Top Ten Worst Electric Type Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Stunfisk

Actually, ugliest fish kind of Pokemon, I'd rather have feebas, my brother likes this anyway.

Just look at it, it's gives me the shivers whenever I look at it, ughh

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2 Tynamo V 2 Comments
3 Dedenne Dedenne
4 Mareep Mareep
5 Magnemite Magnemite
6 Raichu Raichu V 3 Comments
7 Voltorb Voltorb V 1 Comment
8 Pachirisu Pachirisu

It's nothing but speed and special defense it should be number one. Look you don't judge a book by its cover, so for those people who don't like stunfisk because of how he looks just shut up. Stunfisk actually has good bulk, good special attack, and a nice movepool. But pachirisu just sucks booty. It's only job is to support its teammates with moves like U-turn, volt switch, thunder-wave, rain dance, nuzzle, super fang, toxic, and maybe even firing off a thunderbolt which won't do crap coming from pachirisus base 40 special attack. Never use it.

NO way pachirisu is adorable and a good Pokemon

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9 Blitzle
10 Pichu Pichu

Weakest Pokemon ever made really pikachu is better

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11 Chinchou
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