Top Ten Worst Episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender

As outstanding as the show is, it's not without a few bad episodes.

The Top Ten

1 The Great Divide

Worst Avatar episode - ElSherlock

This episode is too childish. Its plot was not so good as the other ones

You like watching people argue for 20 minutes? Well look no further

Plain boring

2 Jet

Probably one of the very few episodes that I hate. I hate Jet. - Anonymousxcxc

Jet is probably the worst character in all of avatar except for maybe unalaq and admiral zhao

3 Avatar Day

This episode is just weird and not in a good way.
It's still decent by regular standards but by the standards of this show though, this sucks.

The only good thing in this episode was avatar kioshi

If I recall, Sokka called this the "worst town we've ever been to" at the end of the episode. You know it's bad when the characters admit it sucks.

I liked it though, if for nothing other than watching Sokka act like a detective.

4 Nightmares and Daydreams

It's filler, but it kept me much more entertained than so many other episodes. I can understand it being on a worst list, but not this high.

Well, if anything, that fight between Appa and Momo was pretty hilarious...

For me the worst episode

5 The Swamp

It actually moves the story along and it does a great job at changing things up a little scenery wise how is it on this list

I like this episode for the fact that it's a change in scenery. A swamp might be boring but at least its not another episkde set ina village or a mountainous forest

6 Bato of the Water Tribe

Hate this episode

One of the worst paced episodes

7 The Waterbending Scroll
8 The Painted Lady

An save the environment episode great.

Whaat? I love this episode!

Then again, this is the kind of show that doesn't have "bad" episodes. Just episodes that are less good than other. - keycha1n

9 The Fortuneteller

Ultra cheesy, which does not suit the show

I hated how utterly sycophantic the entire town was to the Fortune Teller and even after Aang saves their sorry asses, they still think the Fortune Teller was telling the truth by saying “she said a volcano wouldn’t destroy us today and it technically didn’t! ”

10 The Runaway

The Contenders

11 Imprisoned

I'm purtty sure they tried to mix the june 11 1962 escape

" nobody escapes from alcatraz and no one ever will"

"Sorry warden your record is officailly broken"

This episode was very inspiring and had great development for Katara. But Boiling Rock will always be the better prison break episode - PineconeFace

This episode was a low point for book 1 in my opinion

12 Bitter Work

Aang was doing the best he could and you gave him a hard time. He didn't do anything nor anything else on purpose. Who do you think you are?

This episode was really upsetting.

13 The Chase

This episode is awesome what

14 Cave of Two Lovers
15 Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang
16 The Western Air Temple

One Word:Katara

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