Worst English Soccer Teams

Mostly, all bad teams are in England League Two. But hey, some teams, about 100 years ago, started in the premier league. Then they messed up as much as possible and would've been relegated to a "nothing league". So here are the worst soccer teams in all of England.

The Top Ten

1 Morecambe (ENG L 2)

The worst, disinigrated, team in all of England. Perhaps even in all of Britain, they are the worst. They have never in promoted to another league. They began a well played team when their franchise started, but then it was a disaster.

So all of you Morecambe fans, move somewhere else to watch a better team!
Morecambe once got 12 points in a season before. Only!
Bye bye Morecambe. Never get rich. - SuperBacca

2 Madron FC (ENG L 2)

This team has only won 1 game, in 2012. They beat Storm FC 4-3 at the bottom of the table. But before that season began, last season they lost all there games, and a goal diffrential of 300. The biggest lost was 55-0. But finally, they did it. Except they haven't even made it to the England League Two. - SuperBacca

55-0 is stupidly bad they are the WORST

Worst ever

Dumbo, this team ain't in league 2 and plus this team is in the conference. Fact, teams like morecambe, Ipswich Town, Wycombe, Barnet and Shrewsbury are even better than this crap side as they are more professional. This team isn't even one of the worst in England, probably average. NOTE: Get your facts straight, people.

3 Ipswich Town (ENG L 2)

They aren't that bad, not amazing but definitely not third worst. - mangohobo

4 Wycombe (ENG L 2)
5 Barnet (ENG L 2)
6 Sherwsbury (ENG L 2)

Not even as good as AFC Telford.

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