AlphaQ Explosions: FACK

AlphaQ I...I...I'm this the right song? Is this Eminem??

Unfortunately, to all my friends, who are really to grab the bleach...yes...I don't understand...why EM did this...ugh...this has to be the WORST FRICKIN RAP SONG EVER MADE! I'm seriously. I'm Sorry this exists and I'll explain to you why this abnormality is so horrendous.

Let's start with the beat: *cricket chirps* yes, there is no beat unfortunately. There is NO BACKGROUND MUSIC. At least Stupid Hoe had music. This is nothing...Ughh. There is basically no beat in this abysmality...are you kidding me? You at least need a beat, and make one of you can't find any. Gosh, even a weak beat is better than none...wait, there is one, a brick scratching against teeth, oh, that's cool, Eminem. You're causing some of your fans to drink bleach.

The lyrics*gulps* What the hell are the lyrics? Basically half the lyrics are him repeating the word 'FACK' again..and again...aand aagaainn...and that's not it. He rhymes 'ow' with 'c()m' and then with 'FACK'. ARE YOU F()CKING SERIOUS, MAN??!!?! WOW, GREAT LYRICS, DUDE! Then there's a part where he say:"No not f()ck/I said fack", yes Eminem we all know how to spell FACK and WE DONT WANNA! These are the worst lyrics I've ever heard in a song, I repeat, the WORST LYRICS. He says in the last verse, which is apparently the most cancerous verse ever used in a song. Yes that's the horrid truth. He says: "Shove a gerbil up your ass through a tube" 3 times, then comes the part where he says " Ow" 4 atrocious times. YUCK. This disgusts me.

The vocals are extremely horrendous. He sounds like a duck choking on a brick when he says "FACK" or was he supposed to say "QUACK". Not just a choking duck, a choking duck being run over a car and is monotonous too. He starts the song so bad.

Overall, this is worse than Stimulated, My X, Sweatshirt, I Fink U Retoded, Cotton Eye Joe, Birthday Cake, etc. Please note that I'm a huge fan of Shady. I feel so awful listening to this. I might puke: *vomits* ugh, that's better. Oh and I'm still wondering if Bingo by Jacboob Saggytaurus is better than this...I'll give this...*sighs* a -infinity/5. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! Just no, don't...This is AlphaQ leaving the building and protecting gerbils.


Oh god... - visitor

What was this review. Why is he rapping about animal abuse?
by the way, can you do a review of XXXTENTACION's Look At Me! ? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

"Keeping my dick in my pants"...this song? Oh, al my friend seem to like it, it's their favorite song. I'm neutral about it but it's obviously better than their old favorite song (Stimulated - Tyga) - AlphaQ

Lol, this post is hilarious. Nice job, man. - visitor