Worst Episodes of the Powerpuff Girls Reboot

The Powerpuff Girls reboot is absolutely terrible. There are tons of bad episodes. So I'm going to be listing them.

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1 Painbow Painbow

I hate this episode - BoyGenius234

Apparently, you can't vote for "all of them".

Keep it at number 1. It's the worst episode from any show.

The crappiest episode of a horrendous show. - BlazingParasol

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2 Once Upon a Townsville Once Upon a Townsville

This episode is like One Coarse Meal from SpongeBob. Because this episode contains a lot of suicide jokes. Seriously? I, for one, think this episode should be banned!

This episode is similiar to One Coarse Meal from Spongebob.

3 Horn Sweet Horn Horn Sweet Horn

This episode is transphobic! Definitely one of the worst cartoon episodes I've ever seen. The episode wasn't intended to be a metaphor being transgender, but one of the stupid higher-ups at Cartoon Network decided to market the episode as such in order to gain brownie points. I really hate Bubbles in this episode, she is such a jerk to poor Donny, she forces him to get an operation which turns him into a monster.

I saw your comment on BAND, I know you're not that interested in the site anymore, but don't delete your account, leave your content up.

I need Bubbles being gone in the reboot one because she ruined her character type. She used to be cute in the original one but now she is a spoiled brat!

An insult to transgender people. besides, why compare A HORSE to them? - Epikrika

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4 Bye Bye Bellum Bye Bye Bellum

This episode gets rid of Ms. Sara Bellum, because of her (wait for it)...breasts. SERIOUSLY? Ms. Bellum wasn't just a body, she was actually very smart. They got rid of her, but they added an even more provocative character named Bianca Bikini. Who though this was a good idea?

How is this episode bad? Does it have breasts for it? Ms. Sara Bellum had breasts because she's a sexy kid's cartoon character! Sexy kids' cartoon characters do exist in kids' cartoons! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

5 A Star is Blossom A Star is Blossom

This episode is super cringeworthy and creepy. Blossom gets thirsty for Jared Shapiro (a self-insert OC), and she acts like a jerk because Bubbles got the lead role in the play alongside Jared, and Blossom did not. Everything about this episode is creepy. Ugh.

Disgusting Episode

Judging by the picture, this time episode is awful!

And Brick would be jealous.

6 Somewhere Over the Swingset Somewhere Over the Swingset

In this episode, Bubbles twerks again.

Another twerking episode? BUBBLES PISS OFF YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO TWERK YOU ARE 5 SWEETIE! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 Power of Four Power of Four

This five-part movie event is not only a lowbrow ratings trap, but it's also a huge disgrace to Bunny from Twister Sister (Never Forget...). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This episode is airing today on Cartoon Network. It is a five-parter, and it is introducing a new Powerpuff Girl. What? The Powerpuff Girls are supposed to be a trio. Not a quartet. Also, the new Powerpuff Girl is not Bunny (in the original show, the girls tried to make a fourth PPG and named her Bunny, but she was killed off, I think, I don't remember). I saw a leaked image of the fourth PPG, and she looks out of place compared to the others.

8 Bubbles of the Opera
9 Tiara Trouble Tiara Trouble

Bubbles says "No me gusta! " In this episode, enough said.

10 Power Up Puff

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11 Man Up 2: Still Man-ing

Reboot blossom is my least favorite character she acts like a dick throughout this entire episode I like the original blossom but now 2016 blossom just lost my faith in her

12 Poorbucks
13 Princess Buttercup

Buttercup quiting the Powerpuff Girls, enough said. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

14 The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff
15 People Pleaser
16 Man Up Man Up

This episode is a ripoff of the original series episode "Makes Zen to Me"

17 The Stayover The Stayover

The girls get drunk on candy in this episode. Keep in mind this is a kids show.

I actually thought this was a good episode - Gangem

18 Little Octi Lost

The girls are incredibly mean spirited to each other and pac rat is a boring villain

19 Fashion Forward

The professor is annoying and terrible

20 Professor Poofed
21 Tooth or Consequences

This episode tortures blossom through the entire thing
1.she turned into a monster which doesn’t make sense
2.buttercup was a unlikeable character
3.what’s so bad with a 5 year old being scared of the dentist?
4.the ending sucked

22 Mini Golf Madness

Blossom and buttercup are complete jerks to each other it’s times like this I wanna spray them with a hose just like benson did to mordecai and rigby from regular show the unicorns have got to go

23 15 Minutes Of Fame

All three girls were all out of character and totally unlikeable

24 Trouble Clef
25 Toy Ploy
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