Worst Ed, Edd N Eddy Characters


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1 Sarah

A lot worse than even Kirino, from OreImo.

What to do if you see Sarah:

1) Kick her

2) Punch her

3) Pick on her

4) KILL her

She's a spoiled brat and bitchy too. - ZettaGirl23

Who feels like slapping her really hard on the face?

2 Jimmy

The only character I hate more than Sarah and Kevin. This kid is obnoxious as hell. He's manipulative towards his friends, he hates the Eds for no real reason other than Sarah hates them, and he only cares about himself. Many people are probably going to say I just hate him because of "If it Smells Like an Ed" or "Ed in a Halfshell" but that's not true. I've always hated Jimmy. Even before those episodes, he was incredibly selfish and just as mean-spirited as the rest of the cul-de-sac kids. He has no problem laughing at others' misery, he lets Sarah torture the Eds and he's even willing to ditch his own best friend just to fulfill his own selfish desires. And he did these things way before Eddy taught him his ways. And "If it Smells Like an Ed" just made me hate him even more. The worst part though is that we're supposed to sympathize with Jimmy which is never going to happen with me. I don't care how much the world makes him suffer because he deserves all of the pain he gets. In ...more - regularponyfan09

The worst kind of villain: A Karma Houdini. All the crap he did to the Eds in "If it Smells Like an Ed" and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT!

Jimmy should be #2, Kevin should be #3, and Jonny should be lower. I wouldn't mind this character if he didn't hate the Eds for no reason. But I hate this character with a passion.

He looks like that kid from the simpsons

3 Kevin Kevin

Kevin's such a dick!

He is a dork himself!

All one needs to see is "Your Ed Here" and you will understand why I hate him.

Reminds me of every jerk ever. Not as bad as Jimmy, though.

4 Lee Kanker Lee Kanker

I want to like her, but she honestly gets less character development than May and Marie, so yeah, not really a Lee fan.

By far the worst Kanker.

Ok looking at that picture proves animation did go downhill in the 90s and I watched this when I was a kid.

5 Jonny

He ate kevin's football and wouldn't let go and he locked ed edd n eddy out of the candy store so they couldn't get jawbreakers AND IT WASN'T TIME TO CLOSE I'm GOING TO SNIPE HIS FAT ASS.

He's always taking advantage of the misfortunes of the Ed's and ends up getting their money/jawbreakers. Except for plank, he has absolutely no empathy whatsoever, only does things if he feels like it, steals the Ed's money and would never think of sharing something he'd find with the others.

I don't like that kid always talking to his wooden friend who never talks in the whole show. It made me feel he's lunatic, antisocial kid around cul de sac. his melonhead appearance proves what a show off he truly is! - wariolady

What?! Jonny is awesome!

6 May Kanker May Kanker

Just annoying, like Lee and Marie.

7 Marie Kanker Marie Kanker

the - TheMagzo

8 Nazz Nazz

Annoying. Also Kevin and Jimmy and Sarah. Totally agree on why they are on this list. Ed and Edd shouldn't be on here they're pretty cool. Eddy has him moments of annoyance. But Nazz is one of my top hated characters on the show. She is so stupid.

She's just a dumb blonde.

I agree so much. She's more of an irrelevant character though.

Why's she on here?

9 Edd Edd Edd, mostly referred to by his nickname "Double D," is one of the three protagonists in the Canadian-American animated comedy television series Ed, Edd n Eddy. He is the physically weakest but the most intelligent member of the Eds.

Gets angry too much, not as much as sarah though.

Edd, mainly known as Double D, is also a really likeable character.

When I was first introduced to him, he looked more like a girl than a boy. That's because of his appearance. I don't hate him. Just saying.

All of you Edd haters can kiss my ass.

10 Eddy Eddy Eddy is one of the three protagonists in the Canadian-American animated comedy television series Ed, Edd n Eddy and is the self-appointed ambitious leader of the Eds.

Eddy is not one of the worst characters in the show. I mean how are they gonna come up with scams without him. He is Awesome.

You Eddy fans are blind in the head. He deserves to be on this list for being such a jerk.

What are you talking about? He's hilarious!

Eddy is fine, and plus he makes the trio work, the dumb one, the smart one, and the mean leader. I don't hate him at all, he's my third favorite character in the show. - PeeledBanana


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11 Ed's Mom

Why does she hate Ed and love Sarah? It should be the opposite!

Blame idiocy of this mother

12 Eddy's Brother

Eddy's Brother is a immature Character and he is totally a stupid jerk who bullied eddy and the Kanker Sisters put Eddy's Brother to the Whale Trailer Eddy's Brother he is Terrible Annoying Stupid and Naughty

He's pretty much the reason why Eddy is the way he is now.

This guy was a total douche bag from Eddy's childhood to the Big Picture Show.

I hate Eddy's brother he a bully He bully eddy a lot hated by eddy Eddy's Brother is terrible

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13 Scoot

He was only in the commercials. Not the actual show.

I'm suprised people even remember this guy.

Wow... this is an obscure pick.

14 Lun

Who the heck is Lun?

Lun isn't even a real character.

Lun is a character from one of the fanfictions for some reason lun has her own page and that why she one this list

Sorry ment edna

15 Plank

He doesn't do anything, no reason to hate him

Sometimes plank is stupid like Johnny. Because Johnny is an idiot and a fathead.

Jonny is just drunk, and he is just thinking about if plank can talk

Jonny and Plank are way more horrible than Emily and Lucy from Little Bear. - kristyrosepetal4

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16 Captain Melonhead

Captain Melonhead is Jonny, you idiot, so that really does get him on this list!

Not a real character

At least this guy finally got his just desserts in the Big Picture Show. This guy makes even Luffy a hero more than him.

Captain Melon head is the stupid Johnny Who is a jerk and he is Irritating Character who is mean on episode 6 Johnny kicked Double D's Leg

17 Rolf Rolf

I only hated him "The Good, the Bad, and the Ed", "Dueling Eds", "Oath to Ed" and "An Ed in the Bush". He was pretty insufferable in those episodes.

Where the hell is this kid even from?

I wish Rolf could shake his butt real good. He bend down on his knees put his hands on his knees and move his butt up and down

Even dumber than Ed - bolbi9

18 Edna

Okay, who in the hell is Edna supposed to be? Ed's mom? A character from an Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfiction? Who the hell is Edna?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shes from Ed,Edd,Eddy n Edna Fanfic

19 Ed Ed Ed is one of the three protagonists in the Canadian-American animated comedy television series Ed, Edd n Eddy. He is the strongest and the least intelligent member of the Eds.

Sorry but I'm the one who doesn''t really like Ed and also Eddy. Both are so dumb and annoying troublemakers. No wonder kids hate them but are nicer to Edd then these two. Ed may be funny but still he's literally the Patrick Star of the show and that's the reason.

He is pretty much overrated.

By far the most overrated character on the show. I prefer Sarah and see why she hated her dumb annoying brother who always ruins everything everywhere.

Ed is the most likeable character in this show. He's dumb and has a love of monster movies! He is not one of the worst characters on the show!

He's just so annoying and ruins almost everything in the show with no logic or common sense he just breaks everything

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