Top Ten Worst Fairly OddParents Episodes


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21 Dread N' Breakfast

Should not have been made

22 Hairicane
23 Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
24 Just the Two Of Us!

Trixie tried to kill timmy - NESSquid

Not cool

25 Vicky Gets Fired

I'm not sure if anyone else hates this episode, but I have two main reasons right off the top of my head why I loathe this episode. First, Timmy's parents were so stupid in this episode. Especially in a few scenes where Vicky is torturing Timmy and they could clearly see her doing so. Yet, even when she is seen torturing Timmy and pathetically tries to cover up her torturing of Timmy, Timmy's parents still antagonize Timmy! This is one of my most hated moments of Timmy's parents! Second, Vicky being Timmy's babysitter means the world is at peace? Sorry, but in my opinion, that's just so mean-spirited! And I thought It's a Wishful Life was bad! Man, I really despise this episode a lot! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 A Sash and a Rash
27 Beddy Bye

This episode has a plot hole that irritates the crap outta me, why the hell was everybody getting super sleepy and cranky? Timmy wished everybody DIDN'T HAVE TO sleep, not everybody COULDN'T sleep

28 Love at First Bark
29 Man's Worst Friend
30 Crock Talk V 1 Comment
31 Timmy's 2-D House of Horror
32 Invasion Of The Dads
33 Timmy Turnip
34 Operation Dinkleberg
35 Dimmsdale Tales
36 Playdate of Doom

This is the Fairly Odd Parents' version of A Pal for Gary

37 Whittle me This
38 Whittle Me This
39 Dumbbell Curve
40 Sooper Poof

This episode was written by two women. That's why it sucked. - kcianciulli

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