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21 Hand Me Down Ed

This episode feels like a horror movie. Why are kids suddenly turning into different people? Why does the boomerang have that kind of effect? Is it cursed? Is it from outer space? Everyone's afraid of the unknown.

Take this episode off this list. It's quite enjoyable seeing the different personality shifts and the absolute mayhem a single boomerang can cause.

It's never explained how a boomerang can transform the character's personalities into different kinds of people.

I never believed that Sarah would be good to Ed - TemmieHoi

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22 Thick As an Ed
23 All Eds Are Off

I actually thought this episode was alright, it had some funny moments.

This episode seriously proves that all bets really are stupid. You people stop torturing yourselves over bets already!

This was actually a good episode.

I wanted to beat up Kevin so bad

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24 In Like Ed

This episode would've been better if Jimmy weren't in it

25 Ed In a Halfshell

Eddy truly created a monster in this episode. Kill it before it spawns!

Never cared for this episode.

This episode was showing at an Emmys show & was nominated for a Leo award!

26 It Came From Outer Ed

I've looked it up and it says that the ending is supposed to be an allusion to the 1963 film, The Birds. Which kids probably wouldn't get.

Ed's stupidity crosses the line here. I'm pretty sure there's an obvious difference between a scam and a curse.

This episode was a lot more creepy than funny. Especially the ending that rips off Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

The ending was a little more dark than funny.

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27 Dueling Eds

This episode is so boring and stupid.

I liked this episode, don't have a problem with it.

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28 My Fair Ed

All double d wanted to do was make ed and eddy better people, but that obviously didn't work.

Whant to see a bad version of restraining SpongeBob? No? Well too bad they made one.

We probably didn't want to know what happened to Nazz in this episode.

29 Nagged to Ed

This has got to be the worst ed edd n eddy episode of all time because this is the episode where the kanker sisters make their first appearance. And this is the second episode of the entire show!

Looking back now, the very first two episodes of ed edd n eddy weren't good at all.

This episode was stupid and just creepy.

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30 Cry Ed

Now I would blame this episode for jimmy not actually being hurt in the beginning, but jimmy really was hurt the second time and eddy was still caring more about himself than the safety of others. At least he got what he deserved in the end when double d refused to take orders from him.

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31 Every Which Way But Ed

This episode shows how much of a pure moron johnny really is. The chip in plank's head is instant karma because johnny used rolf's tractor without permission and squashed rolf's giant squash he was showing to kevin and nazz. And johnny was mad at him for it.

Actually eddy found it from johnny in his flashback where he was following johnny home from the candy store, but we're never gonna know how eddy got that jawbreaker. Did he sneak it from johnny? Did he get into a fight with johnny? What?!

Eddy wiped out double d's memory while they were in their younger years just to get twenty five cents? How are they ever gonna get back home?! They just spoiled it with eddy being a down right idiot like he usually is in other episodes.

Now we're never gonna know how eddy got that jawbreaker he had in the beginning. I guess the writers were too busy with this episode that they immediately forgot about the jawbreaker subplot.

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32 One + One = Ed

Take this episode off this list! This episode is on many people's most favorite episode lists.

Too many fourth wall breaks (and I Love Fourth Wall Breaks)

I love this episode. I have no idea what's doing on here.


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33 High Heeled Ed

Here's something I bet you guys didn't know. You all know that famous scene in the episode where ed is dressed like a giant tentacle and keeps saying "I am an Edapuss." It's supposed to be a reference to Oedipus. Oedipus was a mythical Greek king of Thebes, who killed his own father so he can marry and have sex with his own mother.

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34 Shoo Ed

At first it looked like they just turned johnny into some kind of monster but after they pulled the sheet it turns out they just gave him an old buissnessman suit. I was a kid back then.

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35 Floss Your Ed

Eddy was being so selfish in this episode, he didn't care about his friend, Ed, in pain while trying to get the teeth out of him, I really hated him in this episode

36 Stiff Upper Ed

All the Eds wanted to do was join Sarah and Jimmy's rich club but they had to be butlers. I felt bad for the Eds, I hated Sarah and Jimmy in this episode.

37 A Pinch to Grow An Ed

Eddy was a total dumbass in this episode and Rolf was a prick. Although I do hate Eddy a little bit for what he did to Jimmy.

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38 For the Ed, By the Ed
39 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed

Eddy in the end was hung by his underware and hit in the face and launched into the dam air just because he was a total DICK to ed and edd doesn't mean they have to nearly kill him, also nazz hurt eddy in this episode and said it was FUN, so whoever posted the comment in the episode your ed here, you were WROONG, EDDY HATER

40 Fa-La-La-La-Ed V 1 Comment
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