Top 10 Worst Events of 2015


The Top Ten

1 Ile-De-France Shootings
2 Tunisia Sousse Massacre
3 13/11 France Attack

This event was so terrible. Everyone was doing well at first, until November. I thought 2015 would be a good year. That was, until Iwata's death, and the Paris attacks. What is this world coming into lately?! - TopTenJackson

This attack shook the entire world - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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4 Boko Haram Attacks
5 Somalia Massacre
6 Satoru Iwata Dies

Oh man, this event was so sad. 2015 used to be good in the beginning, but now it is bad. With Iwata dead, I hope Nintendo games will still be good. - TopTenJackson

Me: I cried when he died and I was just starting to love Mario...
Princess Kiana: R.I.P. satoru Iwata-san, you'll be missed by all of the Nintendo fans. - PrincessKiana

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7 Baghdad Funeral Bombings 13/11
8 Turkey Suicide Bombings

With 2 bombs 130 people died And this happenned in the center in the capital of Turkey Ankara! - Aguythatpeopleignores

9 Beirut Bombing 13/11
10 Japanese Earthquake

The Contenders

11 Nepal Earthquake
12 Donald Trump Running for President

This should be much lower, it's a bad event but nobody died on it - Martinglez

13 Syrian Boy Drowns With His Brother and Mother
14 Charleston Church Shooting

I live in South Carolina, and to be honest I thought I was dreaming, it was a tragedy

15 Little Boy Freezes to Death In Toronto
16 Militant Atheist Shoots Muslim Family In North Carolina
17 David Cameron re-elected
18 Massacre of 14 In San Bernardino, California
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