Don't do it. PERIOD! Especially if you have kids. I don't drink, smoke or do any other drug. I started this just to get me through long hrs of work. Then I needed it just as much as I needed food to live. Once you're off of it, life is boring, meaningless, depressing. This is the stage when people start to relapse. I was in this stage for 7 LONG months! Never EVER want to go through that again. What did I do? Started coaching my kids teams. That was my rehab. Still have urges for the stuff everyday. Been off for 1 1/2 years. Still hasn't gotten any easier. So when does it get easier? Find joy in doing things with your family. It helps just enough.

made of nothing but chemicals whereas most others have a natural prodict as a base or a extract from tropical plant

Only been hooked for 7 months, but it started slow, and before I knew it my life was upside down, and still it's hard to say no to it... The battle to quit is worse than anything I ever faced, hating myself for what I become, feeling like I can't gain control, but I refuse to give up the fight...

One of the worst drugs : Yes. The worst drug : No. If you've never done heroin, believe me, you don't know what you're talking about. Methamphetamine ( speed, ice, crystal meth ) is very addictive but the withdrawn is not life threatening. If you stop taking heroin you have to take alternatives ( methadon, clonidine together with benzos... ) because " cold Turkey " can be very dangerous. Methamphetamine users do not experience a physical withdrawal syndrome, per se, but a kind of drug rebound which is something like a unpleasant hangover rather than a true withdrawal. I have done both drugs and I'm on a maintenance of methadon now ( this is for my whole life because of my old age ). My advice, don't do meth or heroin, but since we're talking about worst drugs here, I can tell for sure that heroin is way much worse than methamphetamine.

I'm a long time alcoholic and heroin junkie. Quit everything for about a year and decided to start using meth just to get by for a little while. I didn't like it very much so I wasn't worried about being addicted. Yet here I am jumping at every noise I hear. Severe jaw pain, hurts to eat, anxiety attacks so severe that I'm going to lose my job and I won't stop. The really sad part is I still don't like the drug and never really enjoyed the high. It just seemed slightly better than reality I suppose. I can honestly say I wish I had just stuck with heroin and stayed a drunk.

Meth is terrible! I live in a town where there is quite a large percentage of it, cause the cops got rid of marijuana so they decided to move on to ice. And when the marijuana got back in not many people wanted it cause they where so addicted to ice.

Look a guy hung himself from the bridge in front of a whole school bus cause he was on meth,

two girls went around smashing up the town on meth, a hotel room got thrashed by people on meth cause they tried to make it in the room. THEY LIT THE MATTRESS ON FIRE THEN DROVE OFF!

In my opinion, drugs are in different classes. Cocaine and Meth are both super addictive. They are also both stimulants. Cocaine is a party drug. Meth (Crystal Methamphetamine, Crank, Chalk or Ice) can be a party drug. Ice is a slightly lighter version of heroin. Put it this way- you can sleep off and stop doing meth but you can't kick heroin. Ecstasy (Molly, Mandy, MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) ) is also a bad drug. With things like Krokodil, it's worse but new. Drugs just get worse and worse. With Meth and Heroin, Meth goes up, Heroin goes down. So I guess you become a freak on meth. With Heroin, you die quicker (most often from an overdose). And while you have to take Methadone, I heard you also might need to take Meth to treat your Heroin Addiction. Then there's Speedballs and Scopolamine. And then we have the lighter drugs like Marijuana, LSD and Magic Mushrooms- all of which are hallucogenics, with LSD being the most potent. But in all, I guess Scopolamine is probably the ...more

I got high for fun for many years, then came Meth, Started in 2000, 12 years later I came to on the side of the road carrying 1 box that had all my belongings in it. Meth will destroy you. It doesn't care who you are or who you want to be, it will make you suffer.

Watched it destroy many friends and my partner died from of. He destroyed my life nearly killed me I had demons in my house bad smells noises my daughter said shadow was following her I went to the church I thought I was going crazy! I got rid if him and the demons finally left I will never forget that phase if my life that drug truly is hell on earth

Lol what LSD worst drugs, are you off your head, LSD the drug itself is safer than coffee and less toxic and is less addictive than coffee how is it worse than meth or alcohol. This list is for people who know a lot about drugs and and their affects, when you talk about a drugs you talk with facts and statistics you don't base a drug on it's stigma.

What are you talking about? Ingredients to make meth aren't stuff you would put in your body? Methamphetamine can easely made by the reduction of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine ( found in nature in Ephedra ). Other ways to make meth is combine phenylacetone with methylamine and then reduce the reacted molecule ( don't freak out because you see " acetone ", it loses the ketone after reaction ). Most of our monoamines in our body like dopamine, adrenaline etc... are related to meth in structure. Methamphetamine itself is not a dangerous substance. It's the addictive properties of the molecules that are dangerous because you can overdose due to inhibit the natural monoamines in your body so that they can be released in your bloodstream ( and in your brains for that matter ). Dangerous substance ; NO. Dangerous metabolism and reaction with your body chemicals ( the monoamines ) ; YES.

Dissociative state that has persisted since my first use. I still can't get it out of my mind. I think of it every day. I haven't even seen it in months, and I can't stop thinking of it. Sometimes I chant to keep me from tearing into my skin with my nails. It hurts in my chest when I think about my sobriety. If you have even the smallest spark of violent nature in your heart, methamphetamine will rule you.

Methamphetamine is only very dangerous if you shoot them up. Orally they are not less dangerous than other kind of amphetamines. The addictive and abuse potential are also less than drugs like heroin. I don't say that this is a safe drug but there are more drugs on this list that really deserves to be ranked number one. Methamphetamine as the worst drug of them all is exagerated. I know because I've done many drugs in my life present on this list including meth.

Meth is dangerous because it is very addictive, making withdrawal difficult and painful. It can make you very high leading to physical and mental consequences. It can destroy a person's life in a matter of years.

Meth is probably one of the worst things you could do to yourself. Thank God I've never done it. I would be such a mess that I would lose everything, considering my addictive personality. I'll stick to loving animals and the gym as my obsessions currently instead!

Sorry, without question this should be number 1. Once your on this stuff you can't get off. There's only a 10% chance of redemption - BranDoss

Crystal meth messes you up and is extremely addictive. It will destroy your life and your looks - llamaboy17

Done meth many times in my life and never came close to being and addict. Quit 15 years ago to pass a drug test for a job and never done it since. You just have to want to quite. If you do you will and if you you wont. It is simple

Crystal meth changed my father forever and has destroyed the lives of so many friends in my hometown of Reno. It also has a devastating and lifetime effect on the brain.

Nothing natural about tweak, this drug destroys lives faster than any other drug at least marijuana is naturally grown from the ground

Destroys the lives of more innocent people than any other illegal drugs, and no matter what capacity you're involved in it in, your probably going to die, even if you're not using it at all.

Horrible drug all but one ingredient that is used to make it is stuff most people would never ever put in their body and people don't know what is used to make it

Meth rewind you. It crushes your soul. It takes away your life.

Withdrawals are more lethal than than heroin. Heroin addicts can recover from usage, meth user see more physical damage to there body over a period of time

Both my Uncle and Grandfather lost their lives from this drug. Not only did it change their lives, it changed mine too.