Top 10 Worst Every [Blank] Ever Videos

If you don't know, Every [Blank] Ever is a series by Smosh, where they poke fun at every subject they can think of. But sometimes they can be poorly thought out, badly executed, or just not make any sense. And unfortunately that's becoming a common trend with Smosh videos now (not to mention they milk this series to death). I know that the videos are not literally going through every single scenario involving their subjects, but it's still up for debate what makes these videos god awful. Bear with me as I explain why these videos are so bad.

The Top Ten

1 Every Election Ever

This video does not know how to stay on topic. The scenes with Hillary in office should've been left out completely not because it flaunts political bias, but because it doesn't relate to any "election" having gone on prior. And the allegation scene...they really should've saved that for Every President Ever (if there's ever been one).

Smosh need to retire. It's bad enough Anthony left and they're now milking the series for all its worth. They don't have it anymore.

These videos are the reason I don't like Smosh. - B1ueNew

2 Every Classroom Ever

Half-assed promotion with predictable or nonexistent punchlines. And it's another follow up to the other unfunny school related videos they've done. You can do so much more than this, Smosh.

3 Every Santa Ever

The...ahem, "Russian" Santa Claus (which is a completely false depiction. Smosh, do your damn research next time), and that last scene. God...I can be up for a little dark humor sometimes, but that last scene was so cruel.

4 Every Museum Ever

Pfft. More like Every Art Exhibit Ever. Did they suddenly forget that historical and science museums exist? This one is purely lazy and not witty in any sense.

5 Every High School Relationship Ever

It just SOUNDS bad. And the video itself is so predictable and unrelatable. Smosh should really go to college soon.

6 Every Haircut Ever

The jokes in this one drag on way too long, particularly the last skit. And that skit prior was honestly...really uncomfortable to watch.

7 Every 7-Eleven Ever

The acting this is just horrendous, the punchlines are as predictable as can get, and it goes to show how rushed this video was. Plus, that scene around the 3 minute mark was just incredibly stupid. I'm not sure what the writers were on when they wrote that.

8 Every Urban Outfitters Ever

I'm not sure what the "Do you think I'm boring" scene was supposed to symbolize but it certainly doesn't relate to anything about Urban Outfitters. The dad scene was...indescribably bad. I guess I can't find anything about this funny because it doesn't appeal to someone like me.

9 Every Subway Ever

The jokes in this one are needlessly dragged out and poorly delivered. And the "salad" gag was honestly really bad.

10 Every Instagram Celebrity Ever

Basically a copy of their first Every [Blank] Ever... and a copy of one of their "Totally True Documentary" series episodes. - Drewman1211

The Contenders

11 Every Autumn Ever

Goes without saying the acting in this is half-assed and terrible. And of course, who can forget the poor timing for every single scene.

12 Every Teacher Ever
13 Every Summer Job Ever
14 Every Cat Ever

If you look closely, youll see that they are not real cats

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