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1 If It Smells Like An Ed

This one just barely edges "Your Ed Here" for me due to one reason: Jimmy's motive was absolutely terrible. First off, it's just a wedgie! Second, why do Ed and Edd have to suffer for something Eddy did; all they did was laugh at Jimmy's misfortune, which is something EVERYONE except Sarah did too. Also, when the Eds found Jonny, how come he didn't try to vouch for them. He heard the Eds talk about the culprit so why didn't he speak up after he was rescued or after the kids caught them. I also think that the kids were unusually meaner in this episode than any other. Sarah especially made me mad that she was more caring toward Jimmy than her own brother. She wouldn't let her own family try to explain himself; she just wanted to beat him up. Overall, the episode is just mean, full of plot holes, and just not fun to watch. Jimmy's plan was creative, but that does not make up for a weak motive.

Terrible song, forced plot, few funny jokes, too mean spirited, and insane character derailment are the main problems to this horrible episode.

Ed, Edd n Eddy was my favorite show when I was younger, but this episode was the only one that didn't sit right with me. Things have not changed that much.

Just bad. Couldn't they be nicer.P.S. I'm the creator and when it says die, I mean due. Sorry for the typo

2 Your Ed Here

The only episode where Eddy was not acting like a jerk at the beginning and is embarrassed and laughed at by most of the cul-de-sac. Even when Double D tries to comfort him, he is in the same position Eddy was in because of him. Only Ed and Double D were at least tolerable (only Ed because he was getting tic-tac-toe wrong and laughed at Eddy at the end, but Eddy kind of deserved that at that time). This episode gives cruelty to those who do not deserve that without karma. Eddy shouted out Double D's middle name, Kevin made Eddy do many humiliating and terrible things, and the whole cul-de-sac treats Eddy bad when he has done much worse that what he had done earlier this episode. Kevin immediately made my second most least favorite character in the show (first being Sarah of course) in this episode and even though Eddy was terrible, at least he did not make Double D do random things to keep people from knowing his middle name and still telling them behind his back!

This episode was terrible. Basically, Kevin finds out that Eddy's last name is Skipper (which isn't even bad) and makes him so all of this embarrassing stuff so that Kevin doesn't tell. Being the jerk that Kevin is, he still told everybody anyways, and embarrassed him. And if that isn't bad enough, it ended on a terrible joke where Edd tells Eddy his secret, and Eddy tells everyone. That ending really makes me mad. Eddy should have known due to what Kevin did to him that that hurts, yet he does it do his best friend. Don't bother watching this episode. It's a waste of time. - RalphBob

This episode is the epitome of all the characters on this show being horrible to each other. They've either manipulated, abused, or bullied each other. The only likable character on the show is Nazz because she's very sweet and intelligent. I can't think of one episode where she did something to the neighborhood kids.

Seriously, the kids are so unlikable in this episode. This time around, Eddy didn't do anything to get the kids mad. Kevin just found out his middle name, and being the big jerk he is, he has to humiliate him. By the way, ya know the scene where Eddy kisses Double D? Yeah, that was actually censored at one point, but it now airs uncut. But that's not that special, considering how bad this episode is.

3 Smile for the Ed

The most horrible episode ever in terms of how it paints bullying in a good light and makes it look like Eddy deserved being taunted by everyone. That part where the Kanker grapple him under the table is bad but what makes it worse is that Eddy's still the one who suffers in the end. All he did was try his best so that he could get the opportunity to have his brother's room, which is pretty mean for his mother to base it on his school photo, and how Eddy's current room is actually cooler (granted it's just about how Eddy looks up to his brother). Also, why would school authorities think that Eddy would photocopy pictures of his bad picture thousands of times? If I can give it anything, it's that Edd does go out of his way to help Eddy, even if it means impersonating the principal... to which he then panics about it which I felt killed the moment.

If Big Picture Show didn't happen, then the show wouldn't have ended well because that final season was very disappointing.

All Eddy wanted to do in this episode was to take a nice picture for his mom so he could have the key to his brother's room. He did no scams, he wasn't doing anything to anyone, he did absolutely nothing wrong in this episode to deserve the cruelty that followed. Not to mention Double D was very OOC near the end, he impersonated the principle, yet Eddy gets detention for something he clearly didn't do.

Kevin is a complete jerk in this episode there's too much Eddy torture porn the other kids are complete jerks and at the end Eddy gets punished for nothing the only thing that I like about this episode Double D uses Ed's mouth to be an announcer

This should be #1. at least episodes like sorry wrong ed had some funny moments from ed, at least if it smelled like an ed tried to take a mystery solving route, at least your ed here had some funny moments... smile for the ed had almost nothing going for it at all

4 Sorry, Wrong Ed

If I can give this episode one thing, it's Ed's performance. He really makes me laugh when it comes to Eddy's bed joke and when he says on the phone "Eddy's in pain now, he'll have to call ya back! " it's a shame it had to be on a bad episode. Here's why; Double D is terrible in this episode!

How the hell was the phone even cursed?! It was never explained in the episode and since then it was forgotten about and never mentioned again. Lazy writing at it's most extreme.

Why Didn't anyone try to find out who was on the other line? If they did know who was on the other line then they would have the solution to the curse. If there was no one on the other line then you would have no reason to answer it.

I remember this as a new episode, and when I saw this, I was piss. This episode is (in my opinion) the worst Ed, Edd n Eddy episode of all time. What did Eddy do to deserve this?

5 Out With the Old, In With the Ed

This episode is bad because it contains one of the things I dislike the most of this show. The Kanker sisters being nothing more than tools to make the Eds lose for largely no reason. The Neighborhood Kids outright break and enter into Double D’s house and steal his school supplies. Then later on when all three Eds want to be in the same Classrooms together, in order to do this they have to basically walk into asking the Kanker sisters to exchange Classrooms with them. This literally serves no purpose other than for the Kanker to just give the Ed’s a bad/unsatisfying ending. Which is where I feel the Kankers are at their worst, when they are just used as props to abuse the Eds it makes me dislike them. Apparently wanting to share a classroom with your best friends deserves to have an unfair ending for pretty much no reason. And the scene where the force the Eds to publicly humiliate themselves was cruel and unnecessary. - BananaFloat

What's wrong with sharing a classroom without your friends? I have a classroom which doesn't have my friends in it and I'm ok with it. But I know what it must be like for students to not have the same classroom with their closest friends. If it was a classroom with a bully then I would definitely understand.

I don't like the school idea. Could've been better.

Call me crazy, but I actually like this episode.

6 A Town Called Ed

This episode is what I call a genocide to ed edd n eddy. At the end it turns out that one of the kanker's ancestors owns peach creek after he/she beat eddy's ancestors in a gambling match. This means that the fictional setting the characters live in is owned by the three main antagonists of the show who are the kanker sisters!

I wouldn't wanna live in a neighborhood owned by the ancestors of three obnoxious, perverted girls who are bullies to the kids and rapists to three boys.

A bad, and forgettable, episode. Being one of the "newer" season episodes and another "Kankers-Win" episode doesn't help bring the episode to glory. - ThisDudeNameMichael

I agree with you. This episode should be number 1.

7 Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo

Why the heck were there two cupids who looked like sarah and jimmy? It's never explained where two supernatural beings came from or why rolf want them dead.

I kinda like it. Plus, The couples that the kids fell in love with we're hilarious. Especially Ed and the sandwich. Plus (Again) Sarah finally got her just desserts.

The ending was repulsive.

I like the EddxMay pairing and I actually liked the episode

8 A Case of Ed

Eddy deserved to be beaten up by kevin. Eddy was a monster in this episode!

Everybody is just horrible in this episode. Eddy is mean, Edd is mean, and Kevin is mean. This is a mean episode.

First eddy is mean than Kevin than Edd, it's just a cycle of meanness this is a bad episode.

I think I don't like this episode because of how mean eddy was to double D... HOW COULD HE DO THAT?!

9 A Fistful of Ed

God I hate this episode to DEATH! Not only did they advertise this as the last episode, but some of the violent scenes in this episode were really intense and hard to watch.

Remember that the commercials advertised this as the last episode of ed edd n eddy? Well that was a flat out lie, because it turns out there were still two more episodes and movie they were working on.

Aw, poor Edd. Everyone is so ignorant and an idiot. Really Sarah, how is that face scary to you he's just scared and nervous.

I understand how irritating it is how Edd got that image just from some stupid misunderstandings, but that didn't stop this from being a pretty good episode.

10 To Sir with Ed

I'm surprised there aren't more hate comments for this episode. I just watched it again on a live stream on YouTube and now I hate it. The plot's simple. Nazz comes over to Eddy's house to babysit him. What makes it bad is... pretty much everything. Couldn't Nazz have explained to Eddy she was just babysitting him and prevented this Idiot Plot? If that's not enough, everything that happens to Eddy in this episode is just mean-spirited and undeserved. Especially when Nazz yelled at him to go to bed for breaking the bathtub even though it was clearly Ed's fault for breaking it and Ed gets no comeuppance! Easily one of my top 10 least favorite episodes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yet another episode where Eddy is humiliated.

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11 Pick an Ed

I think that this is the saddest episode of the series. Eddy for once feels like he belongs and isn't causing any trouble, but the kids are so nasty toward him at the end of the episode when they realize it him acting as someone else.

Not a bad episode per se, just a boring one. Also, who wrote that "Eddy is a no neck chump" phrase on the wall?

Yet another episode where double d is a prick.

I bet it's Kevin But from the clues it may end up being double d

12 Mission Ed-Possible

Double d in the end turns in their report cards and is about to get beaten up by kevin at the end? Don't you just love it when the hard working and honest are punished so?

Double d was mean to the eds. Why couldn't he take a bullet for them ( phrase for those who were not sure).

I'm just glad all the Eds got what they all deserved.

Yeah this episode was boring. - MinusTop10

13 Tinker Ed

Sarah on purposely punched Eddy slamed him to Ed like a pshyco she is yelling to fix it before sun down or else he turns into dog-meat means she gets to beat up Eddy all week long to pull his tongue and bite it give him a black eye and worst of all punch him till he's dead it would have been cancelled if that happened I write the 8thouse pilot for my she should be sent to a mental hospital

I don't like this episode, I agree to all the torture, and eddy gets tortured. WHAT A LOAD OF BALONEY!
Rolf: Rolf has taken care of his load of bologna for good!

14 Dim Lit Ed

Danny made the kids unlikable in this. Seriously, there not themselves. Seriously there too dumb to live.

What the heck was rolf chewing on?!

If the kids are so stupid in this episode. Why do they have good report card?!

Wouldn't that make Mission Ed-Possible the bad episode since it came after this?

I guess it doesn't matter. Let's hope he's in a better place now.

15 Cleanliness Is Next to Edness

This episode proves johnny really is a true ass because he didn't allow double d to use his shower for no reason. Prick.

Double d completely destroyed himself in this episode.

This is a Double D torture porn.

Boring. All I can say. Boring.

16 Boo Haw Haw

Why did the kids beat up ed instead of Double d and Eddy I mean he's the one who did this with his Hallucinations and thinking the kids were monsters and he was being a total Dumbass in this Halloween Special.

This episode is an example of not watching too much movies or you really will be blind from reality (and that's a good thing because we all don't wanna end up like ed here).

I actually liked this episode. Well except for the ending (Ed was the one who beat them all up, why did they beat Edd and Eddy? They didn't do anything! ) But yeah I actually liked this episode.

The ending was bad. It could've been better.

17 X Marks the Ed

Mean spirited. But kinda better. This makes me hate jonny ( And I like him). I hate it

How did eddy's pimple keep growing by the second?

18 A Pinch to Grow An Ed

Eddy was a total dumbass in this episode and Rolf was a prick. Although I do hate Eddy a little bit for what he did to Jimmy.

This is really the worst episode of the entire series, who ever thought this f**king episode up. Plus it doesn't make sense cause Eddy is taller than Jimmy and Sarah, Nazz, Kevin, Jonny and nearly Edd. This episode is stupid and lazy.

19 The Good, the Bad & the Ed
20 Too Smart for His Own Ed

Ed wins one spelling bee and is now a genius. Stupid.

This episode was so boring.

One word to describe this episode- garbage!

Bleh, just skip this one, you won't miss anything.

21 Take This Ed and Shove It

Was this supposed to be the last episode or something? Because it sure feels like it.

This was originally the last episode. But Then two more seasons, and a movie were made.

How was ed able to have that trike stand still while they were in that tree?

This episode was one of the best! /

I like this episode. - KingFab

22 Thick As an Ed
23 Hand Me Down Ed

This episode feels like a horror movie. Why are kids suddenly turning into different people? Why does the boomerang have that kind of effect? Is it cursed? Is it from outer space? Everyone's afraid of the unknown.

Take this episode off this list. It's quite enjoyable seeing the different personality shifts and the absolute mayhem a single boomerang can cause.

It's never explained how a boomerang can transform the character's personalities into different kinds of people.

All of their new personalities make them a little weird and creepy

24 All Eds Are Off

I actually thought this episode was alright, it had some funny moments.

Eddy is so sadistic in this one! He just enjoys seeing other people suffer that dire bucket!

This episode seriously proves that all bets really are stupid. You people stop torturing yourselves over bets already!

This was actually a good episode.

25 Dueling Eds

This episode is so boring and stupid.

I liked this episode, don't have a problem with it.

This episode was too violent

This episodes just sucks.

26 Little Ed Blue

Because Ed has an absurdly terrible inferiority complex, with complex actions and attitudes, with negative complexity.

I hate this one because of Ed's endless inadequate IDIOCY over a stupid little pebble stuck in his damn shoe!

27 In Like Ed

This episode would've been better if Jimmy weren't in it

28 My Fair Ed

Abusing a character that didn't do anything wrong and WRONGFULLY choosing to get blame instead on Ed and Eddy is unfair. Especially the ending. They should say sorry to Edd!

All double d wanted to do was make ed and eddy better people, but that obviously didn't work.

Whant to see a bad version of restraining SpongeBob? No? Well too bad they made one.

We probably didn't want to know what happened to Nazz in this episode.

29 Ed In a Halfshell

Eddy truly created a monster in this episode. Kill it before it spawns!

Never cared for this episode.

This episode was showing at an Emmys show & was nominated for a Leo award!

30 It Came From Outer Ed

I've looked it up and it says that the ending is supposed to be an allusion to the 1963 film, The Birds. Which kids probably wouldn't get.

Ed's stupidity crosses the line here. I'm pretty sure there's an obvious difference between a scam and a curse.

This episode was a lot more creepy than funny. Especially the ending that rips off Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

The ending was a little more dark than funny.

31 Stiff Upper Ed

All the Eds wanted to do was join Sarah and Jimmy's rich club but they had to be butlers. I felt bad for the Eds, I hated Sarah and Jimmy in this episode.

32 Run for Your Ed
33 Who Let the Ed In?
34 Nagged to Ed

This has got to be the worst ed edd n eddy episode of all time because this is the episode where the kanker sisters make their first appearance. And this is the second episode of the entire show!

Looking back now, the very first two episodes of ed edd n eddy weren't good at all.

This episode was stupid and just creepy.

The kankers are just abusing the eds for the heck of it. Why didn't the eds just gave them the fist? I take that back, eddy almost did but the kankers then went off crying like babies when eddy still had the chance.

35 Cry Ed

Now I would blame this episode for jimmy not actually being hurt in the beginning, but jimmy really was hurt the second time and eddy was still caring more about himself than the safety of others. At least he got what he deserved in the end when double d refused to take orders from him.

Okay annoying, but not a terrible episode.

36 Every Which Way But Ed

This episode shows how much of a pure moron johnny really is. The chip in plank's head is instant karma because johnny used rolf's tractor without permission and squashed rolf's giant squash he was showing to kevin and nazz. And johnny was mad at him for it.

Actually eddy found it from johnny in his flashback where he was following johnny home from the candy store, but we're never gonna know how eddy got that jawbreaker. Did he sneak it from johnny? Did he get into a fight with johnny? What?!

Eddy wiped out double d's memory while they were in their younger years just to get twenty five cents? How are they ever gonna get back home?! They just spoiled it with eddy being a down right idiot like he usually is in other episodes.

Now we're never gonna know how eddy got that jawbreaker he had in the beginning. I guess the writers were too busy with this episode that they immediately forgot about the jawbreaker subplot.

37 One + One = Ed

Take this episode off this list! This episode is on many people's most favorite episode lists.

Too many fourth wall breaks (and I Love Fourth Wall Breaks)

I love this episode. I have no idea what's doing on here.

I don't get this episode.

38 High Heeled Ed

Here's something I bet you guys didn't know. You all know that famous scene in the episode where ed is dressed like a giant tentacle and keeps saying "I am an Edapuss." It's supposed to be a reference to Oedipus. Oedipus was a mythical Greek king of Thebes, who killed his own father so he can marry and have sex with his own mother.

Is not bad

39 Shoo Ed

At first it looked like they just turned johnny into some kind of monster but after they pulled the sheet it turns out they just gave him an old buissnessman suit. I was a kid back then.

Dude, this episode s funny.

40 Floss Your Ed

Eddy was being so selfish in this episode, he didn't care about his friend, Ed, in pain while trying to get the teeth out of him, I really hated him in this episode

41 For the Ed, By the Ed
42 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed

Eddy in the end was hung by his underware and hit in the face and launched into the dam air just because he was a total DICK to ed and edd doesn't mean they have to nearly kill him, also nazz hurt eddy in this episode and said it was FUN, so whoever posted the comment in the episode your ed here, you were WROONG, EDDY HATER

43 Fa-La-La-La-Ed

This episode was just boring.

44 The Ed-Touchables

I honestly thought this was a terrible episode to have as the first episode of the entire series.

Well at least early sarah voice was better

What a way to start off a T.V. show.

45 Knock Knock Who's Ed?

Sarah locked the Eds out of the house for no reason!

46 Special Ed

It was so bad, it never even existed!

47 Look Before You Ed

I find it boring.

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