Top 10 Worst Events In Music History

Today, 3rd February 2016, is the 57th anniversary of The Day that Music Died, so it's time to remember the worst tragedies in music history.

The Top Ten

1 The Day the Music Died

Horrifically sad event, but it speaks volumes that 57 years later people still remember it.

2 Death of John Lennon
3 Death of Freddie Mercury
4 Death of Michael Jackson
5 Death of Kurt Cobain
6 Death of Elvis Presley
7 Death of David Bowie
8 Death of Jimi Hendrix
9 Death of Bon Scott
10 The Who Concert Disaster

How is this not number one? Clearly psycho whack jobs think that solo deaths are worse than this disaster in which many people were killed.

I think it's does deserve a higher spot, but I simply didn't add it myself. - Martinglez

Actually, quite a lot of these "solo deaths" really could be filed into one, if the creator of this particular thread had simply added "The 27 Club."

The Newcomers

? Manchester Arena Bombing Manchester Arena Bombing

The Contenders

11 Bataclan Theatre Massacre

This should be higher than individual deaths also the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester should be here.

They attacked in a concert in Bataclan. - Martinglez

12 Death of Bob Marley
13 Death of Amy Winehouse

I still genuinely miss her. - Britgirl

14 Death of George Harrison
15 Death of Janis Joplin
16 Death of Karen Carpenter
17 Death of Harry Chapin
18 Death of Jim Croce
19 Altamont Speedway Free Festival
20 Death of Otis Redding
21 Death of Jim Morrison
22 Death of Glenn Frey
23 Death of Whitney Houston
24 Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash
25 Death of Aaliyah
26 Death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
27 Death of Chester Bennington
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