Worst Events In World History

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41 Boston Marathon Bombings

It was a wrong move from the bomber

42 Beslan School Hostage Crisis
43 2011 Norway Attacks
44 Jonestown Suicides

How is this not higher up on the list?! This event was outright horrifying! The leader of the People's Temple, Jim Jones, forced over 900 people to kill themselves by drinking a lethal combo of Flavor Aid, Valium, cyanide, chloral hydrate, and Phenergan or else they would get shot by the guards. Senator Leo Ryan, his party, and some people who were trying to escape Jonestown were shot by members of the People's Temple before the mass murder-suicide, and five people, including Senator Ryan, died. This was the largest single loss of American life up until the September 11, 2001 attacks. - WindWakerFan

45 Treaty of Versailles

Caused the rise of Nazi Germany

46 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami

Horrible so many people died

47 Vietnam

Thanks for the nikes

48 Syrian Chemical Attack
49 The Fourth Crusade - Sack of Constantinople
50 American Civil War
51 The 1993 LA Riots

The kings did not deserve that game.

52 Racism and Nazism
53 The Cold War
54 The video game crash of 1983

Yes, that was a bad one.

55 The Creation of the KKK

I remember the day I heard of them and I knew that I would do anything and mean anything... To join them

56 Tohoku Tsunami


57 East German Occupation
58 The Assassination and Funeral of JFK
59 Partitions of Poland
60 Israel Created

Israel has a right to exist. Too many people are using Israel's existence as a cover for being horribly anti-Semitic. I am not Jewish. I am not Israeli. Yet I still support Israel. Yes, they may make some questionable foreign policy decisions. Like every country, they're not perfect. Yet they have grown wonderfully in the space of half a century to become democratic, civilised, domestically peaceful, and technologically advanced... which is more than you could say for much of the rest of the Middle East.

For sure this will bring more death than probably anything

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