Worst Events In World History

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21 Spanish Civil War
22 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

It marked the beginning for Indian freedom when the briitish killed thousands of indians

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23 Virginia Tech Massacre

This killed more people than sandy hook it should be higher than sandy hook

My god this killed 32 people this was worst than any school shooting

The most sad thing I ever heard he did because they made fun of him

Worst shooting by far

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24 Cuban Missile Crisis

The worst thing to ever happend

25 African American Slavery
26 Permian-Triassic Extinction

I remember this like it was yesterday... I still have flashbacks

Its also called the great dying - ikerevievs

So deadly

When Ann the Allosaur died after hiding in the attic with her family. #RespectTheBible

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27 Shandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

You spelled it wrong

It doesn't matter if they spelled it wrong,you know what they are talking about. It is truly sad,that event. What has our world come to?

28 1984 San Ysairo McDonald's shooting
29 Columbine High School Shooting

It all started with this most brutal thing is how they were kids

30 Spanish Inqusition

Loss of Muslim culture?
You mean the Muslims were defeated after they nearly conquered and enslaved Spain.

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31 The USSR
32 Dunblane Primary Shooting
33 Rwandan Genocide
34 Manchester Suicide Bombing

Killed 22 people, and put Ariana Grande's concert tour to an abrupt end and made us think twice about concert safety.
We just haven't gotten better.

35 Sinking of the Titanic
36 Tiananmen Square
37 1979 Sydney Ghost Train Fire


38 Napoleonic Wars
39 Boston Marathon Bombings

It was a wrong move from the bomber

40 Eastern European Front of WW2

The Soviet Union lost 30 million people and Germany lost 10 million people so 40 million out of the 70 million people who died in ww2 were cause of this horrible forunt

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