Top 10 Worst F1 Drivers of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Fernando Alonso

He is such a cry baby and he complains all the time - mc113

2 Felipe Massa Felipe Massa
3 Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British Formula One racing driver from England, currently racing for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

I didn't vote for Hamilton, though personally I don't like him as a driver. I find that he gloats excessively when doing well, and blames the team when they do not. However I will remind people that this list is Worst F1 Drivers of All Time. Multiple Championships would suggest that the likes of Alonso, Massa, and Hamilton do not deserve to be at the top of these lists. - Xean45

He cry’s all the time a baby wouldn’t cry as much

4 Romain Grosjean
5 Nick Heidfeld
6 Robert Kubica
7 Takuma Sato
8 Jenson Button
9 Pastor Maldonado

Should be 1,caused sooo many wrecks and accidents. miracle he never killed anyone yet!

10 Mark Webber

The Contenders

11 Adrian Sutil

How many times has this guy crashed against another driver, ruining the other guy's race too? - jimmy12lee

12 Max Chilton
13 Claudio Langes
14 Jolyon Palmer
15 Daniil Kvyat

Keeps shooting himself in the foot. Drove himself right out of a top team seat, and may even drop out of the sister team or get banned from penalty points. - Xean45

16 Nelson Piquet Jr.
17 Kamui Kobayashi
18 Pedro de la Rosa
19 Rubens Barrichello
20 Juan Pablo Montoya
21 Al Pease

Only driver to get black flagged for driving too SLOWLY. - sketchysteve

22 Yuji Ide

I'm shocked he wasn't here yet. - sketchysteve

23 Will Stevens

Another crappy, overrated British driver. - sketchysteve

24 Volker Weidler
25 Giovanna Amati
26 Paul Belmondo
27 Alex Yoong
28 Tarso Marques
29 Gaston Mazzacane
30 Christijan Albers
31 Esteban Tuero
32 Oscar Larrauri
33 Taki Inoue
34 Marcus Ericsson
35 Rio Haryanto
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