Worst Fairly Odd Parents Characters

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21 Mark Chang Mark Chang

I like mark take him off - NESSquid

Mark is an interesting character I don't find him bad at all. - DaisyandRosalina

22 Cupid

This wants to go out of the list he is so lovely and nice don't harm him

Get this off this list his so lovely

Aw come on! Cupid's hilarious!

He is cool - DaisyandRosalina

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23 Blonda Fairywinkle
24 Sheldon Dinkleberg

Everyone hates him. His last name is really retarded by the way.

Dinkleberg Is Mean To Timmy's Father

I Hate Dinkleberg - MegaGoku

Guys he's not mean to timmys dad timmys dad just hates him for no reason

25 A.J.
26 Wanda Wanda

What? She's one of the only good characters anymore! Take her off! - DCfnaf

She is awesome! - DaisyandRosalina

27 Hal Apeno
28 Mother
29 Mama Cosma
30 Doug Dimmadome
31 Princess Mandie Princess Mandie

She scares the hell out of me scariest chatacter I've ever seen on this or any other show and I would hate to run into her cause I know she would tear me apart piece by piece.

32 Dinkleberg Dinkleberg

Dinkleberg Is Mean To Timmy's Father

33 Tootie

The living definition of a stalker

34 Cosmo Cosmo

Who the hell added Cosmo on the list? - DCfnaf

Cosmo from the original shorts was better than current cosmo

Cosmo was funny until sparky came


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35 Timmy Turner Timmy Turner Timothy "Timmy" Tiberius Turner is a ten-year old boy who is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated series The Fairly OddParents created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

He USED to be a great character, but now, he's a selfish twerp who ignores people, whines a lot, and only makes wishes to satisfy himself. What happened to episodes like "that's life" where Timmy wished that his mom's garden would come to life so she'd feel better? Or when he wished his best friend was great at baseball, then decided to not unwish that wish because he saw how much better Chester's life was? What does he wish for now? A baby (who is adorable, but he adds nothing to the plot), that his house were full of cats to get a dog, and that his home town was on fire because he didn't want to go to school! And every time Wanda tries to tell him that the wish he made was bad, he just ignores her! It was funny in the beginning when it didn't happen every episode, but now, you KNOW that the wish he makes will end up badly because Wanda warns him EVERY TIME. Kinda spoils the episodes.

If I met Timmy in real life he'd whine about everything and bite my hand but in the end Ill strap him on a chair, make him watch Nightmare At Elm Street, torture him and throw him out.

I'm not big fan of that buck toothed idiot

Timmy? Bad? Nice joke. - DaisyandRosalina

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36 Jorgen Von Strangle Jorgen Von Strangle

He is so funny

I hate this character because he is so mean to enforce the Rules

He is cool - DaisyandRosalina

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