Worst Fairy Tail Characters

Even though Fairy Tail is somewhat good, some characters are really bad.

The Top Ten

1 Lucy Heartfilia

She cries in every arc. She is weaker than dirt. It looks like she picks her outfits from the kids section. She is a horrible main character. She has no purpose in the series other than to be there for fanservice. She has no goals or motives that set her apart from others. Her personality is annoying and she's just annoying in general. She doesn't fight well at all. She relies on others every single time that she's in a fight. She is so mentally and emotionally unstable. She gets in the way of everyone. She gets dumber and more useless as the series goes on. What's there not to hate about Lucy? Honestly if you think that she is a quality character then you have your standards set really low. I don't like her at all, point blank period. I always used to wonder why everyone hated her while I was watching the anime. After I watched the anime (still watching it now because A-1 is doing a fantastic job of animating Fairy Tail so far! ) and caught up to the manga, I completely understand ...more

100 thumbs up for this. I absolutely hate this prostitute crybaby scumbag known as Lucy Heartfilia. - SelfDestruct

I HATE LUCY! She always complains about her guild when she has no right to. She acts all "kind and nice" just so she can wriggle her uselessly weak butt into Fairy Tail strongest team She is so seductive that is is disgusting. Even if you look her up it says she uses her sex appeal regularly for fighting and lowering prices (She said it too). WHAT THE FUDGE that won't help you in life! LUCY YOU HAVE KNOW RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT GRAY.

Lucy is so weak that everyone else has to save her. You guys can argue and say, Oh but she summons her spirits that takes lots of magic so she is not weak. But if you really think about it they can clearly come out on their own (which makes me think they don't like and pretend to when summon). OH and the Star Dress power is stupid and she never deserved it. And have any of you guys realized she never trained at all and that all her magic was bought and given to her: like star dress. She is a disgrace to all the Fairy Tail characters since all ...more

Lucy is such a spoiled brat here in fairy tail, WHY?! Because when they're battles she just watching their and sitting summoning her spirits while she is just sitting doing nothing but just yelling we're gonna do it while she doesn't even doing anything and she complains how her celestial spirits are doing while they're risking there lives just to save her, why doesn't she just learned some magic so she can fight enemies all by herself and she said she loves all her celestial spirits but she even make clock man walk for her and she always summons taurus the bull even though she knows that she is just gonna get perverted by that guy but why not summon gemini right! Gemini can copy a lot of enemies magic and more and she is so rude and pathetic and when there some arc she is just gonna cry and yelling natsu please save my ass and I hate her poet's she just saying so many poets in her mind while she can't even prove to her own self that she can do any better and she thinks she has the ...more

I hate hiro mashima why lucy proclaim her to be a main character because she just on the beginning of the manga mand should be the favorite in polls. hey people she's so annoying, rich and flirty. erza is the one supposed to be main character she my favorite character and the reason why I'am watching fairy tail because she badass, likeable, and had a sad past and relatable not her.

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2 Carla

Has vision of guild member crying or dying... "Carla, what's wrong? " "Oh nothing...". It's ridiculous. Then while vision actually happens "I HAD A VISION ABOUT THIS! "... No point in knowing the future if you're just gonna keep it to yourself. -_-

She's so mean. Always trying to tell Wendy what to do. Bad attitude. I don't like her at all. I don't know why Happy likes her. -_- Happy deserves better.

But when Happy almost died trying to rescue the town for Jackals explosion you could see that Carla legitimately cared about Happy. - RockT123

CARLA JUST GETS ON MY NERVES. How Wendy loves this spoiled, sassy brat? I don't know why Happy likes her. She's is super stupid, and yes, ugly, never saw a moment while she smiles.

Maybe even worse than Maurice or Caramel, but okay, last chance to you, spoiled Carla.

She is so stupid and rude u don’t call a friend child and boss her around I feel bad for Wendy

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3 Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel Natsu Dragneel is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.Natsu is carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. ...read more.

I hate Natsu. He takes up way too much of the spotlight and his whole hotheaded persona is cliched and annoying, just like his constant nakama speeches that go nowhere and are forced down our throats because apparently Mashima thinks the audience is too stupid to get the weak theme of this bull show. I mean, Friendship is Magic is more subtle than this! And him constantly starring in the show happens so often that it literally prevents character development for other characters. And don't even get me started on his contrived fights. He constantly loses throughout the battle and than suddenly, he says something about friendship and wins in one punch. Sound familiar? Cause that's how every fight goes.

The power levels are way inconsistent. First Erza's supposed to be stronger than him, but she could lose a fight to an enemy and have Natsu beat them in the end. Then when he tries to fight her again SHE'S STILL STRONGER! How does that work? Also the whole stupid character thing is ...more

Relax he is one of the main character. What bothers me is that Lucy, Happy, and Natsu have too much screen time but I'm not going to hate them. I'm just worried that Erza and Gray will never be shown again. I love the two as much as those three. I'll really cry if they let go of Erza. - ErzaScarlet

Natsu has to be one of the most broken characters in anime. After all these years fairy tail has been released he has had no development. And his power levels are just so inconsistent. The fact that he has no character development is really sad. Also, his attitude is very cliche and, in some ways, cringe worthy to watch. Also most of his "impressive moments" don't come off as impressive, but they really come off in a way that makes him unlikable. It bothers me that no one decides to change him up a bit because he is the main male character of the show. He, along with lucy are the foundation of this whole show, and they are the two characters that are rusting the most, while the other characters have to age like fine wine to add more diversity to the show. He's become a big anchor of the show and it's not good when the anchor is the main character in the show. I've tried to give him a chance but it always goes back to the same "Natsu routine." Now if this show was a ...more

I cannot stand Natsu... literally I makes me sick. everything is the same from him... HEY fight me, lets see whos more powerful! *gets ass beat* HEY I said I'm gonna fight him no fair! HEY I don't feel good motion sick. HEY I'm fired up... gets ass beat. but then out of nowhere he manages to win after he spews some pointless crap about how my friends are all I need or those are your comrades how can you be mean to them... its just terrible. I have been totally annoyed by him every single time I hear his voice... lets also talk about how he has to scream everything... also, he seems to be extremely stupid or he doesn't process things that happen around him... he can be fighting someone and use some magic but it has no effect... the enemy says "hey, that wont work" but in Natsu's tiny mind that means do it over and over again. its always the same garbage. I honestly have to say Natsu ruins the anime for me... I like most of the characters in fact BUT Natsu always bums me out with his ...more

Natsu is a bad character in the way that he has no character development and makes no progress to reach his goals. early in the series, we learn natsu's main goal is to find his father, igneel, but it's easy to forget this because he doesn't actually attempt to make any progress whatsoever in achieving this. None of his battles are one with skill or intellect, he simply gets power-ups from friendship and learns a hidden new ability.

bad guy: "what? you survived by attack? that's impossible! you shouldn't be standing! "
natsu: "i'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends! " *defeats enemy*

his power levels are inconsistent and he remains the exact same character from the beginning to end, because he was given virtually zero character development at all. all in all, as a character, especially as a MAIN character, natsu is kind of awful.

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4 Juvia

You know I hate when people say that Juvia fans are idiots and not sensible and other really stupid things because we really aren't and if you dorks haven't noticed It's A SHOW GET OVER IT so what if Juvia ends up with Gray to be honest I rather Juvia end up with Lyon cause he's less of a jerk. But it's what ever to me either way. In the same way Juvia isn't a useless stupid character. And she is very strong although her obsessions over Gray is annoying at times I'm a fan of her and I find it funny and both annoying and if you losers who don't like her haven't noticed she hasn't obsessed over Gray in a while. And when she does it's just for kicks. And her situation is way different from Naruto and sakura (plus I love Naruto and Hinata together more) I mean she's not a sakura in NO way is she useless, stupid and ugly! At times Juvia may seem stupid but once again every character is different and Juvia might just need some more character development but at least she's not crying all the ...more

I cannot understand how people like this sorry excuse for a character. Juvia is nothing more than an overly obsessed stalker who is hell bent on getting Gray all to herself despite the fact he doesn't like her like that (He isn't a tsundere you can even tell by how he acts around her most of the time.), She has only had enough development for sensible people to see that she is just a slightly prettier version of Ginny weasly from Harry Potter and her little habits include washing herself with Towels and soap bars with Grays face on them which is just plain creepy and disturbing. Every major fight she has is based around Gray and her 'love' for him. She doesn't add anything to the story, if anything she takes away from it just by being there in the first place. To those Juvia fanboys and fangirls I ask you to point out one good trait that only she has and no one else has, or at least she does better than anyone else because I have done etensive research into her character and I have ...more

She's EXTREMELY annoying. Juvia, take a hint - Gray DOES NOT like you!

It's obvious that gray loves juvia. Just because juvia looks like a stalker doesn't mean gray views her like that. In grays fight against silver, he thought about her in the most loving way possible! Juvia is strong and loyal and you people are too stupid to realize this. -.- - Weeaboo

She’s self centered, and only cares about what she wants.

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5 Jiggle Jugs

I cringe every time they make an appearance

Just don't even ask why they are in the anime - NerdyPweeps

They are so annoying, I HATE THEM. They think they're so good at fighting and stealing and stuff but to be honest they just suck. Every time I think they're finally gone from Fairy Tail for good, they just reappear.

Sorry if u like them (though I don’t no anyone who would). they're flat out creepy. And disgusting.

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6 Ivan Dreyar Ivan Dreyar

After excommunication from Fairy Tail, he created Raven Tail to destroy Fairy Tail, thinking he could achieve it! What a bastard! Get him higher! - SelfDestruct

I believe he should be Number 1 on this list. I mean, he is just pure evil.

Everybody hates him.

He go kicked out of Fairy Tail and created Raven Tail. The anti-Fairy Tail guild. Him and his elite team gets obliterated by Laxus

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7 Daphne

My first thought when I saw her: Who is this crazy chick? Second thought: GET YOUR HANDS OFF GRAY! Third: Who does she think she is, using NATSU to power a FAKE DRAGON to destroy FAIRY TAIL? And she actually thought she could pull it of? Definitely one of my least favorite.

Daphne is just a useless character from a useless filler arc. Oh how much I seriously wish Juvia was there to slap her stupid face when she touched her Gray-sama. I would've done so

Should totally be Number 1 on the List. She was annoying and so damn useless. Really really sorry excuse for a character

Most annoying character ever. So happy she wasn't relevant.

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8 Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail. Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her Nakama's calls that they want help. ...read more.

How is Erza not on the top 10? She's easily the worst character in the entire show. For one thing, she's overpowered. She can easily take out her enemies just by swapping out her armor, and we have no idea how she gets it. Does she buy it at a shop? Does she seduce old perverts with her massive melons? We have no idea, the manga is over 400 chapters and we still haven't any idea. Getting back to the armor thing, its always some deus ex machina garbage. She always just so happens to have the right armor, which is not only bull, but also boring to the audience. It never really challenges her to make due with limited options, but rather gives her a billion ways to accomplish a single solution. We never see her get these armor sets either. She just always has the right one at the right time. Especially that overpowered armor that lets her DISPEL ANY MAGIC AND GIVES HER A SWORD THAT CAN EVEN CUT THROUGH SPACE!

Secondly, she, like many of the other characters on this show, tends to ...more - MadameSeagull

To be honest, Erza is an perfect example of an overpowered Mary Sue. She has no personality and always gets so much credit. And what makes her a Mary Sue is that she is overpowered and has a deeply tragic past, and we're supposed to like Erza for the "why she is"...? I don't think so

Erza Scarlet is one of my favorite character! She seems to be overpowered but she isn't always. Natsu may be even stronger than Erza because Natsu has defeated many opponents Erza couldn't and I'm not saying she weak! Erza can admit defeat like every humans do everyday. But she doesn't! She fights for her friends even if it kills her! The one thing I dislike is that she uses her looks to attract men and pretends she's not trying to! People complain about Lucy doing that when Erza does it worst! Though it's just her flaw. Erza is a great character even though she's not my favorite.

I actually love her but only the problem with her is that she is damn overrated - Crystalsnow

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9 ichiya ichiya

Just seeing this makes me wanna barf and suicide at the same time. - Fandom_Lover

His face grosses me out enough that I couldn't eat. - waterlover

His not strong. I hate his face too

He is so creepy! - Crystalsnow

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10 Minerva Orlando

I used to hate minerva so much, until I read the manga and (spoiler) she got a lot nicer and she became a good guy. She even apologized to lucy for hurting her at the grand magic games and I don't hate her anymore now.

I hated Minerva at first, especially when she hurt Lucy, Erza and Kagura Until I read the manga. She apologized for everything she did and explained why she did this. But I do think they forgave her to fast.

She was never punished for her actions and never relay repented for them. We are supposed to feel sorry for her just because her father treated her badly. She is a sadistic thug who became a good guy out of the blue

All of you saying you hated her at first well she was a villain at first so if you hated her and when she turned good you love her, which means she wins as a character and that definitely makes her one if the best character ever created in an anime..

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11 Lamy

Lamy should be the most hated character! Her laugh, her attitude JUST EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE ABOUT HER (She's the character that created the demons) Thumbs up Jackal when you blew her away.

Please don't ask me about her. Whenever she appeared the only thing I wished was for her to disappear man why was she even existing? Sorry excuse for even a villain. Always making those... ew faces and I don't even wanna continue talking about it except for one last thing;


Anyone has a channel and knows Red Vs Blue? Edited the song "Let me blow you, away" by Donut

Her laugh could shred cheese

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12 Hades

He has the best name so shut up!

Is a real greek god - FrankP

He tried to kill Fairy tail. - ErzaScarlet


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13 Lisanna Strauss Lisanna Strauss

I swear, it's like people are desperate to find any stupid reason to hate on Lisanna. Yes, she's under-developed, barely has screen time, and her magic makes her look weak. But saying that she's out to get Natsu, or trying to copy Lucy is a bunch of crap. Lisanna is her own person, and she has not done anything wrong. She's kind, and extremely close with her siblings. She treats everyone in the guild (including Lucy) as a friend. Again, she is just an incomplete character who doesn't deserve all of this hate.

It's the annoying NaLu fan base that hates her lol. I don't have a problem with Lissana, she's nice. I like how all these comments about Lisanna all involve Lucy haha, it's so pathetic to hate a character for shipping reasons.

Lisanna is kinder than Lucy and not to mention, she's way prettier. Her talking about marrying Natsu kinda scares me, but overall she's pretty normal and really nice and never treated anyone meanly.

She should be dead. Is she dead yet? No? She’s been hiding out in Edolas this whole time making everyone heartbroken?! Who gave this jerk permission to just show up again?!

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14 Jiemma Jiemma

Treating his daughter horribly along with the rest of his guild members definitely deserved him a spot. Loved when Sting punched a hole in him.

Jiemma is such a horrible, disgusting human being who abused Minerva, his own daughter, and forced Tartaros to turn him into a demon just so he could have almighty powers! Lector disappeared because of him, Sting thought he was dead, he was heartbroken and I was so happy that Sting had killed him at the time but then, he just comes back as annoying as ever! He also kicked Yukino out of the guild and made her strip in front of the whole guild, all because she lost 1 fight to Kagura! That is so stupid! I was so happy when Natsu barged in and stood up for Yukino, it was so sweet. He was about to beat his ass when Minerva intervened, and I was so pissed. He never deserved Minerva as a daughter, he treated her so disrespectfully, always made her cry, he made his own daughter cry! He is such a jerk and he is one of my least favorite characters! - PerfectlyPink1210

I dislike him. He had no reason to leave his daughter alone in the dark forest to fend for herself AND to train his daughter to be just like daddy.

He abandoned his own daughter, Minerva! He deserves to die - Crystalsnow

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15 Evergreen Evergreen

She's okay, but it kinda annoys me that she tries to take Erza's title as "Queen of the Fairies".

Too vain. WAY too vain. But she's cool.

Only ever uses one spell after festival arc. No personality.

Umm...I don't know I just don't like her

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16 Levy

She's smart, she has a good dynamic with Gajeel, I honestly don't see anything wrong with her

Some people think it's weird that I hate her. They would say stuff like: HOW CAN YOU HATE HER? SHE'S SO CUTE! I LOVE GALE FOREVER~! I mean, I like how she was accepting to Gajeel when he joined the guild and he smartness. BUT STILL. I hate how everyone views her as a main character even though she has her own team! I hate how when you search her up on the internet, the main thing you see is how she is paired up with Gajeel. SHE HAS MORE PURPOSE IN THE SHOW THAN BEING WITH GAJEEL! Unlike Juvia, who's ACTUAL PURPOSE is to be with Gray, since it actually DOES bring up her character development, HELPS her fight, MAKES her more stronger, GIVES her more feelings with her comrades. Levy's purpose is mainly to be he smart one, or the one who's close friends with Lucy outside her team. GaLe was mainly to be her side love, NOT HER PURPOSE.

Before I didn't really have a grudge against her, but now I do. She brought out Gajeel's sweet side, which I found rather disgusting. HE IS SUPPOSED ...more

She's so weak and never even tries to get stronger, just keeps using her dumb scribbling nonsense. I was amazed when she got picked for S class seeing as she's so incredibly weak. She constantly just leads those two guys on seems to enjoy it, and adds nothing rather than being a helpless female who's smart on occasion

I personally hate Levy because of how whenever she trains, she never makes an effort to get any stronger. I also realize that she participated in the S_Class trials, but I'm surprised she's even got that far.

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17 Zeref Zeref Zeref Dragneel is a character from the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, created by Hiro Mashima. He debuted in chapter 200 of the manga, and episode 96 in the anime. In Fairy Tail, Zeref is considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. ...read more.

I don't know what you people are talking about like Zeref is so sweet even as a created of black magic he wants the world to be right even if that means that he has to die in the end it would all be for the sake of the new generation. He literally said that he has see many generation and seen them die. He cried people what bad guy would do that he asked Natsu to kill him and told them that they should not come near him. He understands he is a bad guy but he is trying to change. Don't even say he is a bad guy that's a bad excuse so don't even say that. Bad characters can be sick to so just shut up cause you don't know a damn thing.

Zeref is very misunderstood and he had good intentions but went about them the wrong way so people bashed and judged him for it. All he wanted was to resurrect his brother, Natsu. I deeply respect that. - RockT123

Zeref's my favorite Fairy Tail character! He's actually a good guy, with good purpose but is misunderstood. His curse kill every lives he values, so considering the fact that he was said to have killed many people, it means he values a lot of lives. He even isolated himself so as not to kill anymore lives. He loves his brother deeply, and sacrificed his whole life for the sake of his brother. His life is so tragic, 'because everyone always reject and hate him for what he has done, though he didn't mean it and can't control it. If I had a curse the same as Zeref's for 400 years like that, I think I would've gone mad a long time ago, so respect and sympathize him people. - Goku02

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? HE IS THE CREATOR OF ALL DEMONS, HE'S KNOWN FOR HIS MEGA AWESOME POWER!, AND HE'S JUST so CUTE...and for those who haven't noticed he felt sorry for all the bad things that happened in the world, THE MAN CRIED FOR GOD'S SAKE! Honestly those who hate him just stop. You people can't just hate someone without giving them a chance especially if that person is as badass as Zeref.


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18 Aquarius

Why would Aquarius even be here? I know she's mean. But deep down she's kind and she always cared for lucy. I really love her. Sacrificing her future moments with lucy to save lucy's friends/comrades (when she told lucy to break her key) it's the most heartbreaking episode

I love Aquarius lol she roasts so hard on lucy when I can't... makes me so happy

Who put her on this list? For me she's one of the best characters in Fairy Tail, she isn't into this whole "nakama" bull, she has REAL flaws, not only those "flaws" like "being shy, clumsy, but still can kick your ass" (well, technically she can't kick anything), and she has personality and not everyone in FT likes her, so she isn't this "I'm so mean, but everyone loves me" type of person. Also, she was leaving Lucy ONLY when her life wasn't in danger, when things got serious, she was ALWAYS saving Lucy's ass.

And she has a sense of humour. So, no; I don't understand this all "I hate her, because of her attitude" thing.

P.S. Three months in Lucy's world = one day in the spirit world, Lucy is summoning her maybe once in a week, so it's 12 times a day for Aquarius. She can be annoyed. I would be annoyed too.

Bro. she is actually a really nice person...if you saw lucy's backstory with her you would see how. - ayumi-oki

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19 Kinana Kinana

What has Kinana done that deserves to be hated to be honest? - Goku02

Just no... Why is Kinana here?

Umm no. Shes okay in my book.

20 Plue

What's so bad about Plue? I think he's adorable.

I feel like if you stabbed plue he would just gush out dough.

I love plue so much he is so adorable


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21 Erigor
22 Happy

How the hell is Happy not number 1? I have only reached episode 54 but Happy (along with Natsu and Lucy) are just incredibly annoying. Happy adds nothing to the show and isn't even funny.

Most annoying form of Comedic Relief ever. He doesn't help the plot and he isn't a likable character so why waste the animation?

Yes I liked him in the beginning then I started to not like him as much because now his character seems unnecessary, but he is funny and I do still like him. He is just becoming annoying, whiny, etc in my opinion.

He is the absolute worst character I wish that natsu and laxus will just roast him and eat him

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23 Wendy

People may understandably like her, but I dislike Wendy for various reasons.
First off, she's the required little girl of the team. Thus, we have an underaged, squeaky voiced crybaby girl getting sexualized and usually only being able to cry or freak out over it.
Next, she plays one of my absolute most hated anime tropes of all time: The extremely modest and shy personality. "Well, it's true that I was actually useful in healing a critcally injured comrade, but I don't deserve any credit because that other character also did.0001% of the work, heheh! " "Oh no! I made a mistake that just about anyone would make! I'm so ashamed that I'll brood in the corner for half the chapter! " Seriously, that is retarded and annoying. Do you take pride in belittling yourself?
Third, she always goes on about how weak she thinks she is in comparison to others, then she goes on about how it's her job alone to protect her friends and how she's the pillar that supports her friends. Not to ...more

She is the most annoying character! Her voice makes me cringe and keeps reminding of a character in a perverted anime which is bad since the character is 12 years old! She is easily the most retarded character and forgets faster than Natsu and THAT says something for you

I like her she is cute and gets stronger through out the second season (spoiler) I think it would be cool if they let her have both wind and water or another element like how natsu have fire and lighting and gajelle has iron and shadows it would be cool but she is way useful then Lucy

I just hate her she ruins everything and has a really annoying friend

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24 Minerva

Honestly, I hated Minerva when she almost choked Lucy to death. She hurt her, she made her suffer. I was so pissed. Then, she almost killed Kagura, and made them fight to see who should fight her. And Erza won that fight against Kagura, and she defeated Minerva too. Minerva's dad taught her things that made her like this though. He always made her cry. She wanted to live up to his expectations, but felt she couldn't, she felt she was weak. I have ended up loving her because of how much she grew and changed due to her father. Her father just abused her, and made her power hungry eventually, causing her to become like that. Then, she changed in the Tartaros Arc, we got to see more of her past, why she is like this, and she became a truly good person after that. I love her now. - PerfectlyPink1210

25 Cana Alberona Cana Alberona

NO. Just NO. She has flaws but why she's here?

For some reason someone decided that Cana out of everyone deserved to get Fairy Glitter when she did nothing in the tournament, Freed and Bixlow let her win the first round, and in the second round Lucy literally figured it out all by herself, and then she proceeded to knock out Lucy which forced her to have a 1 on 1 with one of the 7 sins of Purgatory. Without this whole scene Cana would one of the most useless characters since she wouldn't have Fairy Glitter.

I only disliked Cana for abandoning Lucy, and for blaming Elfman for letting Lisanna grt captured. Other than that, I still like her.

I don't like her for accusing Gray.

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26 Acnologia

I find it horrible that Acnologia killed (SPOILER) Igneel. And I'm sure that Acnologia knows what he's doing and isn't possessed by his dragon or something.

He's not bad he's just misunderstood and more powerful than zeref

He is badass

27 Nashi Dragneel


Who's this? Natsu's sister?


Since she is not a canon character, I can picture her what I want her to be.☺

"💖=Nashi Dragneel

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28 Gray

Why is Gray here?. He is an awesome character like Laxus and Erza. But still he can fight really cool. - admister300

Gray is awesome and he is really HOT, he's distant sometimes, but he does have a heart and he's kind and really good in a fight. Plus I like his ice magic it's really cool.

Gray is the best he is always chill and not crazy and I ship him with juvia because I can tell he has secret feelings for her LOL. He is always kind to everyone and his stripping habit is just funny. I don't know why people don't like him because he has done nothing wrong. Gray is my second favorite character

Gray sama! go to hell! - Crystalsnow

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29 Risley Law Risley Law

No one says anything?
Really? REALLY?

30 Lahar

Even though he was just there, it was a little sad when Doranbolt/Mest found his dead body.

He ruined jerza

31 Mavis Vermilion Mavis Vermilion

Her character makes no sense. Sorry Mavis fans, but I think she's too whiny and boring. - Goku02

She just kinda came outta nowhere...yah know

She's an annoying know-it-all Mary Sue.

Idiot,u make zeref more powerful

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32 Lyon

I wished Juvia gave him a chance, Lyon is much better off with Juvia than Gray and Juvia.

What? I ship him with juvia more than gruvia, it just seems more reasonable and cuter

You know, if Lyon ends up dating Juvia and gray gets really jealous, he will be acceptable

Lyon is...fine.

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33 Millianna

I don't particularly mind her, it's just that stupid outfit

I really hate her current outfit. Makes Fairy Tail look more inappropriate that it actually does.

Oh my god.
Why isn't she in top 10?
The outfit, the betrayal of childhood friends, the fact that she EXISTS... well, every single character that was a former TOH slave I can see has overall potential and character development (Erza, Sho, Wally, Jellal, Simon, Oracion Seis). But her!? I don't see anything, anything at all. She's annoying, and there's nothing else to it.

34 Jenny Realight

...What? She was in one episode and she slays. Why is she here? - parisinslame

35 Black Snake
36 Zancrow
37 Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi

She started off as a cool swordswoman and the scariest enemy in the Tournament Arc, but her character was changed to a dorky girl who is shipped with Erza and gives her this desire to have a sister to love and bond with. She has never been cool ever since.

I don't like Kagura, but she's not the worst. - Goku02

She said wants to kill my cinnamon bun, Jellal.

I don't like how she has SOOO much hatred toward Jellal, I mean its okay but she went OVERBOARD. Plus jellal is my little cupcake

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38 Meldy

Melody is great, but even though her powers are extremely useful, she's often sidelined

I love Meredy, she's a sweet little girl. Love the mother-daughter relationship between her and Ultear. - Goku02

Not a fan of her character.

Ew. Just... Just ew.
Obnoxious, rude, loud. I've only seen her character a few times (new to the series) and I practically hate her already.
She's a brat, no offense.

39 Future Rogue

Why is Future Rogue not in the top 10? Seriously. - Bessy

Oml yes

40 Lucy Lucy Lucy (born as kaede), is a tragic, fictional Japanese Anti-Heroine, and Anti-Villianess, who is the main protagonist of her debut source, a manga officially known as Elfen Lied [alfen leed], written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto, which was best known for it's T.V. adaptation of the same name, Directed ...read more.

Excuse me? This is not elfen lied this is fairy tail

Erm, whats this?

That is the other Lucy from a manga fill-in. She is kind of obnoxious though.

This is the lucy from Elfen lied not fairy tail! - Crystalsnow

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41 Flare

I'm sorry everyone, but "she truly became a good person later on" just doesn't cut it here. No matter how much crap-talk she heard about Fairy Tail, absolutely nothing can be said to justify the fact that she was seriously going to do something awful to an innocent child, most likely killing her, and took actual pleasure in it. Why would she put on that literally psychotic demeanour, given her backstory? How does her running away from home because she wants to live with humans explain why she beat and humiliated Lucy in front of an audience? Nothing justifies why she acted so deranged, especially considering that she wants to feel part of a human society but acted like the twisted part of civilization that people tend to pretend doesn't exist. Who the hell would think that walking with a craned neck and a creepy ass look on your face is the way to fit in? Hell, why was she even in Raven Tail to begin with? It was a dark guild for heaven's sake!
Let's face it, guys. Mashima did not ...more

I didn't like that she cheated and made Lucy suffer. I didn't like her because she was mean to Lucy and manipulated her by threatening to kill Asuka if she fought back. She made her surrender. I was so mad. But then, we see her become a truly kind and gentle soul, who lived with giants. We learned more about her powers, her past, and I truly loved her after that. - PerfectlyPink1210

She cheated when she fought against Lucy! Lucy would've kicked her butt!

She's nice later

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42 Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell

You guys are all losers. I BET WHEN YOU WERE 12 YOU WOULDN'T EVEN HAVE THE GUTS TO PROTECT YOUR FRIENDS, SHE'S YOUNG AND SHE'S WILLING TO DIE FOR HER FRIENDS. you guys are stupid if you don't know how much she cares. Who cares if she's flat chested she's growing! I bet some of you, cried when you reached puberty. WENDY IS GREAT.

I think Wendy an "Okay" character, but I don't really like her voice that much and she should cry a bit less, but she's very powerful and nice and kindhearted, and many other things I admire her for. I also love the fact that's she really brave and other qualities. The only part I don't like is her voice a bit and I think she should just cry a bit less.

She's annoying as hell, and she's such a crybaby. (Okay, later on she gets better) but there's just something about her that annoys me. Maybe it's just that she's so quiet and shy, and then somehow really strong and everyone loves her so much. I know these reasons are stupid, but I just really hate her


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43 Zoldeo Zoldeo



44 God Serena

He seemed like a promising character, but Mashima killed him off far too quickly.

He was a disappointment.

45 Irene Belserion Irene Belserion

She's nothing but a walking plot device.

Irene is awesome just like Erza - Crystalsnow

46 Yukino Agria Yukino Agria

Yukino has got to be one of the most boring characters in the series for me. Her role in the story to be the sacrificial lamb to show how Sabertooth was at first was done pretty well and her dialogue showed her pride in Sabertooth quite well. But after the scene where she realized Natsu stormed Sabertooth for her, everything went downhill as Mashima tried to needlessly develop and milk a character who needed no further screentime other than to return to Sabertooth after Sting becomes Master and Sabertooth changes for the better (it would have been just as good if she made good on her bet with Kagura and joined Mermaid Heel though, and if she politely refused Sting's offer because of this).
Her personality is very bland and doesn't line up with the fact that she has some actual skill, she cares for and loves her spirits generically but with no given reason, her being Angel's sister opens up so many unanswered questions and she any characterization she had was completely thrown out ...more

I really like her-- I don't see why she is on this list. - Eva-san

When people hate Lucy it means that they also hate yukino. Yukino is much weaker than Lucy! Can't use star dresses. Totally useless.

47 Lucy Dragneel

How many Lucys are on this list...

Lol someone needs to go do some math homework instead of this

Bruh her last name ain't even Dragneel tf

48 Mirajane Mirajane Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her ...read more.

She beat Freed, Jenny, and TOOK OVER SEILAH.

Mira is amazing.

Mira is awesome!

What is this how is ERZA annoying-er than Mira

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49 Toby Horhorta

Need I say more?

Funnier than Juvia

50 Panther Lily

I used to like Lily a lot more but now I like him a lot less and barely even notice him. He's just a cat that follows Happy and Carla around and says a few meaningless words, which is scared of lightning. I wish his character could be developed more because it's just going totally downhill

Um... Why?!

? What did Lily do?

Yeah, no Lily doesn't need to be on this list for MANY reasons.

Y'all are just hating on his sexiness.

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