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61 Derivatives

Math is harder and this drug is even harder

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62 Peyote

Magic. Not dangerous, instead, it is peaceful and rewarding. Doesn't last days, just one.

Bad don't do it no no

I only know this as the drug that turns you into different animals in Grand Theft Auto V

Bruh Peyote can give you a high that lasts for days. Apparently the high feels amazing but it can drive you crazy after a while

63 Vyvanse

Wayy better than adderall! Great when trying to be productive and get stuff done. Come downs not as harsh as adderall and it lasts so much longer. Also, if you snort it it will not work, unlike adderall.

64 Klonopin

The longer you use it the more you have to take that's WRONG.

I was on it for a long time. It messed me up and going off was horrible. Don't try it.

Klonopin is clonazepam, a benzodiazepine. Like every benzodiazepine it's addictive but not life- threatening. It's also one of the less addictive benzodiazepines.

65 Advil

Advil is Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammarory ( of the nonsteroidal family ). It has no addictive or abuse potential. Dangerous at very high doses ( but not life-treathening ) because it can dammage your stomach and liver. Should not be on a list like this because at that moment you can put every drug on this list ( every drug or medication is dangerous when you overdose, addictive or non-addictive for that matter ).

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66 Rivotril

Gets you messed up in high doses mixed with alcohol

Very addictive and can easily ruin one's life.

Rivotril is clonazepam. A benzodiazepine used for epileptics and is less an anxioletic than other benzodiazepines. It's one of the less addictive of benzodiazepines. It is not a drug that will ruin your life like one of the comments says. It has a medical use. Please STOP exagerating some drugs that are almost harmless ( like every benzodiazepine it has addictive properties but they are not DANGEROUS ). There are a lot of ignorant people and kids on this site that exagerated everything and I'm sure that they even didn't try the drug that they are describing.

67 Propofol

The drug that killed Michael Jackson. Used as an anesthesia ( for sedation ) during diagnostic procedures in hospitals. When you begin to use this as sedative to induce sleep it will you kill you slowly but surely.

68 Tramadol

Tramadol HCL is a pain reliever. It's an analgesic but non-narcotic. It binds to the MU-opiate receptors but not to any other opiate receptor. Tramadol is not very powerful. It appears to be not better than codeïne in pain-relieving. Tolerance and dependence may result from extended use but is rarely seen because it produces no euphoria.

69 Amphetamine

Amphetamines and its derivatives were commonly given in the 60's, 70's and 80's as dietpills or as inhibitors for sleep. They were on prescription but not controlled substances in the narcotic laws. At the beginning of the 90's laws were changed and now they are concidered as schedule two or some even as schedule one ( former class A drugs ) substances. What used to be common for medical purposes is now concidered as controlled substances in criminal laws. Was this a good idea? I don't think so. There were of course abuses but at the same time they were not controlled by criminals. Methamphetamines ( the most dangerous because shootable ) were class A drugs since the fifties anyway, but amphetamine itself were if not abused in fact safe and useful medications.

Amphetamine is probably the safest drug in my opinion. It doesn't impair your vision or judgment. The user remains functional. It even improves their mental function and capabilities.

Just don't be a dumbass and take 500mg of it at once. - marmalade_skies

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70 Aerosol

Barely even a drug. Super dangerous

Brain Dead.

71 Hydrocodone

Friend did it and now is having serious withdraws. I recommend never have it for recreational purposes.

I snorted one pill of this and rode my bike for 3 hours straight just for fun

This is a strong type of hydro condone that can be very addicting.

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72 Mescaline

The synthetic equivalent of mescaline STP was called in the sixties as Serinity Tranquility Peace but also as Stop The Police. The police itself used to call it Stupid To Puke because many users were puking in the Streets because of the high doses.

Mescaline is the psychoactive substance found in Peyote. It's a trimethoxy-phenyl ethyl amine. It can be made as a synthetic drug and was often seen in the sixties in very high doses and sold under the name STP ( synthetic treated oil aka serinity tranquility peace ).

73 Salvinorin A

It's a very short lived intense hallucinations. I went back in time and I had weird memories and got sucked into portals. but it's so real you get disconnected from reality.

Same thing that's in Salvia.

74 Phentermine

An anorexiant that was often prescribed with fenfluramine. Phentermine and Fenfluramine are amphetamine derivates used for weight reduction. The combination was known as " Fen-Phen ". Medical reports have been accumulating for some years significant side-effects. The findings indicated that more than 60% of the patients had abnormal echocardiograms. The mitral valve and other valves in the heart are damaged by a strange white coating and allow blood to flow back, causing heart muscle damage. Many manufacturers, at the urging of the FDA, agreed to voluntarily withdraw the drugs from the market. Many countries ( in Europe, Canada, Mexico... ) are still making and prescribing those drugs. One of the most dangerous amphetamine-based dietpills that are still on the market.

75 Marijuana

To get a toxic amount of marijuana you need to smoke 1500 joints in 20 mins you guys are such liers

Marijuana shouldn't even be considered a drug the marijuana law is so stupid you can't overdose on it and like that one guy said it takes 1500 joints in 20 mins witch isn't even possible in the first place

I've never understood why this is illegal and alcohol is legal. Weed isn't addictive, its almost impossible to overdose on (I think you can OD if you eat too much of it but that's just stupid), it calms people down and there is no negative effects (apart from greenies but that's when you drink and smoke too much) so there isn't anything really wrong with having an occasional smoke every now and then. - Danielsun182

Heath Canada's web site says you would have to eat or smoke 1500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes in order to die from it and our current government is very anti-drug of any sort we all know you can't eat or smoke 1500 pounds of anything in 15 minutes but I would bet I would bet that if you ate 100 pounds of chocolate cake as fast as you could the sugar would probably kill you

All these lies about people doing drugs at the time anyway marijuana a.k.a. weed in my opinion needs to be in top 10

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76 Love

Love is not a drug. Its an emotion.

Love is the sexiest drug I have ever done

Love releases endorphins which makes it a drug and among any drug it can be addicting and can ruin your life.

Love is the basic addictive cause of all the drugs

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77 Caffeine

Caffeine is not a drug ( and certainly not one of the worst drugs to be on a list like this ) because it has no abuse or addictive properties. It's a stimulant but at extremely high doses the heart will adapt and have the reflex to beat slower. It can't kill you or give you hallucinations like some comments are saying here. If you have to go in rehab (? ) for caffeine because you flip out and hear voices it's because you have other problems ( schizophrenia for instance ) but certainly not because of a caffeine withdrawal.

While caffeine might not cause you to smell colors, it does have addictive properties. - shimberd

If drinking lots of caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks and coffee become a regular thing, you can get addicted. It will get to the point where you will have a headache until you get caffeine in your system. If any of you know someone who is angry in the morning until they get coffee, its because they are addicted - ryanrimmel

I can't take it I always look over too the right and too the left I start too trip I am thinking I should just stop I can't feel anything I'm in rehab because of caffeine it should be number 1. It's worse than any drug I've ever had I flip out every time I have some and these voices in my head keep saying take another drink I'm so scared I hope rehab helps

Should be higher up

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