Worst Evanescence Songs


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1 Call Me When You're Sober

Who voted this for #2 if this is an awesome song. - Th3Zm0nst3r

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2 Haunted

What the hell is Haunted doing here? This song rocks!

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3 Sweet Sacrifice

Why the heck is haunted on here!?!? The song rocks!

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4 Imaginary (EP Version)
5 Where Will You Go (EP Version)
6 Lies
7 Solitude
8 Exodus
9 October
10 Bring Me to Life

That song is overrated. By overrated, I mean VERY very overrated - BlueDiamondFromNowhere


YES. My conversations are always "what's your favorite Evanescence song? " "Bring Me To Life or My Immortal! " "Any others? " "Nope! Those are the only I know of! " Every other I actually really love.


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11 Made of Stone UListen to Sample
12 Zero
13 Tourniquet UListen to Sample
14 Sick UListen to Sample
15 What You Want

Evanescence is awesome, but their 2011 album suffered from being overproduced and a bit too safe for my liking. Five years prior, they released the intense, avant-garde "The Open Door", an album which defines perfection to alternative rock, and then, after their long hiatus, they come back delivering a product which is rather safe and has little to no variety. This song is decent, but it's easily my least favorite song in their entire discography. The vocal effects are way too much and don't help the song's atmosphere or melody in any way, the chorus is pretty annoying, and it sounds uninspired, especially in comparison to their other big singles. - DCfnaf

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