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101 Die Alone

All of SHADYXV was trash except the Slaughterhouse contributions.

102 Mosh

The first verse is crap. After that, the song turns to pure Eminem gold.

103 Ballin' Uncontrollably

Why...Why does this song exist?

I don't know anymore.

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104 Kings Never Die V 1 Comment
105 Role Model

Not for the faint of heart, but is any Eminem?

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106 We As Americans

Good song I agree - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

107 Stan

Have you absolutely lost it? This is an awesome song, and it shouldn't even be on this list! Next thing I know you'll have lose yourself here

First of all lose yourself is here, and second of all, is it really that crazy to think that a couple people on the face of this earth dislike the song? Also, putting it as one of the last songs on the worst songs list is calling it one of the best - Themusicman

I love stan... The guy who says Fack was awesome is the only dickriding stan here dude.

Stan is one of the best songs EVER, not just Eminem songs.


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108 Lose Yourself


Can't understand why this song is on the list :(

Whoever put this song in this list, you are just insane. Why is this song on this list? Obviously who put it on hasn't heard another Eminem song

This is like eminems best song! If you dislike it, you have no ears!

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109 Rap God

This is his best song! He really shows his flow and speed skill!

Eminem's best of 2013

Dude this is his best song and fastest

Should be higher. He showcases no talent, except his ability to rap quickly, which anybody who knows hip hop knows is a tiny fraction of rapping. Dosen't even have a point - Themusicman

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110 Beautiful

How is this on the list it's like his top5 best song inspiring it shouldn't be on the list

Even though Relapse is my least favorite Eminem album, I agree that this song shouldn't be on the list at all. It's easily my favorite song off of Relapse. - isuckatusernames

This is my favourite song it definitely shouldn't be on the list

This song is great, should NOT be on this list

111 Twisted

Is this a joke!? Who put this on the list? One of the BEST Eminem songs

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112 The Monster

Rihanna is crap. enough said.

I see people hate it because of Rihanna. I don't think people understand that unless you are Jason DeRulo, bad people can make good songs. I agree though, maybe slow it down and give it more bass. - WonkeyDude98

Rihanna sucks too poppy and not the real Eminem song enough says

Not very good. Eminem is alright but Rihanna isn't very good. Eminem has WAY better songs.

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113 Cinderella Man V 2 Comments
114 Stronger Than I Was

Just an amazing song, if you think it's bad listen deeper to the verses.

Why is this on the album? Terrible song.

This song should be 1

How is this not higher?

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