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81 I'm Back

How dare someone put this song on the worst list. HOW DARE YOU! This is him at his best, with his amazing wordplay, awesome flow, and celebrity and people dissing lyrics. The beat is one of the BEST on the MMLP with guitars, static, and scratch effects all wonderfully used. It's a proud reminder of how he's back.

This was on here pretty much for the colombine reference

82 Seduction
83 Criminal
84 Just Don't Give a F*** V 2 Comments
85 White America

Even regarding "Mosh", this is still his best F U to the parents of America and the Bush Administration. An amazing beat, sharp flow, and excellent wordplay help to galvanize TES in our modern classic books.
Great job, Em.

Thank you people hey I'm the 1 who put white America on here. pS I love this song

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86 Soldier

What the song is awesome. PS. that's awesome! !

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87 Square Dance

MARSHALL Awesome JUST AWESOME Just like white America in the song soldier

88 You're Never Over

Are you kidding me? YOU'RE NEVER OVER was the best song in RECOVERY, even Eminem said that it was his favorite of the bunch. Besides that, it was a tribute to his friend that died, so show respect!

I actually like this song pretty good song

Which moron put this here? This is inspirational and cute, tear inducing

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89 Infinite

Best wordplay of any Eminem song.

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90 8 Mile

Yeah maybe the song is pretty old but still love it love it

91 As the World Turns

I actually like this hardcore rap song

92 Cleanin' Out My Closet

Eminem talking about mama talking to me tell you about her and then you talking about nice things about her say I'm sorry mama and the meeting still love the song why did good be good to be in love it bye bye enough said

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93 Bully
94 Like Toy Soldiers

Love it enough said you did not like the song did you did not know music!

This song is amazing, why is it here?

Awesome song - EGreen

95 Tonite

Minimalist in the best sense of the word.

96 I'm Having a Relapse

Yeah it's pretty cool Yeah I like

97 Drop the World

Eminem killed it was Eminem diss song will be nothing Lil Wayne didn't do crap - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

98 Almost Famous V 2 Comments
99 Parking Lot (Skit)

Cool continuation of the criminal skit

Why include it in the album anyway.

100 Fine Line

All of SHADYXV was trash except the Slaughterhouse contributions.

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