I hate Sarah when that episode when she bite Eddy's arms to let go of the money out of his hand.

Her Brother Is 1 Billion Times Better

I hate when Sarah said my brother and that stupid Eddy in her diary.

She cares more about Jimmy than her own brother...that's just low.

Can this character be banned from ed edd n eddy please

She reminds me of stupid show-off daisy from the Mario games, but ONLY daisy is FAR WORSE than sarah! - wariolady

She's extremely abusive and spoiled towards Ed

Does anybody want to kick her in the balls.

I wish she never EVER existed AT ALL!

The constant yelling at Ed just really makes me hate this spoiled little brat I really would love to slap this little with king kongs hand, Ed deserves a better sister than Sarah

People may hate on Kevin or Jimmy for certain episodes where they torture the Eds but they at least have valid reasons to antagonist them and are often get the blunt of the slapstick (Jimmy suffers it more than anyone aside from the Eds) whereas Sarah usually gets her way. Not only that she's far more consistently annoying... she abuses her brother Ed both emotionally and physically even though he's so nice to her, has a grating voice, and just overall an unpleasant character to watch.

I'd say she's even worse than Eddy's brother because he was intended to be hated (even though her abuse on Ed was hardly above the abuse Eddy endured from his brother) and he got what was coming to him in the end. Sarah never did... the episode where Ed was in bad mood and yelled at her to move was incredibly cathartic (even though it didn't last). - dhochoy

Just saying her name makes me want to scream in anger. Spoiled brat, hot-headed, loud-mouthed, half-pint and twerp are the words that, without failure describe her. No wonder no one likes her, she’s got no soul, because she is a ginger. She treats her older brother so badly. She instantly gets angry at the smallest things.

Sarah yell at Johnny so loud. She said I RATHER DATE A FROG BLADY!

I agree with Julie. Sarah deserves to die. Replace Sarah with Candace. Sarah is the daughter of the Devil. Candace seems much too nice. 100% spoiled brat. 100% cell phone control freak. 100% fireside girl troop. That's C-A-N-D-A-C-E. Her boyfriend is Jeremy. Candace was a good friend of Isabella. Whether the Eds do something to Jimmy or Jeremy, Candace might send them to a juvenile home. - kristyrosepetal4

It was kinda funny when Sarah yell in Ed's face like when she said

Still Better Than(Below)
1.Dora The Blind And Deaf Idiot
2.Barney The Pedophile
3.Caillou The Justin Bieber Fan