Worst Eminem Songs

Eminem is incredible, but damn, this guy has a lot of bad songs in his catalogue. Here's the worst of the lot.

The Top Ten

1 Fack Fack

Oh god... No... Just no... This is a classic example of Eminem trying too hard to be funny, and instead just sounding stupid. By far the worst song by Eminem. Slightly ironic that it only appears on his "best of" album. - GuitarZero

He got the guts to put a song like this first in a greatest hits album... Look at it that way

Eminem is good, but this song sucks.

I love you marshall, but you went way to far this time. I found it very disgusting.

Nice beat, terrible lyrics

2 Big Weenie Big Weenie

That sounds gross and gay - DrayTopTens

This isn't even that bad of a song (or at least not in the same way that FACK and Just Lose It are, where it's just pure stupidity) but it's so god damn boring. The lyrics, the flow, the beat, the hook. I haven't even listened to the whole song yet, because I can't be bothered after the first verse. - GuitarZero

It's really under appreciated. It's childish because it's supposed to be. He's not even giving his opponent the respect to diss them in a serious way. At the same time he's essentially taking the role of his opponents showing that they themselves are childish. - Lasvegasxavier

Gotta be honest, the beat is actually pretty awesome and the lyrics are so stupid that they make me laugh a little, but the chorus is just kind of annoying.

3 Ass Like That Ass Like That

This is an awesome song

The song is from the view of a puppet dog. Enough said!

This is a awesosme song

I used to like this song until I realized it's the birthplace of the Relapse accent

4 Kim

Kim was not supposed to be a music masterpiece. It was cathartic violence. Instead of literally doing all these things he wanted to in real life, he said it in a song to vent his anger. - merqurycitymeltdown

"Kim" is a song with meaning and full of emotion. Every die - hard Eminem fan understands the message behind this song. It should be on the Top 10 of his best songs, not his worst.

This does not deserve to be on this list
Kim is a masterpiece and it shows how much Eminem cares for Kim.

Kim far less of a song than anything in the guy's repertoire. Heck it's not even a song at all. It's just him screaming, abusing and ultimately murdering his cheating wife (not the first "song" of his to do it either. ) Being an individual who has seen his mother go through domestic violence doesn't help matters. Not only that, but the one Christmas I had to spend without family, and this is the "song" I hear that Christmas morning. This is possibly the worst excuse for music I've ever heard.

5 Just Lose It

I can't understand why people don't like ENCORE

One of his best songs I love it

You sure you don't mean Lose Yourself? One of his BEST songs? Oh HELLS no. It's God awful. I can't imagine what your top 10 list looks like if you think this is dope. This, real Slim Shady, Insane, Crack a Bottle and Puke are the 5 worst tracks he ever made. The Way I Am, Til I Collapse, Lose Yourself, Stan and it's a toss up for the last spot are his dopes tracks.

I agree I can't understand why people do not like the encore album.

Pedophila is not funny assshole

6 Rain Man

Love this song! It's funny. Whenever I feel bad I just listen to this song

I don't think there are any "bad" Eminem songs, but I'm not a big fan of this one. Especially the chorus. It sounds so weird, like he was losing his voice while singing it.

WHAT!? This is one of his best songs ever - it should not be on here!

It was supposed to be bad. And all of you, I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

7 Insane

This song is great, I don't think it should be here. But it's just dirty, but in a way that I like

Don't really like it

One of best songs in RELAPSE - I can't understand why this one in number 9

As dirty as this song is after the step dad part is done it's actually a really good song, especially the chorus

8 We Made You

How is this on here

Look, I have nothing about Eminem, but unfortunately, like most awesome rappers, they have a few duds. This is one of them. Why do you think Eminem keeps dissing his album Relapse over and over? At least he learned from his mistakes in his following albums.

Obviously he was happy with Relapse and that's why he put it out. He would never put out an album he wasn't proud of. And yes, his following albums were better than Relapse, but Relapse was his big comeback after 4 years.

I think this gets too much hate. Is there some bad parts here? Yes. But if you can look past the accents and look at the lyrics, there are some genuinely clever punchlines. However, I must admit he tries too hard to be funny here, but at least it isn't lazy or uber-childish, like the entire encore album. This isn't one of his best but I think it should be a bit lower - Themusicman

This is ems most underrated song in my opionon

9 My 1st Single

Is it wrong that I laughed at this? - Unnamed Google User Remade

The only thing I really like about this song is that Em's flow is good but the lyrics/beat/farting and burping in the hook really ruin this track to be honest

Oh. My. God. With a beat like this I couldn't get myself to even listen to it a second time, this clapping sound effects sound like a construction site, that's a noise if you heard in real life you would want people to stop it. Then there are his verses... I get he was on drugs while recording the album but... Was he on sleeping pills during this particular song?

Also... I get "Fack", "Big Weenie" and "Rain Man" are in this list, though I find the first 2 quite funny in a silly, tasteless way, but seriously: "Kim"? Eminem at his darkest, morbid and most extreme? "Love the Way You Lie"? An important song about the serious topic of domestic violence with a strong hook and beat?

I mean, I love "Ass Like That" for its beat, melody and some funny lines, but I can see why people don't like it, but "Kim"?
Now listen to said song, and LTWYL again and tell me again they're worse than "My 1st Single"! A song so terribly poorly produced and delivered it's pure torture ...more

Put a couple of dentures on a table, and start drumming on it. You have the beat. Drink soda and eat beans. You have half the chorus. Drink a few cups of alcohol and try singing. You have the other half of the chorus. Look up some rumors of the early 2000s celebrity scene, and read them allowed, then you have the verses. Done. - Martin_Canine

10 Puke

There aren't BAD Eminem songs. People just keep on comparing masterpieces like Stan and Lose Yourself with his newest work and that's annoying because an artist can't produce and recycle the same songs no matter how successful they were.

If he removed the puking sounds from the songs, I would be able to listen to it.

This song is very catchy, the lyrics are great. This is one of my favorites from Eminem.

This is actually one of the better songs from Encore.

This song is just not pleasant, very hard to listen to, and it's very awkward when my uncle and mom were singing it in the car, because this song is VERY bad. One of Eminem's worst!


The Contenders

11 Foolish Pride

Eminem's racist and sexist tape here, discriminating black women, calling them gold diggers, having a really bad beat, and the lyrics are stupid such as: "Girl like to take my spinach because its green and that's cash"

To top it off, his stupid apology known as Yellow Brick Road is just dumb. All he says is he is sorry and that it doesn't matter what color a girl is, she is still a hoe. Way to apologize, Em.

How is this not number one? The beat is outrageously annoying, and he ACTUALLY says offensive stuff on this. All the others are masterpieces compared to this.

I love the beat on this song. But I can see why it's on here

I know this song came early in his career, but this has to be and truly. Eminem's worst song.

12 Wee Wee

Probably the worst rap song in history, and there are probably quite a few Em songs on that list even though he's a GOAT (also a pretty bad song).

"Put it on my wee wee (Banana, strawberry, pineapple, orange)"

This whole song is dedicated to condoms.

But this doesn't even count as a song! He was just messing around while recording and possibly trying to find a new flow. This should not be on this list, because it is just Em messing around, it was for fun and was not mean to me released.

I listened to this and I was like what are my ears hallucinating this is insane

What the hell did I just listen to? Like a more boring version of FACK!

13 Drips

I like this song. It's fine lyrically, but people will be turned off by the disgusting content by Obie. - SwagFlicks

I thought Obie's verse was disgusting and that's coming from the guy who thought Insane was one of the best songs on Relapse.

Like a catchier version of fack basically. Garbage - Themusicman

Eminem Show is untouchable lyrically only this song is too disgusting but still lyrically great

14 C** On Everybody

yuck... - vilizerio

This song was meant to be funny. It's like a parody of party songs in the 90s. It's funny as hell.

One of his catchiest songs ever, hell, I'd say that this is catchier than Without Me (no offense to that song, I love that song too). But that flow though. This has one of the best flows I have ever seen on an Eminem track. Plus it's funny in a sick, sick way. Dark humour, I'd call it.

This is one of those songs that always makes me laugh. It's no music masterpiece, though. A fine, fine guilty pleasure of mine.

15 My Mom

Hey, this song is awesome!

This is genius because he's talking about his childhood and the things he has been through but he puts a comical twist in it and he makes it sound funny! It's like the funny aspect of "Cleanin' Out My Closet".

The lyrics are good, its just the way he sings it, so that's why this is the worst one to me. Mostly just because I don't have an Eminem song I don't like. The Monster is actually kinda good, not by much but yea.

The lyrics aren't that bad but the voice that Eminem used on this ( and a lot of the other Relapse album songs) was kinda annoying.

16 Love the Way You Lie

Why is this on the ten Eminem worst list when it's also in the top ten Eminem best list

I don't really think this is a bad song. If he performed it at the grammys and got an award for it. This song was on the billboard charts so I like it.

This song is so good what

"Maybe our relationship isn't as crazy as it seems" Yeah, it's twisted.

17 A** Like That

Just weird. For some reason he is rapping in a weird accent and talking about multiple women and their untouchable parts.

18 Medicine Ball

This song shouldn't be on here. Nice Dre beat, nice rhymes/flow. Strongly disagree

Bit of a strangely bad song. While I don't like it, I like it. And I don't just like it unironically though. It actually fits the album really well. While I'm not a huge fan of Relapse, I'd recommend this song. So it gets a pass.

This song is a bunch of what the hell on a track. One of Relapse's better songs admittedly, though.

This song is great. The Christopher Reeves diss makes me laugh

19 Campaign Speech

Any chance you haters are Donald trump fans

Cleverly written, but I will never list it among the greats

Just no

Awful song - Hiimme

20 Buffalo Bill

I really didn't understand why he wanted to be a serial killer in this whole album, this is stupid, and it's not even dark, it's gross. Not scary, but terrible. I felt like he was still on his sleeping pill addiction throughout this whole album.

Screw this song. Em's not a serial killer, this is just him being proud of a serial murder that never happened. It's not gross or disturbing, but it's just plain boring. Also the voice is as annoying as nails on a chalkboard.

I partly like this song because of the fact Silence of the Lambs is my all-time favorite movie. But I'm known for unpopular opinions, so don't listen to me.

The songs based off a movie or something, he's not trying to pretend he did it

21 Berzerk

Not this isn't that bad... sure it doesn't have the best flow or even crack the top 5 on the album (Rap God, Survival, Legacy, Bad Guy, The Monster) but it's not his 15th worst song.

This song isn't that bad, but it doesn't fit with the album at all so it comes off as really really bad

It honestly sounds more like something that would be on Relapse, except unlike most of Relapse, this song is good.

What!? Berserk, survival, and rap god are the three best songs off this album!

22 Nice Guy

This is pure trash, the hook is annoying, verses are awful and the worst part is Eminem's first verse going back to the hook, sounds like three completely different songs being pushed into one.

The dysfunctional relationship songs are Kamikaze's biggest flaw, and this is by far the worst. His delivery makes even decent lines cringy (Charging me for a selfie(cell-phee)). Also, Jessie Reyez sounds awful here.

23 Heat

I actually liked this one

24 Ken Kaniff (Skit)

This is technically not an actual song, so it shouldn't really be on here. But yeah, it's really awful.


me: vomits

Why is this on the album? It's not funny. It's just disgusting.

25 Bagpipes from Baghdad

I find it hard to believe that this song is in the same category as "Nail in the Coffin" or "Go To Sleep". This seems less like a diss song and more of a lame excuse for him to spit out every inappropriate thing to exist on the planet.

Ugh, this is possibly a bottom 5 Eminem song for me. The song is a pain in the ass to listen to as the bagpipes in this song get really grating very quick. Also it's just disturbing for the sake of being disturbing like the majority of songs on this album. - isuckatusernames

His voice really annoys me here.

I'm a diehard Stan, but I'm with Mimi on this one.

26 Numb

Heard it in concert by Eminem and Rihanna and that's the only reason I will listen to it when it comes on. Not a fan of this song though

Ugh, a song that repeats the same thing over and over. A cliche that should not exist.

Every Eminem and Rihanna song has been awful, can he please stop working with her

Quote: "I'm the butt police and I'm staring at your rear, rear, rear."


27 Kamikaze


B-but I like this song...

28 Remember Me?

This is a really good song and shows Eminem in his prime with wordplay and metaphors, especially the three 6's = Devil! The first artist is not as good at the second and Eminem; otherwise Eminem killing tracks with his skill in his prime!

Oh I get it, no catchy beat, no catchy hook so you say it's bad but ignore the fact that Sticky killed the song with his phenomenal verse and Em' did a great job too. - Brainfck

All right, who put this song here?

Yes, thank god this is on the list. I don't think it should be here though

29 Drop the Bomb on 'em

I like this one, but the accent is worse than nails on a chalkboard.



I HEART THIS ITS 1 OF Eminem BEST SONGS - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

30 Untouchable

Just horrible. Worst song on Revival and worst ever. Except for FACK

Horrible, I'm a hardcore Em fan (Yes, I am a hardcore fan of both past AND present Eminem) but this one is just too much. Nice message, good intentions, horrible execution. It is truly sad to me (a guy that actually likes REVIVAL, which I would give an 7.8/10) that this was one of the two songs basically promoting the damn album. Glad he had extremely better material than that on REVIVAL for sure.

All over the place

31 Fall

Fall is actually really good. the verses are fire. everyone who says that eminem is making this album because he is washed up and salty are dumb. Eminem is replying to everyone who dissed him in revival and putting ends on their careers so that he does not become the punching bag of hip hop like what 6ix9ine is now. However, he is doing such in a way that everyone can appreciate. Music. Not just trash talking on social media. Actual disses. Those who he dissed could have called him out like MGK but they knew they would get wasted. Fall called out all the rappers in the game with fire bars, verses and instrumental. Maybe the chorus was bad but the song itself was fire. Whats special about this song is that this song is a very lyrical and well paced song that listeners can rap along with. Its not too fast and not too slow. Lets be honest, every rapper that is lyrical and know what they are doing does not appreciate mumble rap. Calling them oldheads just means that you have no actual ...more

Fall is acctually a great song though. The beat, the flow and the bars.

Kamikaze in a nutshell:

32 Same Song & Dance

The Metallica sample is awesome here.

Honestly the music annoys me

Eminen's voice on this song is God-awful, but damn, the beat is amazing.


33 One Shot 2 Shot

Encore is a lot better than people give credit. But this song doesn't deserve to be on this list. One shot 2 shot and Never enough are my two favorites on this album.

I like it because he is telling a story.

This is the best song off encore...

Awful song I hate it

34 Space Bound

It's corny

Why is this on the list? This is my favorite song off of Recovery and one of my favorite Eminem songs of all time. It was amazing lyrically and it was amazing with the beat and the chorus and the verses and rapping and flow too.

How is this on this list?

It was lyrically the best of Recovery.

35 Superman

Good rapping and beat but terrible subject and sexist

I LOVE Superman Saturday to Sunday Monday Monday through Sunday yo

It would appear I am the only one who hates this song. Like Cleaning Out My Closet, it rattles off stuff he already said in a less charming way. The Eminem Show is awesome, but this just blows.

This song doesn't make sense like FACK and Kim but this is worse I mean there's nothing God in this song

36 My Fault

I'd class myself as a reasonably big Eminem fan. I listen to him frequently and whenever I go thorough his music I never find myself listening to this...

It's just a song about a girl overdosing on shrooms, what

Great storytelling.

37 Venom

This song is pretty good. - oneshot

38 Smack that

Annoying and just terrible

Nah brodie akon is actually a pretty good artist

My best song for smach that I love eminem

39 Walk on Water

It sucks

Worst eminem song

Are you serious? This doesn't belong anywhere NEEEAAAR this list - Midevilnight

Disappointment. you're better than this Marshall

40 Good Guy
41 Maxine

Personally, I feel that Infinite is his most underrated album. Not his best, but a lot of people hate on it for just having bad production. Keep in mind that this album was made in 1996 and he wasn't a full-time rapper yet, and dirt-poor as well. Even so, this album binds excellent verses with Nasty Nas style flow, and the minimalist beats actually help give off a mid-90s poor rapper vibe. For an album that only sold 999 copies, this album is pretty amazing considering its low budget.
As far as the song goes, well, it's not Infinite's best, but it tells the story of a prostitute dying of HIV/AIDS. The mature topic is surprisingly handled well in the situation, but unfortunately the sexual references from the guest verses hinder it. However, the gritty, low-quality phone conversation at the end only galvanize this dark song.
So before you hate on Infinite the same way you did with Encore or Relapse, think of it this way. You may see a charm in the minimalist album you didn't see ...more

I don't know If this was suppose to be catchy or what but its annoying. Eminem's rapping was good but as far as producing he was working with amateurs on this one.

42 Hailie's Song

This is a good song?

Are you kidding me? Who put this song in the list? It's a masterpiece, he put all of his heart and soul for his daughter.

I did to see how many people that blindly hate Stronger Than I Was I can attract. - WonkeyDude98

Who put the song here it's awesome! - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

How can you hate "Hailie's song"?

43 Hell Breaks Loose

This is one of my favorite songs to "bump" in my car.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Yeah this is terrible

What? This song is epic!

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44 Phenomenal

The chorus was quite irritating.

My god is he annoying here.

It's a really good song - EGreen

It sucks, I lost my patience with Eminem

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45 Baby

Great song, one of the best on MMLP2. Doesn't supposed to be on this list. - guitar

The baby crying in the intro is obnoxious, I suppose you skip that part. - Hotheart123

46 313

One of the best songs off his first real album.

This is a classic come on!

A forgotten classic.

47 No Love

Hey dude, this is the WORST Eminem songs list, should be lower, great song, I agree

He disses Wayne in the song. Huh. I did not see that coming. But still this song is amazing.

As I say, "bad people can make good music". In this case, Lil Wayne. - WonkeyDude98

It's a cover version featuring Lil Wayne. There is nothing else to add.

48 Tragic Endings Tragic Endings
49 Crazy in Love

Who else thought that this was a beyonce cover?

This is actually good - Hotheart123

50 River

Stupid Ed Sheran goblin.

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