Krokodil (Desomorphine)


Does anyone, here, know anything about this stuff? Have you seen the side effects and toxicity is sky high. People losing limbs and other body parts just because they shoot it in a slightly wrong place. Even many people, that are massive heroin junkies, say they'll never try krokodil, no matter what. This stuff is the worst BY FAR!

This thing should be far higher than it's current placing. Even above heroin. I've seen images and they are the most disturbing things you will ever see. I had nightmares about it. For years. One time, I heard overheard a guy saying: "I'm a krokodil addict, and believe me, the high is perfectly worth the skin-rotting stuff". That line was just... devastating. It shows how incredibly addictive this is. This drug in my own words turn you into the living dead. The worst drug that ever came into existence. By. Far.

The effects of this drug are disgusting! I always wonder what sort of frame of mind must A person be in to take this stuff in the first place? as well as Heroin & other drugs the person must be really messed up in the head to take it knowing how addictive these drugs are & the dangers of using them & just what they do to your body. I generally feel sorry for all substance abusers & I hope 1 day drug abusers will gain the strength & will power to turn down these drugs & not to take them in the first place. Also I hope 1 day every drug dealer will stop praying on these weak, desperate people & help them instead of shoving drugs in there hand because they want there cash. I hope they will stop being so greedy & look at the bigger picture of just how many lives they are destroying daily.

People who take that have a life expectancy of 2-3 years. It started in Siberia, around 2002. It makes your skin look like a crocodile. It is often seen that people who use this drug, loose body parts. Such as a finger, an arm or a feet. People use this drug because it has the effect of heroin, but it is cheaper. Hopefully, in America, there are fewer users. But in Russia and Europe, they are a lot more.

It may sound paranoid but I think Russian (or whichever country it originated in) government created Krokodil to get rid of the most desperate and messed up beyond repair drug addicts as fast as possible, so that they don't commit more crimes for obtaining money for their drugs. It's not hard to make and kills within 2 years of use...sounds pretty effective.

That drug is the scariest I know about it and I am only 11 that drug will kill you fast! You will die in a year! Never take it if it is offered to you! ' You will never say a word again you will be sorry this stuff should be number 1! Press that vote button beside krokodil so people don't take it to make sure you do not start look it up on Google images' it's rips apart your skin it has gas lighter fluid nail polish and many toxic cemichals which are made in homes and labs in Russia!

You literally rot away while using this drugs. You've got approximately 2-3 months of life-span left after you start using this drug. Your hair, your skin, your flesh slowly rots and peels away while you are tormented by the constant craving. You get to watch how your flesh tears off your bones and there's no stopping it. What fun.

Krokodil is literally gasoline, codeine, and methamphetamine combined. Not even joking, that's actually what it's made up of. This stuff originated in Russia because people wanted to see how high they could get off of less than $50 worth of substance. This stuff turns people into actual zombies and their flesh rots off

This stuff is absolutely crazy, this drug should be first (yes even above Heroin), it literally eats away at your body and has an incredibly high mortality rate within months of use.

So Krokodil should be number one. I'm pretty sure if you even take it once you have a chance to develop a flesh eating disease that will basically turn you into a zombie lookalike. If you are curious then just Google this stuff and you will see some very disturbing images.

Too much bad drug than Meth, heroin, cocaine I have ever seen. I'm a Krokodil addictive. Last 2 year I'm taking this. I also know I will expire within 2-3 month. I see my dead body is lying. People it's a request you all PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS HELL. Good bye..

That's horrible drug. But that's like saying drinking gas is more dangerous than meth. Not enough people would be stupid enough to this to be this high on the least. Unless you just want to commit suicide. For a drug to be dangerous it also has to be luring to the consumer.

I assume Matthew Santoro told you all about this drug already. But really, not too many people do this drug (really, anyone who's seen the addicts knows its not worth it), it really, really sucks, but compared to other drugs, it really isn't used widely. Whereas heroin and meth are. This may destroy lives, but other drugs destroy many more lives - keycha1n

Just looked this up. Happy that when I was around LSD was a big thing. At least that didn't bloody eat your flesh and bone away. I'm going to tell my kids about this one. Ok with weed but just about every other drug is a no no.

The only reason this isn't 1 is because very few people have heard of it and I hope it stays that way this is an awful drug it will ruin you life and you will die if you don't stop doing it within a year

I've this footage of this stuff, it is easily much worse than heroin or meth, the only reason it's so low is because it's fairly new and most people have not heard about it

Slowly eating away at your flesh after injecting it sounds like the worst to me! Far worse than all the other drugs on this list. Average age after usage is 2 years or less yikes!

I saw someone say "i'm currently addicted to krokodil and the high outweighs the bad". I actually felt sorry for that person, and I'm pretty heartless.

This must have the highest mortality rate per user. Life expectancy is only a couple of years, it's incredibly addictive and the side effects are the worst I've ever seen.

Krokodil is basically a flesh eating drug. It's like a invisible crocodile biting your body in ways to destroy you and your life. It will break you down bite by bite.

Its like Heroin but dozens of times more powerful, and it literally makes you rot. Look up Krokodil on Google Images and you'll vote for this no questions asked.

Something interesting about desomorphine is that it can be made for less than $50 dollars and is often sold for just a few dollars more than it costs to make

Ew... Do not take this drug... Yes, it's cheaper then heroine and other drugs, but so not worth it! It eats away at your flesh from the inside. Look it up, no really, search " Krokodil", on google or firefox or whatever browser you have. People need to become aware of this drug before it spins out of control like Ice did...

Krokodil has become notorious for producing severe tissue damage, phlebitis and gangrene, sometimes requiring limb amputation in long-term users.

This should be number 1. Not many people know about this drug. This drug can cause your skin to fall off and your limbs. It came to popularity in 2002 in Siberia. - llamaboy17