Top 10 Worst Episodes of Pokemon: Black and White

The episodes of the Best Wishes that I dislike the most.

The Top Ten

1 The Path That Leads to Goodbye

Ugh. I despised this episode! Iris got mad at Ash for literally no reason just cause Ash accidentally gave her a disgusting tasting fruit! Unforgivable! That jerk Iris. Good thing Iris apologized to Ash. And I was like “Yeah Iris you BETTER apologize to Ash you dumb jerk.” - TGBBOD

2 Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym
3 Unrest at the Nursery Unrest at the Nursery

I don't like this episode due to how Layla never gave Vullaby an apology for making her sad, not just because of what a bully Rufflet is. - Barrelboy

4 Lost at the League
5 The Pirates of Decolore
6 In the Shadow of Zekrom

You should know why I put this episode here: Pikachu losing to a Lv. 5 Snivy. - Barrelboy

7 Crowning the Scalchop King

Besides the bad battle with Ash and Cadbury, the episode is also pretty mean-spirited. - Barrelboy

8 Clash of the Connossuiers

It's simply a boring filler episode about connoisseurs. - Barrelboy

9 Evolution by Fire
10 What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals

The Team Plazma Arc was all false hype! I can’t believe they teased Charizard Vs. Reshiram in the Japanese opening. Instead in the actual episode, we got Pikachu Vs. Reshiram. - TGBBOD

The Contenders

11 Enter Iris and Axew

Ash stupidly mistakes Iris for a Pokemon. Her gag of calling Ash a little kid always annoys me. - Barrelboy

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