Top Ten Worst Emojis

There's always emojis that are completely unnecessary or that you hate. So here's the list to vote on them.

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1 πŸ‘™

I mean WHY would someone ACTUALLY use this? It's disturbing. - Minecraftcrazy530

I've seen this on a Pepsi bottle before. It disturbs me so much. Probably why I drink Coke more often. - Popsicles

One of the most disturbing emojis - SamuiNeko

Really? how stupid are you guys!
i don't use this emoji and WHY would someone ACTUALLY use this?!
the most annoying emoji is this one 😏
god I hate it so much

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2 🚽

A toilet! Seriously? That's seriously disturbing. - Minecraftcrazy530

Sittin' on the toilet. - PeeledBanana

Attack me but you could say this when you have to use the bathroom and use a tidy hahaahaha - JaysTop10List

Oh gosh yah I mean what would u tell some one your going to the bathroom?! And when I typed bathroom the toilet emoji came up'!

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3 πŸ’©

This one is my favorite. He is so cute. - Curtis_Huber

I miss the days when some people didn't need a smiling turd to communicate... - Entranced98

That emoji was actually designed as a sign of luck, so I have very mixed feelings on this emoji. - LemonComputer

Over used. I hate how they sell hats and pillows and other accessories of this thing. It's just poop!

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4 πŸ˜‚

Arguably the worst emoji in existence, and is only used ironically to be funny. When used unironically, you just look like an idiot.

It's so terrible I hate it my hatred is all I can think of

Too overused. Enough said.

It's the best

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5 πŸ“―

It's a French horn or something. Why would you need to use this? I'm going to band practice! Love to play my horn! - pandagirl

Can you tell me what exactly this is? Because I don't know. - Minecraftcrazy530

Some strange variation of a French horn. It might also be a English horn. - Turkeyasylum

Some people do play the French Horn, so I don't see why this is so bad. - LemonComputer

It's a variation of the French Horn that you often see at Christmas time. An English horn is like an oboe, just larger. It is in no way rΓ©alitΓ©s to the French horn except that they are both in the key of F Major.

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6 🌽

Don't see what's wrong with it? - jmepa1234

I use it when I make corny jokes!

What's wrong with corn - Nateawesomeness

I don't like corn neither, but some people do and I accept that. - LemonComputer

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7 πŸ›€

The only time that you would use this is if you were already in the bathtub in which case I hope you drop your phone

This one is pointless LOL

What is wrong with the people who actually made emojis I mean what gives them the idea to make an emoji that is a man sitting in the bath stupid

Bath. - PeeledBanana

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8 🚬

Why does this one exist honestly, what is it supposed to say "I am going to smoke some and you can't join me see you later." - Lucretia

Stay in school kids

Smoking is gross


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9 πŸ–•

When your mad or joking

What is the point, it's a box... That looks like what shows up when I am sent a emojis and I don't have any emojis near it

Why do you need to do this this is for cowards

What? - Officialpen

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10 😘

The love emojis are the WORST! - Nateawesomeness

My mom uses that one a lot

I hate the love emojis...

Kissy kissy. - PeeledBanana

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11 卐

It's actually not a bad symbol. Before Hitler used it, it used to be a symbol of peace in the Buddhism religion. - JamesBourne

So mean yet Buddhism had another thought of this meant peace and prosperity.

It only turned into a bad symbol because of Hitler. - LemonComputer

Swastikas mean can mean piece depending on the way you point them... anyways, swastikas pointed th non Hitler way arw fine. - Lucretia

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12 πŸ’‰

"hmm what should I use for the doctors office? I'm going today and totally need to show a blood emoji."

Horrible unless army and creepy

Oh, I'm going to get my blood drawn mom!

It's an emoji for an injection, you sick-minded idiots! - LemonComputer

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13 πŸ’Š

Just do drugs already

If it is a medical pill what is the point of it - Lucretia

This makes me feel sick - SamuiNeko

It's an emoji for a medical pill, you sick-minded idiots! - LemonComputer

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14 πŸ“‰

Unless you love math and statistics though - Lucretia

I think this is a graph... I don't know. - Minecraftcrazy530

This is just plain stupid...

It's a graph. - LemonComputer

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15 πŸ“

Don't you want a balloon, Georgie?

It looks more like a lollipop

What's wrong with a pin? - LemonComputer

Hmm...why? Just why

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16 πŸ”ͺ

Why would anybody use this one?

I use this one WAY too often - shawnmccaul22

This one is cool though... - Lucretia

*sarcasm* If you want to tell the world you self harm or your s psychotic killer this a great emoji to use!

17 πŸ‘―

2 ladies dancing... Reminds me of the 12 days of Christmas. - Minecraftcrazy530

It looks like some kind of drama dancing - Nateawesomeness

They look like Playboy bunnies.

2 girls with bunny ears partying. It is often used as a display of friendship, fun, or "let's party". - Officialpen

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18 πŸ‚

Bro, have an open mind. You don't have to hate snowboarding because it is slightly different than skiing.

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19 😍

I hate this emoji more than Apple itself. it's so annoying when people use it

20 πŸ’£

Obama wouldn't approve

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