Top Ten Worst Episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender

As outstanding as the show is, it's not without a few bad episodes.

The Top Ten

1 The Great Divide

Plain boring

So basically they say that if you can't bring peace between tribes then lie about it? still all Avatar episodes are good.

2 Avatar Day

The only good thing in this episode was avatar kioshi

If I recall, Sokka called this the "worst town we've ever been to" at the end of the episode. You know it's bad when the characters admit it sucks.

I liked it though, if for nothing other than watching Sokka act like a detective.

3 Nightmares and Daydreams

It's filler, but it kept me much more entertained than so many other episodes. I can understand it being on a worst list, but not this high.

Well, if anything, that fight between Appa and Momo was pretty hilarious...

For me the worst episode

4 Jet

Probably one of the very few episodes that I hate. I hate Jet. - Anonymousxcxc

Jet is probably the worst character in all of avatar except for maybe unalaq and admiral zhao

5 The Swamp

It actually moves the story along and it does a great job at changing things up a little scenery wise how is it on this list

I like this episode for the fact that it's a change in scenery. A swamp might be boring but at least its not another episkde set ina village or a mountainous forest

6 Bato of the Water Tribe

One of the worst paced episodes

7 The Waterbending Scroll
8 The Fortuneteller

Ultra cheesy, which does not suit the show

9 The Painted Lady

Whaat? I love this episode!

Then again, this is the kind of show that doesn't have "bad" episodes. Just episodes that are less good than other. - keycha1n

10 The Runaway

The Contenders

11 Imprisoned

This episode was very inspiring and had great development for Katara. But Boiling Rock will always be the better prison break episode - PineconeFace

This episode was a low point for book 1 in my opinion

12 Bitter Work

Aang was doing the best he could and you gave him a hard time. He didn't do anything nor anything else on purpose. Who do you think you are?

That was the most all time insufferable episode ever.

I hold all the grudges against this episode.

This episode was really upsetting.

13 The Chase

This episode is awesome what

14 Cave of Two Lovers
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