Worst Excuses for Bad Movies

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1 I'd Like to See You Make a Better Movie

Japan is very pool

They say wrongthing to the world

2 You Just Didn't Get It

Some people think that "YU JUSS DON UNNERSTAN ITTT! 1111" is an actual legitimate defense for garbage "art" movies. Calling a movie "art", for the record, is the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card for making an awful movie: people will pretend to like it to sound smart.

3 It Is Not Suppose to Win an Oscar
4 You Went In Wanting to Hate It

That excuse makes the least sense. If someone starts watching a movie, they won't know if they'll like it or hate it until after they had seen the movie.

5 It's a Kids Movie

Just because you're aiming at kids doesn't mean you don't have to try. Take movies like Toy Story or Wreck-It Ralph, they're great and well made movies that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

That was the excuse George Lucas made about the prequel trilogy he made for his 'Star Wars' series, after making his fan base wait for more than 20 years to come out.

6 You Are Suppose to Turn Your Brain Off
7 Your Expectations Were Too High
8 No Movie Is Perfect
9 You Just Hate It Because It Is Popular

It's like saying, "You're just jealous! "

10 It Is a Movie About (Insert Ridiculous Thing Here) What Did You Expect

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11 Exams Are Going On!
12 Its Not As Bad As People Said..
13 This Movie Sucks
14 They Tried Their Best

Maybe They Didn't Try Hard Enough

15 Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight...

No this is the BEST excuse for a bad movie

So... the strange and pathetic love triangle in foodfight is BETTER than the love triangle in twilight... actually makes foodfight better than twilight? YOU FOOL

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