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41 Nozinan

Nozinan is methotrimeprazine, a non-narcotic analgesic of the phenothiazines family. It's been used as an analgesia and sedative when respiratory depression is to be avoided. Its medical use is a preanesthetic for producing sedation. The analgesic effect of nozinan is comporable ( but less powerful ) to meperidine and morphine without the respiratory suppression and abuse potential. It has also antihistamine, anticholinergic and anti-adrenaline effects. Whoever put this here is clearly someone without pharmacological knowledge.

I think this should be the worst

42 Hashish

Hash is life. God is Hash.

Really hash don't do nothing but get you high so this should not be on the list get your facts and research research

Shouldn't be on this list.

Hash isn't bad for you - Ltotheiam

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43 Ya-Ba

Meth mixed with caffeine and has strawberry flavorings added to make it appealing to little kids, completely messes with your brain chemistry after a few doses only, thankfully only available in Asian countries for the moment.

Seen a documentary on this drug, Thai men held their own children hostage on a rooftop threatening to throw them off. Scary scary drug.

Hash is before Ya Ba seriously what..

44 Dilaudid

It's straight morphine- even heroin has to be converted by your body, this stuff is pure joy to be on, he'll or medical detox to get off.

Dilaudid is Hydromorphone. It is also commonly referred as Hydromorphinone. It's a semi-synthetic derivative of morphine and is 10 times more powerful than morphine ( in concentration, not in effects ) meaning you have to take less than morphine to have the same effects.It has less tendency to produce nausea. It's prized by addicts for that but it's not as powerful as heroin ( Heroin is a 3 times more powerful euphoriant than morphine or hydromorphone ). Whereas only 70% of hydromorphinone has a chemical transformation to morphine, almost all heroin breaks down into morphine. Heroin is also more potent and soluble than morphine and hydromorphone because it can better cross the blood-brain barrier and thus, get a larger amount of the metabolic morphine to the brain at once. Equally potent as heroin in dosage ( but not as euphoriant ), a little bit less dangerous in side effects ( nausea, respiratory depression ) but still a very powerful and unsafe opiate.

This is the brand name, it's actually called hydro-morph one

45 DXM (Dextromethorphan)

It's fun to trip off of, but it's bad for you and you don't enjoy sex. Smoke pot instead.

This is not an addictive drug. It's the dextro molecule of the the levo natural opiates ( morphine, codeïne, thebaine ). It has because of that non narcotic or addictive effects. It's only used as " drug " in cutting with potent drugs to enhance the effects. Otherwise it's just a non narcotic cough syrup.

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46 Paan

Paan ( aka pan or pahn ) is betelnut. It grows on certain palmtrees ( Areca catechu ). It's very mild as a psychoactive drug and is only dangerous for the dammage it does on theeths and gums. It has more a traditional use ( many countries in Asia ) than a recreational use. It is not addictive.

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47 Bromo-DragonFLY

A horrific cousin to lsd. Very dangerous, last like three days. You will probably puke blood. Just take acid if you thinking about taking this. Scariest thing about this, it gets mistaken as others

Please don't do this crap ever ever

Destroys extremities just like Krokodil.

48 Pentobarbital

The most abuse and dependance potential substance of barbiturates. Also very dangerous at high doses. This is a substance that could easely kill you.

49 Thromotrome

This sucks it can kill you even when you take it once it's like cocaine the second

It bader

50 Sisa

Methamphetamine cut with battery acid and engine oil should be at least number 15

Defiantly should be on the top 10.

Should be on the top 10.

This is not Methamphetamine CUT with battery acid ( sulphuric acid ). Methamphetamine is usually mixed with Hydochloric acid ( HCL ) to make its salt Methamphetamine HCL. Sisa is mixed ( not cut ) with Methamphetamine to produce its salt Methamphetamine sulphate. Amphetamine and Dextoamphetamine are usually sulphates but Methamphetamine is usually a HCL ( this because HCL is less painful when you shoot up the substance. Same can be seen with Morphine sulphate and Heroin HCL ). It's suposed to be stronger and faster working than the HCL but the truth is that it is not stronger ( it is faster on the other hand to reach " the rush " ) but extremely more dangerous than the HCL. People who shoot up this substance will have burning marks where they shoot it, allergic reactions and if used for a while irreversible liver dammage. Don't do this.

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51 Etorphine

This is only used by veterinary professionals and its delivery at prescription has always the opiate antidote naloxone with it ( if a accident occurs ). It's 3000 times more potent than morphine and is the fastest working opiate ( it can bring animals and humans unconscious in seconds ) and it's therefore never used by addicts. What addict wants to be unconscious in a matter of seconds anyway? The real danger is the substance fast acting properties ( but a must if you want to bring down an elephant or rhinoceros ). It's never been seen on the Streets because drugdealers and drugsmugglers are not interested in killing potential substances.

People rarely do it but it is highly dangerous. Worse than herion "THE KING OF ALL DRUGS." as thought. It could make an elephant unconscious and probably a blue whale with 1/100 grams.

Etorphine is 3000 times stronger than morphine and 5000 times stronger than heroin. 1/100 of a gram can render an elephant unconscious.

52 Flibanserin

Flibanserin is a medication used for women in the meno pause with very low desires for sex ( hypoactive sexual desire defficit ). When given to healthy women it won't increase their sex desires, so it can't be used for abuse ( a normal sex active woman will not turn into a nymphomaniac because she has taken this drug ). When given to women that really needs it ( medical use ) the level of desire will come to a normal level. It doesn't make them oversexed. Other drugs like Bromodioxyamhetamine can give women oversexual desires but not a drug like Flibanserin. There are some minor side effects with this drug ( nausea, headache... ) but nothing very dangerous to be considered as a worst drug.

It is often used to make women want to have sex

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53 Bhang

Makes you really mad

This drug makes you a mad person in less than a minuete


54 Toluene (Solvent)
55 Jenkem

A hoax drug. Was made up by Internet people to get parents worried about their kids using it because the media always reports stuff like that.

The most disgusting drug of all time. Jenkem is inhaling your own feces. Originates I. Africa

56 Levetiracetam (Keppra)

I haven't tried or seen any of the drugs above but this medicine is a DRUG and I don't like it one bit. It is medicated to me for treating Epilepsy but all it gives is depression and bad anger etc which I hate having! This is the worst drug I've SEEN - sryanbruen

I agree I am prescribed that for my epilepsy

57 25I-NBOMe

Has caused many deaths due to being sold as lsd. I wouldn't recommend it.

Best new alternative to LSD. Crazy visuals and psychedelic experiences.

Fake LSD that can actually kill you

LSD's better by a mile, but 25I's fun, and has really nice visuals.

58 Methylphenidate

Methylphenidate is the molecule of Ritalin. Euphoria and strong stimulation is only possible when you snort the substance ( even the extended release capsules works when cruched ). The thing is that you have to snort high doses of Methylphenidate ( at least 200 mg and more ) to get the amphetamine-like effect, but this goes together with abdominal pain, nausea etc.. ( because of the high dose ) and is for that matter unpleasant especially when the euphoria loses his effect at a given time. The best ( recreation ) use is to shoot up methylphenidate but also very difficult ( unless you're very good in Chemistry ) because you have to convert the molecule in a liquid shootable substance. It's also very dangerous because it have the real power to stop your heartbeat!

This stuff makes you think differently. Its just bad. Not really bad. But not good. Just something yo u don't need

The drug or med may possibly make you feel like a zombie, emotionless, agressive, mood swings and it might cause tunnel vision.

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59 DiPT

You hear a high pitched sound for 2-3 weeks straight along with other auditory hallucinations. Many people go nuts and commit suicide

60 Hash Oil

You gone in one hit its like smokin 15 sweets of dro

Hash oils doesn't have almost no active THC in it. When aging it loses all of its psychoactive effects. Because of it very little THC content it can't be concidered as a " worst drug ".

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