very badly. - Mumbizz01

Considering how easy it is to overdose in if say this has a slight edge in meth