Top Ten Worst Emoticons

Ever scrolled through your emoticons? Ever seen very weird ones? That what this list brings out. The worst emoticons ever created.

The Top Ten

1 Japanese Org 👹

Is this supposed to be the devil?

It's ugly and disgusing. If we don't talk about googl drawing of this. - ---ChargedZircon---

2 Hairy Heart 💛

This is the most ugliest emoticon I have ever seen. What's even the point to it?

3 Person with Folded Hands 🙏

To me, this looks like a butt.

4 Sleepy Face 😪

Is that a snot bubble? Why?!

5 Dizzy Face 😵

It looks like this emoji is about to die. This does not look like he is dizzy.

6 Kissy Face 😘

This person looks like he's trying very hard to blow a kiss.

7 Imp 👿

Does this devil have blue hair?

8 Poop 💩

It looks like they are celebrating with poop!

9 Mad Person 😤

It looks like steam is coming out of his eyes.

10 Sad Cat 😿

The Contenders

11 Indian 👳
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