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1 It's a Wishful Life

So according to this episode, timmy's main purposes in life were to be bullied by Francis, inspire Vicky to be a violent, child abusing babysitter, make his parents dirt poor, cause Crocker to become a crazy obsessed schoolteacher and make AJ go bald, do you have any idea how emotionally scarring that must've been for Timmy? Now he'll go through life with the knowledge that he ruined the lives of everyone he knows just by existing, and come on writers, Timmy wasn't the only kid that Francis bullied, Vicky was more than likely already a cruel abusive babysitter before Timmy was even born, his parents still had a kid so how are they not in the exact same state that they were already? Chester was already poorer than Timmy so why weren't Cosmo and Wanda given to him in the first place?

Biggest question of the entire episode, after seeing that when Timmy wished himself out of existence Cosmo and Wanda were given to Chester, and that makes me wonder, why the hell weren't Cosmo and Wanda given to Chester in the first place? I mean think about it, Chester is a 10 year old kid living in poverty with a lowlife dad and no mother. I don't know about you but that sounds 100x worse than just having a mean babysitter, and knowing how Chester was in the show, I highly doubt that If he got fairies he would go around doing selfless acts of kindness

At first I liked this episode but then I realized one thing about it. I found this episode was meant to show everyone that Timmy's only purpose in life was to make other's lives worse and thus making him feel rejected from humankind. While sure misantrophes and bullied kids can relate to this episode because of whatever experiences they've encountered, this can't be so for other people because of how selfish and cold-hearted people can treat and innocent boy like that. This episode crossed the line! - Neonco31

One of the worst cartoon episodes I have ever seen. And the most cruel.

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2 Timmy's Secret Wish

All that build-up, just to make it doesn't matter in the end?

It makes no sense. - RalphBob

Did it seriously take Fairy World this long to find out that none of the people on earth were aging?

3 The Big Fairy Share Scare

This episode had so much potential! When I first saw it, I was expecting Chloe to appear perfect, but then have it revealed that she acts like that because her parents are abusive and are never impressed with anything she does so she forces herself to be "perfect" to win her parents love. I know that seems dark, but let's face it, only kids who are miserable are supposed to have fairies, so it would be a much better reason than because she's mainly perfect, but not quite. Seriously, they give NO explanation as to why she needs fairies. My guess is that the new writers never saw the original series, and have no clue as to how the Rules work, nor what qualifies a child to be assigned a fairy godparent. This episode just irritates me and insults all fans of the early seasons.

This episode is just insulting. Are the writers so lazy that they couldn't come up with a logical explanation as to why Chloe needs fairies? Even I can think up a better reason than her not being completely perfect. First off, decide whether she is lower-class, middle-class, or upper-class. If she's lower-class, then make her miserable because she barely gets to spend time with her parents and because she's always hungry because they have little to no food. If she's middle-class, then why not make it so that her parents are busy working, so they hire Vicky to babysit her? That would help her and Timmy bond and work together to figure out their problems. And if she's upper class, make it so that her parents expect so much of her and want her to be the perfect child because that's how they see themselves. That would explain why she feels the need to be perfect. Any one of those scenarios would be at least 10x better than what they came up with. - BeanBag343

Further proof that the writers don't even give a damn about the Rules anymore

Even the live action movies are better than Season 10!

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4 Fairly Old Parent

This was a ripoff of multiple episodes at once. Timmy's parent's and Crocker got Poof before, so now Crocker's mom owned him. Why? - RalphBob

5 Teacher's Pet

What? This episode was very funny

Hated by fans, but I liked it. - RalphBob

6 Love Struck!

So every man on the planet is a dumb, filthy slob who likes sports and every woman on the planet, regardless of how old they are, have the mindset of a 6 year old and like pretty princess, unicorn rainbow crap

This episode has very stereotypical views of love and the sexes. - OC96

This episode was downright stupid.

7 School of Crock

When I put Crock Talk on here I meant School of Crock. - RalphBob

8 Fairly Odd Pet

That dog gives me migraines. And was it really necessary to add ANOTHER idiot?

9 Fairly Odd Baby

I don't think it was necessarily a bad episode, but I'm pretty sure everyone hates this episode since the introduction of Poof started a bad habit of the show jumping the shark by adding new characters. I don't exactly hate Poof, but if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have had to put up with Sparky and Chloe. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Girly Squirrely

This is probably worse than Big Fairy Share Scare.

Chloe being the main character is a mistake. - DCfnaf

Agreed lets see
1.timmy's dad is more idiotic than cosmo
2. no returning characters like aj and chester
3. how can chole be in the scouts anyways

The Newcomers

? Sooper Poof

This episode was written by two women. That's why it sucked. - kcianciulli

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11 Twistory
12 Baby Face
13 Lights Out

Dear God, this episode was messed up, I can't believe Cosmo and Wanda could be that cruel, I mean come on! Just to prove a point to Timmy you had to act like you were gonna kill him?!? After Poof came along I didn't think they could possibly make Cosmo and Wanda any more unlikeable, but they did

Wand and Cosmo almost killed poor Timmy - Decklan

A dull and messed up plot

I miss Tootie bad

14 Class Clown
15 Anti-Poof
16 Take and Fake
17 Mr. Right V 1 Comment
18 Finding Emo

This episode is perhaps the worst example of the recent seasons trying to be relevant and failing. To put it straight, this episode is where Timmy wishes he was an emo so that he can impress a girl he likes.
This episode aired in 2014, by this point emo had died so this episode was at least 5 or 6 years out of date. It's the equivalent of a season 1 episode where Timmy forms a Grunge band. - OC96

19 Cosmo Rules
20 Crocker Shocker
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