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41 Desperation

While this isn't one of the better songs from the MMLP2, it's still not that bad. The beat is unique and the lyrics are fine.

42 From the D (From the D)
43 Stan

Have you absolutely lost it? This is an awesome song, and it shouldn't even be on this list! Next thing I know you'll have lose yourself here

First of all lose yourself is here, and second of all, is it really that crazy to think that a couple people on the face of this earth dislike the song? Also, putting it as one of the last songs on the worst songs list is calling it one of the best - Themusicman

I love stan... The guy who says Fack was awesome is the only dickriding stan here dude.

Stan is one of the best songs EVER, not just Eminem songs.

Stan is an awful song...

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44 Groundhog Day

Umm how is this on the worst list?

Ahem, this is a WORST Eminem songs list, stop putting his masterpieces here. Listen to this bar:

"Promisin' complete dominance, Sugar Ray Robinson,
I'm in a lead Muhammad's in, Ali's my colleague bombing em,
Probably end up on top of them like Ndamukong,
I'm rushing (Russian) like a Ukrainian LaDainian Tomlinson!

Everyone sleeps on his best bars. - WonkeyDude98

45 25 to Life

This amazing song is deep man. Should NOT be on the list.

I hate the chorus so much!

I love this song.

I am a HUGE Eminem fan and I think this song sucks. The chorus makes me want to throw myself off a building. I'd take FACK over this ANYDAY! No joke.

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46 Crazy in Love

Who else thought that this was a beyonce cover?

This is actually good - Hotheart123

47 Shake That

This is no where near as bad as ass like that, but still bad.

Yet another booty song... At least it was catchy

It's average. Not bad but not good either

48 Crack a Bottle

Em and Dre were pretty good. But it got bad as soon as 50 Cent came around. Nothing against the guy or his fans. But that verse was so boring.

I'm a big 50 fan, as well as a die hard stan, but the verses, and corny chorus are just boring, and forgettable, not bad, just boring.

What?! This song is amazing!

Not bad, per-say. Just forgettable...

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49 Ricky Ticky Toc

EasilyBest song on encore

50 Walk on Water

Worst eminem song

Are you serious? This doesn't belong anywhere NEEEAAAR this list - Midevilnight

Disappointment. you're better than this Marshall

51 Bad Meets Evil

Pretty cool song but has weird beat in the background

It's a cool song that has a weird beat

Okay, can we all agree that this song was his best collab (along with Dido in "Stan")?

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52 Say What You Say
53 Cold Wind Blows

One of En's best songs

This song was to show that he was back with a vengeance.

good song - EGreen

54 Survival

In my opinion this song isn't bad at all, just really boring. It can't live up to the hype of the production (which by the way is pretty bad). - WonkeyDude98

Is just NOT good, Em was just screaming in mic and is not well mixed, sorry but that's a fact. Not to mention video, it sucked so bad.

Meant for a horrible game laugh out loud but I know many people like it but I don't

Horrible rap rock don't MIX!

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55 Phenomenal

The chorus was quite irritating.

It sucks, I lost my patience with Eminem

Garbage... Pure mainstream garbage

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56 Stay Wide Awake

Ohh boy does this song deserve to be on the top 10. This is Eminem at his worst. Sexually raping women with objects other than his genitalia? Check. Generic, cartoonish flow? Check. Gross imagery? Check. Soulless generic beat? Check. Stupid lyrics, concept, and hook? Check. Em trying too hard to be as vulgar and shocking as he once was? Check.
I see no way how this song appeals to anyone. If someone can tell me how this song may appeal to you, state your counterpoint. But I see no good whatsoever in this waste of a song.

I love this song. Not because I enjoy violent sexual imagery, but because of the second verse's rhyme scheme. It's art. Disturbing art, but still..

This is one of his best songs look at that second verse it's a top 10 verse of his

He's like the ghost of Mozart. LOL!

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57 Campaign Speech

Cleverly written, but I will never list it among the greats

Just no

Awful song - Hiimme

58 No Love

Hey dude, this is the WORST Eminem songs list, should be lower, great song, I agree

He disses Wayne in the song. Huh. I did not see that coming. But still this song is amazing.

As I say, "bad people can make good music". In this case, Lil Wayne. - WonkeyDude98

Lil Wayne's a great person idiot

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59 Soap V 1 Comment
60 Evil Deeds

Lemme show you just how annoying this song is:

*this is the first verse*
"mama had a baby, and its head popped off (head popped off, head popped off, head popped off, head popped off)
My mama don't want me, the next thing I know I'm getting dropped off (getting dropped off, getting dropped off, getting dropped off, getting dropped off)
Ring, ring, ring, and the next-door neighbors standing there on their front porch (their front porch, their front porch, their front porch, their front porch)

. Does he not understand how repetitive that is? - CRB88

This song is kinda depressing when you think about it. They took one of the sickest beats of his career and wasted it on incoherent nonsense. - WonkeyDude98

Dear Em...

I don't get it. Was there some kind of joke here? Because if there was, I don't get it. If there's a message, I don't get it. Try harder next time

-A disappointed but still loyal fan.

I dislike this song because, it is bad, it is bad,
forgettable and boring of course, boring of course
one of the worst off his worst album, enough said, enough said.

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