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1 The Holocaust

The only reason 9/11 is second is because it was recent. In time, it will be a historical and terrible event that will probably be less of an issue to the people who weren't around to watch it being reported, and compared to events thousands of years ago, it is not as big. Of course it still is devastating and all my hope goes to those who were affected, and all my respect goes to those who fought against it or sadly passed away.

Millions were tortured and killed because of their faith. - llamaboy17

Certainly one of the worst things to happen to humanity by humanity. I can't believe anyone could take part in this and still have even a shred of conscience left. What amazes me is how many people took part in this, from train drivers driving into Auschwitz or engineers fixing electric fences or people delivering Zyklon B to the gas chambers. Everyone knew exactly what was going on and yet somehow carried on.

I feel bad for all of those jews who did nothing to hitler
): ): ):

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2 Rape of Nanking

Actually, worse than what happened to the Jews. Many more deaths and more brutal.

Japense solideres raping millions of chinese and killing millions of them

Finally! A list that doesn't only care about the American events! The rest of the world has suffered much more than America in the grand scheme of things


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3 WW2

Those that don't know there history place this anywhere but the number one spot, count up all the mini events that took place within this global war and the lives lost during and even after are uncountable. Please if you. Sleep during history stay awake for ww2. And people, pay attention, we're on the cusp of ww3.

This includes the top 2, plus an unmentioned killing of many soldiers from all countries. This should be #1

People who voted for the holocaust is brainwashed did not know the real history

People should study history and understand that the Holocaust mostly took place during this war. 6 million people died in the holocaust. 50 to 85 were killed during the whole war. It changed the world forever. The cost was far too great.

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4 Slave Trade

In no way do I support slavery, however for those of you who don't know, whitey isn't to blame for slavery. Black Africans sold their own countrymen to the other countries. O and by the way there is still slavery going on in the world today. Its called the sex trade. So if tonight you planned on going and picking up someone for a good time just remember these words, she's a slave, and for an hour or whatever you are helping her stay stuck in a world of violence and abuse. You are no better than that a-hole with a whip. No pun intended

And people blame the south for it, yet New England was one of the main places the triangular trade involving slaves went down - Skullkid755

Slaves were forced from there homes in Africa and taken to the New World as Slaves

Slavery is an evil thing but black people were slaves in Africa already. Whites bought them from rich blacks. Also every race has been in Slavery at one point even whites. - Rambles

The Tran-Atlantic slave trade is easily the worst event in world history. Millions of people were taken from their homeland and put to work in the New World for the rest of their lives. Along the way, these people lost their way of life, including their languages, religions, and customs. They were treared inhumanely every day and had to face torture, humiliation, and rape daily. They were denied opportunities for education and couldn't learn to read or write. Slavery also created racism because slave owners needed an excuse to own slaves, since it stated "all men are created equal" in the Dec. of Independence. They created stereotypes for black people and compared them to animals and explained that they are not similar to white people and that they have animalistic attitudes. These stereotypes still affect black people today, even though slavery is long gone. - rapaddict97

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5 9/11

I would build a time machine, and go back to the day before the attacks. then I would go to the lobby and tell everybody that at 8;47 the next day, the towers would be attacked and show them videos of the attacks and tell them to close the building the next day. there would be a lot of damage, but at least everybody is alive!

Shouldn't be as high on the list. This is nothing compared to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In my opinion this has to be the saddest most tragic event in world history. My family knew Leroy Homer JR (flight 93) he was a long time friend of both my Aunts. I was 5 years old at the time and still remember briefly watching my parents faces in horror and tears and knowing my Aunt worked across from the WTC and could possibly be hurt or even killed. I was a bit young so I didn't know how to react other than crying but all I remember was watching the T.V. and it all seeming like a movie except it was for real, I don't know how evil a person or people could be to do such a thing as to attack a building in which people go to work innocently not knowing what could happen. Those who were on all 4 planes knowing as it was hijacked will be the last few minutes of their lives. I don't live in the US but I can imagine all of the people seeing smoke and fire arising from the two buildings and the ash and papers flying from the sky above. Watching clips online and seeing the blood and tears ...more

This was a tragedy, but other things is worse, such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki, WW2 etc. And also, stop the racist comments "bobbythebrony"!

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6 The Crusades

The Crusades were not about religion it was about power and money. Religion was the excuse to do that. If people read their Bibles they would realize that god does not approve of this. - Rambles

The Crusades were the open and advertised killing of people who opposed Christianity to establish the power of the Catholic church

Religion is a scourge on this planet and absolutely DOES NOT deserve one iota of respect. A good many of the worst crimes in history were killing for religion. Where was your god during these times? Yeah, that's what I thought!

Although we don't have as many accounts of the Crusades, it probably was the worst.

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7 The Holomodor

Soviet form of Nazi Germany's Holocaust

It was the worst thing that has ever happened

I'm not a communist.

Holodomor (which means “murder by starvation“) never happened. There definitely was a famine, but there is no evidence that it was intentional. What's sick is that the West isn't concerned about the people who suffered from the famines of 1932, they're just worried about bashing Communism. - DieGedankenSindFrei

8 WW1

To The Ends Of All Wars, Ends Nothings.

WW1 was such a sad time in history and may people died I wish there was no vilence in the world WW3 is already starting.

9 Black Death

By killing 1/3 of Europe it put an end to Fuedalism (the system used in the middle ages where poor farmers worked for lords and knights), and led to the Renaissance, with the greatest scientific discoveries and exploration since the Roman Empire.

Didn't just wipe out most of Europe, but reduced the population of the Earth by about 1/3.

A lot worse than many others on the list (9/11) a lot more people died.

Many people died including children by far the worst

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10 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing

Kind of deserved, to be honest. Japan was committing atrocious acts, and the straw that broke the camel's back was them bombing us. Yes, we killed innocents by bombing them, but it ended the worst war in recent memory, right? - SwagFlicks

This should be number 1 on this list. So many innocent people died. - Rambles

Thousands died

So apparently bombing two innocent towns filled with children and mothers also families was deserved because they bombed a couple warships... wow you are all extremely stupid.

That's want school does to people make them believe idiotic stuff like that. - Rambles

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The Newcomers

? The Formation of Religion

The Contenders

11 Dallas Shooting

God did that shooter of the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers had some shooting skills I know he was in the army I bet if you put the shooter of the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers in the same island of the 2011 Norway attacks island and put the shooter of the 2011 Norway attacks in the same island if the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers shooter vs 2011 Norway attacks shooter the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers shooter will kill the 2011 Norway attacks shooter hands down

Cops need to be trained even more or have better protection wear after this event I mean they were going against a soldier the guy killed 5 cops and injured 11 more and 2 people in the protest

By Dallas shooting do you mean the 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers yes that was tragic

This is why we need cops they were protecting everyone that day

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12 The Great Deppression

Caused 25-35% of the World to go Unemployed

The great deppression was so sad people lost there jods and those years were vary had to live in

It was a time of poverty and despair. many people's lives deteriorated. kkk

13 Rise of Communism

They actually did a good job building Socialism, considering what they've had to work with. May it rise again! - DieGedankenSindFrei

Only reason communism sucks is the corruption of those in power.

And the fact that eventually you run out of other people's money.

Why don't they just go to a communist country?

The principal idea of communism itself is not bad. It's an absolute equality in its essence, the thing is that people are always craving for power, and in the end, they will succeed, and ignore their own ideals and ideology.

That's wonderfully portrayed in "Animal Farm" for example. The principal idea was that everyone is equal... until "but some are more equal" was added.

There are two big issues why communism is so poorly executed: the leaders stop carrying about the population and want to gain more and more control and power, and communist countries try to see other countries and systems as bad. It is essential to stay open for other countries for your own economy and to not control the population or else your basic idea is dead, else the result is as disastrous as in every communist country. East Germany had a way better equality of women and even homosexuals than in West Germany, and everyone had only a moderate income but wasn't piss poor. But what's that worth ...more - Martin_Canine

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14 Native American Genocide

More people died than the Holocaust - ikerevievs

If you want to go by death toll, this should be #1 by far. (100 million)

How can we ignore this?

15 Ebola Outbreak

Thanks to this horrid illness over 10000 people have died and the jokes keep getting worse and more offensive - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

It was so scary thing that you could be the next on to catch it

Oh god it happens a lot and it might end the world

worst disease ever the memes are becoming offensive

16 The Salem Witch Trials
17 Cultural Revolution in China

Over 65 MILLION civilians killed 1966-1976, nearly the worldwide total of World War 2.

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18 Bengal Famine of 1943
19 7 July 2005 London Bombings

This was a sad day for London

This event was scary

I agree on this one - catlinelizabethlaufeyson

Feel bad guys

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20 Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War
21 Las Vegas Shooting

By far the worst shooting

A crazy shooting

Really sad man

so sad bro

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22 Armenian Genocide

Just as bad as the Holocaust and almost no one's heard of it.

The almond genocide was horrible it drove me nuts

This was just like the holocaust

And Turkey still denies it ever happened.

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23 English Civil War
24 Spanish Civil War
25 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

It marked the beginning for Indian freedom when the briitish killed thousands of indians

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26 Virginia Tech Massacre

This killed more people than sandy hook it should be higher than sandy hook

My god this killed 32 people this was worst than any school shooting

The most sad thing I ever heard he did because they made fun of him

Worst shooting by far

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27 Cuban Missile Crisis

The worst thing to ever happend

28 American Civil War
29 African American Slavery
30 Permian-Triassic Extinction

I remember this like it was yesterday... I still have flashbacks

Its also called the great dying - ikerevievs

So deadly

When Ann the Allosaur died after hiding in the attic with her family. #RespectTheBible

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31 The USSR
32 Shandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

You spelled it wrong

It doesn't matter if they spelled it wrong,you know what they are talking about. It is truly sad,that event. What has our world come to?

33 Sinking of the Titanic
34 1984 San Ysairo McDonald's shooting
35 Manchester Suicide Bombing

really sad

Killed 22 people, and put Ariana Grande's concert tour to an abrupt end and made us think twice about concert safety.
We just haven't gotten better.

36 Columbine High School Shooting

It all started with this most brutal thing is how they were kids

37 McCarthyism
38 Spanish Inqusition

Loss of Muslim culture?
You mean the Muslims were defeated after they nearly conquered and enslaved Spain.

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39 Dunblane Primary Shooting
40 Rwandan Genocide
41 2011 Norway Attacks
42 Jonestown Suicides

How is this not higher up on the list?! This event was outright horrifying! The leader of the People's Temple, Jim Jones, forced over 900 people to kill themselves by drinking a lethal combo of Flavor Aid, Valium, cyanide, chloral hydrate, and Phenergan or else they would get shot by the guards. Senator Leo Ryan, his party, and some people who were trying to escape Jonestown were shot by members of the People's Temple before the mass murder-suicide, and five people, including Senator Ryan, died. This was the largest single loss of American life up until the September 11, 2001 attacks. - WindWakerFan

43 Tiananmen Square
44 1979 Sydney Ghost Train Fire


45 Napoleonic Wars
46 November 2015 Paris Attacks November 2015 Paris Attacks
47 Boston Marathon Bombings

It was a wrong move from the bomber

48 Beslan School Hostage Crisis
49 Jesus is Crucified
50 Eastern European Front of WW2

The Soviet Union lost 30 million people and Germany lost 10 million people so 40 million out of the 70 million people who died in ww2 were cause of this horrible forunt

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