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21 Psilocybin Mushrooms

More or less the same effects as Cannabis but more profound and more euphoriant. Never seen or heard of bad trips on Psilocybin. This is legal to sell and buy in Holland. So, if it was really a dangerous substance it wouldn't be legal. Don't drink Alcohol, drive etc... and this is a safe drug. No less or more dangerous than Cannabis.

I voted this up just to get marijuana lower on the list - FaZeCain

What does psilocybin mushroom does

I didn't like

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22 Spice (K2)

Spice is literally poison to the human. It forces us to use it and further inject it's toxicity into our brains. Spice is pure evil. People who have survived it's ravages have visited Hell itself on a bad trip. Never, under any circumstance, believe that Spice isn't that bad. It's a chemical made to kill.

Spice should be a lot higher. There is an epdiemic in Manchester about K2, people are using k2 to get off of heroin. Also I had a friend who tried K2 and he had bipolar, he is no longer the same person he attempted to sell his soul to the devil and he tried carving an antichrist sign on his chest with a screwdriver and he's 15.

If someone offers you spice. Or if they say it's like weed, but legal. STEER CLEAR! This should be a lot higher on the list, I'm surprised how few of people are cautious of this substance...

Kills brain and gives seizures after one hit

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23 Ecstasy

Pretty safe when used infrequently, when tested and when one stays hydrated. Get a test kit and don't buy pills, powder is whats up.

Definitely overrated drug, used it a couple of times and if you're able to control yourself it's very unlikely it's gonna hurt you or anyone around you.

To see how bad ecstasy is, listen to Eminem's song 'The kids'. It explains how bad the drug is perfectly

Very dangerous, can be neurotoxic even in its pure form, usually cut with meth. How is LSD above this?

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24 Flakka

Flakka is a new derivative of bath Salts. It's alpha-phenyl pyrovalerone and not like most people think a mixture of heroin with methamphetamine. Dosages seen on the street are so exagerated ( many people who are involved on fabricating those new drugs are not aware of the potentials in dosages ) that every person who takes this are behaving like crazy maniacs.



Devil'S Drug

25 Scopolamine

If you just look at the documentary on this drug you will know how horrible this drug is. People use this mostly in Colombia and all that needs to be done is to be somewhere near your face and that's it, you a zombie. Strippers would use this drug on their clients. Have their clients take out all the money in their bank and give it to them, next day they don't remember anything. Should be Top 3

This drug is very harmful. If you take this drug you literally turn into a zombie. This should be in the top5 at least. If you ask the person who looks like a zombie. So ask them if you can I have you credit card details. They will do it with plenty of pleasure. Or even go rob a bank and give the money to me they will do it. By Peter Phillips. I'm a beast so don't be mean BRO! And remember all the girls out there come for me.

Scopolamine provides a potent weapon to Colombian criminals. The drug puts people into a zombie-like state in which they lose both their memory and free will and can be convinced to empty their bank accounts or hand over the keys to their apartments and cars.

I don't think even half the people on this list know what this is. It should be in the top 5. LSD, Shrooms, and MJ should be at the bottom.

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26 DMT

Picture The Worlds Most Beautiful Place And Times That By 1000 It Brings You Straight Out Of Depression This Drug Has Been Over Looked Nothing Is Wrong With This Drug All It Has Done For Me Was Get Me Out Of Depression And Make Me Fell Better I Have Not Done DMT In A Year Now All It Took Was One Month.

Not dangerous. Naturally occurring. Positive life changer. Why is this even on the list? Misinformation I guess.

Very strange and powerful. Do not try DMT. You know who endorses DMT? Alex Jones, and that guy's nuts.

DMT is N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, a substance that has a almost similar structure of our neurotransmitter Serotonine. It is found in our body as part of the metabolism of Serotonine and Tryptophan. The metabolic substance DMT is only active when we are in a state of visual dreaming but it can be also very active in daytime in schizofrenia patients. It is also found in many plants ( mimosa hostilis, acacia... ).Not very dangerous when smoked once or twice but when used everyday it can cause Serotonine Syndrome ( which can cause sudden death ) or episodes of schizofrenia and paranoia.

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27 Morphine

You are right about that didn't know either on till I say I don't need it no more because my pain left the withdrawals are ridiculous 5 to 6 days of hell don't do it take something else so yea weed works I'll do that before I do morphine ever again

Its not good but it makes you feel better

I busted my knee in football and the doctors started pumping this stuff into my arm to ease the pain and I laughed at my parents for about an hour straight. But not somthing I would do outside of the hospital

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28 Cocaine Paste


29 Anabolic Steroids

These are literally the drugs that make you a god... The increase in heart problems is there but it's there 25 years down the line. And it builds muscle. It doesn't cause muscle loss

It makes your pee pee smaller bro u may have big muscles but u got the 2 inch punisher

Usually a doctors medicine but taken without subscription
may cause muscle loss and many other side effects.

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30 Valium

Benzodiazepines ( Valium aka diazepam is one of the oldest and one of the safest of benzos ) have all medical uses. Valium is commonly given in hospitals for preoperative sedation. Metabolism substances of diazepam ( the substance midazomlam aka Dormicum ) is used for conscious sedation prior to diagnostic or radiographic procedures. The comment that says that valium messes up everything you care and that valium has a very bad withdrawal is false ( benzodiazepines are NOT substances like heroin ). Valium is also commonly given to management of anxiety disorders, ethanol withdrawal symptoms, it's a skeletal muscle relaxant, used for refractory epilepsy patients on other anti-epileptic drugs to control episodes of increased seizure activity, treatment of convulsive disorders etc...

Valium messes up everything you care. has very bad withdrawal

31 Methadone

Is longer acting than heroin or morphine ( can be sometimes 24 h ) and has a greater respiratory depression effect. Methadone is commonly used to detox heroin addicted people. The medical world has different opinions about this drug. It's almost certain that methadone is more difficult to stop than heroin and even more dangerous because it is a long-acting substance. But because of its legal status for detox addicts also easier to gradually control the doses when weaned from it.

32 Cocaine

Not as bad as crack but still addictive, and very bad for the heart.

You'll never try pure coco kid.

All it does is put holes in your throat but a part from that its fine. Not as bad as Love though


33 Adderall

Adderall is Dextroamphetamine and is similar to methamphetamine in effects ( you just need to take higher doses ). So why is this #30 on the list and methamphetamine #1 on the list? Doesn't make sense.

These pills are the best drug in a pill just saying

Apparently very common in my high school, since we're really high achieving. That makes me kinda anxious about going there next year... - keycha1n

Didn't get addicted to cocaine or crystal meth but got addicted to these; be careful

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34 Mephedrone

Very, VERY addictive and fiendish! Seen it destroy people's lives ' made them steal from family, do not touch it, it's not that much different from crystal meth, less addictive but a lot more fiendy, effects don't last as long

A drug that is mixed with various substances, but the effects make you feel amazing, never to be used and abused

Highly addictive
Unkown long term effects
Best buzz but cash ruin your life

35 Salvia

This drug can't kill you what are you guys talking about

Not everyone will like this plant. It's bizarre but I like it. The dosage is pretty low so when people smoke 60x they're actually taking like 600 hits. No wonder they have a bad time. Plain leaf is whats up.

Mostly legal but using large amounts can be BAD FOR HEALTH

Miley cyrus smoked this in 2010

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36 Xanax

Relatively calm docile high compared to the rest of the drugs on the list. Very calming high, last about 2-5 hours. In my experience, after about hour four is when the, "blackout period begins." Most people forget what happens after, and if you do it before you sleep, you'll be out cold. I've had friends scream at me, throw pillows out my face. You are slumped. Not sure if it's unhealthy(the state of your sleep I mean) but it sure as hell gets you well rested.

You can take as many as you want of these pills, but if you drink on them you have the possibility of overdosing on them. Plus you'll black out and not remember anything. But if you take like 1 and smoke a blunt, you'll be straight chillin... Don't see anything wrong with Xanax, calms your anxiety too

Seen many poeple get hooked on Xanax and get violent with family because under the influence of Xanax. The tolerance is the worst part.

I know this woman that's lost her life because of this drug...I could write a book about her but I won't...
Oh,and she's still living.

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38 Datura V 1 Comment
39 Benzodiazepine

Benzodiazepines has medical uses and it is not a " dangerous substance ". The only danger is to use them in a recreational manner for non-medical purposes and its addictive property. I have to take benzodiazepines for my epilepsy and without them my life would be a hell. I'm maybe addicted to its substance but at the same time it is a substance that saves my life. Every drug that has medical uses is there for a reason. So I can't concider benzodiazepines as a " worst " drug.

My mother used to take it

This drug suck

40 Fentanyl

Fentanyl is not 1000 times more addictive than heroin like one of the comments say. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine ( and NOT 1000 times stronger than heroin for that matter! ) It's only given as part of surgical procedures and not as a pain reliever ( exept for cancer patients at their last stage ). Methylfentanyl ( streetname China white ) can be seen on the Streets where it can cause overdose due to its potency and because the addict will take a too high dose that he is used to ( but that's because of the ignorance of the substance he bought thinking that it was heroin).

An autopsy report from singer PRINCE declared he died from a overdose of Fentanyl. He was hooked on the substance for several years.

This can kill in lowest doses and is subject to addiction due to the amazing high

Killed Paul Grey.

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