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61 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone V 3 Comments
62 Music Box Music Box

How is this song better than "The Way I Am" or "Lose Yourself"? Put it up higher.

Sounds like it would be a good song but it's just boarder line pedophilia

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63 Phenomenal Phenomenal

The chorus was quite irritating.

It sucks, I lost my patience with Eminem

Garbage... Pure mainstream garbage

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64 Detroit vs. Everybody Detroit vs. Everybody

Why did he feature big sean, he is so irritating.

With all of Eminem's new work, it just seems as though he realises he went through an immature period of Encore and Relapse but now is trying TOO hard to be serious and can't even feature an amusing song or even a beat in fear it makes him look stupid; I think he needs to connect with his roots because The M.M.LP2 was epic.

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65 Amityville Amityville

I just don't get Bizarre, he is just a parrot for Eminem, who makes offensive statements without any of the energy, If you like him, that's great! but I just don't get him. And for me it kinda ruins the song.

66 Legacy Legacy

Whoever put this song on this list needs to get their head checked. This is considered one of the best songs on the MMLP2, and should be treated as a modern classic. Don't put the song on this list by voting yes to this comment.

Legacy it is one of best Eminem song.best lyrics.
people are fools who don't like legacy

67 Smack that Smack that

AKON ruins everything he touches, great MCs included. - WonkeyDude98

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68 Bad Guy Bad Guy

This is my favorite one. I don't get why its here?

Again, stop sleeping on good songs. If you think that this song is bad in any capacity, your opinion is incorrect. - WonkeyDude98

The end verse was one of his best ever this is my favorite songg on mmlp2

V 3 Comments
69 If I Had If I Had

He wasn't rich when he made the song. This was a decent track.

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70 So Bad So Bad

I love this song, I don't understand why it's on this list.

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71 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom

This is one of the best Eminem songs - DolanDuck1

I love the song rock bottom ca
Me from deep in the heart depression

72 The Way I Am The Way I Am

Awesome work from Shady love the song

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73 'Till I Collapse 'Till I Collapse

Whoever made this list is trash

You listen to three secs and say its bad. The song ain't even started after 30 seconds

This is my favorite song it was in real steel

I listened to three seconds of it. Worst. Song. Ever. - epic72

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74 My Name Is My Name Is

Hi my name is what my name is who my name is slim shady yep like the song

Must be higher. Not top ten, or even top twenty, but very poppy and annoying. Not a terrible song, but hugely overrated. - Themusicman

While I think this song is FAR from his worst, I believe it is terribly overrated.

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75 Sing for the Moment Sing for the Moment

I love this song sing for the moment if you did not like the song you did not know music

I love this song really really love it is one of my most favorite Eminem songs - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

Eminem and Aerosmith will kill anybody that put thus here

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76 I'm Shady I'm Shady

It just isn't well known and lacks ever being noticed being catchy or anything.

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77 W.T.P. W.T.P.

Am I the only one who likes this song?

Yup, I am.


Now get on the floor and grab somebody.

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78 Headlights Headlights

This song is amazing. If you think otherwise, you have no taste in music and no emotions.
Come on, it's the song where he apologizes to his mother and he expresses his thoughts and emotions in such a way that you can't help but crying!

I guess people don't like it when Eminem makes clever decisions on who to work with. - WonkeyDude98

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79 Kill You Kill You V 1 Comment
80 The Kids The Kids V 1 Comment
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