Worst Educational Video Games

Educational video games? More like educational garbage! Here are some very bad "educational" video games. Only someone completely stupid & with no education would need to learn from these "educational" video games.

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1 Mario Is Missing!

The title doesn't sound like an educational game, is this just another Mario game but not very popular.

There is a sequel named Luigi's Mansion but it is only for Nintendo GameCube. - playstationfan66

This game is completely awful.

This is an educational game? The title says different

2 Sonic's Schoolhouse

This is also one of the worst Sonic the Hedgehog games.

When they make action games into educational games = they suck.

3 Dora the Explorer

Played the PlayStation 2 version. - playstationfan66

4 Donkey Kong Jr. Math

What happens when you make Donkey Kong Jr. educational? You get something like this. I don't want to be educated. I want to save DK from Jumpman A.K.A. Mario. Here's something I want to add.
DONKEY KONG JR. -You can play this game!
DONKEY KONG JR. MATH-Don't play it!
Donkey Kong Jr. Math is one of the worst video games I have ever played in my entire life.

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5 Mario's Time Machine
6 1 vs. 100
7 Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters
8 Moses the Exodus
9 Ixl Math Practice
10 The Story of Samson

The Contenders

11 Busytown
12 Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
13 Jumpstart Advanced Preschool

One of the worst educational video games of all time. There are other educational video games including The Typing of the Dead (Sega), The Babysitters Club 3rd Grade Learning Adventures (The Learning Company), JumpStart Spy Masters (Knowledge Adventure), Math Blaster (Knowledge Adventure), Dr. Brain Puzzleopolis (Knowledge Adventure), all 3 Zenses games (Knowledge Adventure), Teen Digital Diva (Activision), Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover (The Learning Company), Minecraft (Microsoft), Disney Infinity (Disney Interactive Studios), Disney Princess My Fairytale Adventure (Disney Interactive Studios), Disney Princess Enchanted Journey (Disney Interactive Studios), Girl Talk: The CD-ROM Game of Truth or Dare (Atari Interactive), The American Girls Premiere (The Learning Company), Julie Saves the Eagles (THQ), Barbie Magic Hairstyler (Mattel), Imagine Fashion Designer (Ubisoft), My Secret World by Imagine (Ubisoft), DuckTales: Remastered (Disney Interactive Studios) and Diva Girls: Diva ...more - playstationfan66

Math Blaster because I played Maths Blaster. But no one seems to know what that is.

14 Mario's Early Years Pre-School Fun

Did Nintendo put Mario into everything? What next a Nintendo version of Hotel Mario?

15 Play with the Teletubbies

I thought Teletubbies was more comedy than education.

16 I.M. Meen
17 Zoombinis

Pizza, anyone.

18 Boohbah
19 Blues Clues: Blues Alphabet Book
20 The Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail
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1. Dora the Explorer
2. Sonic's Schoolhouse
3. Mario's Early Years: Fun with Letters



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