I have watched the anime and read the manga over and over again and I have tried my hardest to see what people like about Juvia, but there is nothing redeemable about her. Her character is bland, dull and annoying. Her obsession with Gray is unhealthy and really detrimental to his relationship with other girls (and some boys). And whilst her magic is decent at best, she doesn't even have the brain capacity to use it to it's full potential.

Juvia fans always defend her by saying the same things over and over again. They always say that she is strong, cute, funny and sweet. Well, I am sorry to break you're hearts but she is none of those things. Nothing about her character stands out, Natsu is more determined than her, Erza is stronger than her, Lucy is smarter than her and Mirajane is more good looking than her.

Not once has she added anything to the story and many times over has she actually taken away from the story just for her existing. Her fight scenes are ...more

At least she worked hard to get into Fairy Tail unlike Lucy. At least she is quite powerful. At least she isn't as stupid as Lucy. At least she can be sweet at some points.

The only worrying thing about her is her obsession with Gray. People say that she's stupid but most people have fallen head over heels for someone before and most Fairy Tail characters have their significant features slightly exaggerated more than they would be in real life.

True, she may have a fatal flaw but at least she doesn't possess several likewise to arrogance, constant tears as well as stupidity. All the haters just look for her flaws and imperfections rather than the good things. I understand why you may be annoyed but you should look at her pros as well as her cons. "I've tried but her pros are not as good as the others" is a pathetic excuse. Even the favourite characters do not necessarily have their own particular positive characteristic; they're just generally great.

Look at Erza ...more - Cwawissa

Juvia had bad traits. She is obsessed with Gray and dislikes anyone who seems attracted to him. She isn't the smartest person ever, and she didn't even realize that Gray doesn't even need a scarf because he's an ice mage in 413 days. But instead of ALWAYS seeing her like that, can we please focus on her good traits? I absolutely HATE Wendy. But instead of looking at her bad side (crying so much, acting weak even though she's a dragon slayer) I try to look at her good side (cares deeply for her friends, doesn't judge others and is very powerful.)

I'm disappointed at all the Juvia haters and call her boring. She has a lot of character development and had these bad traits because it's funny. Stop taking every little thing so seriously, the creator just wants to make you laugh at her stupidity, and cry at her love for fairy tail. Us Juvia lovers are the same, just because Gray looks at her sometimes doesn't mean he loves her.

Lucy cares for her looks, Erza is an airhead, and ...more

First of all, you don't "work hard" to get into Fairy Tail. Usually, you're recruited by another member (example, Natsu bringing Lucy to Fairy Tail), or you just randomly go to the guild and join. Gajeel was recruited by Makarov seeing that after Phantom Lord was destroyed, he had nowhere else to go. Same thing goes for Juvia, except she pretty much stalked Gray and the others, and pretty much followed them on a mission when she wasn't even an official member in the first place. She most likely joined because of two reasons; 1, like Gajeel, she had nowhere else to go, and 2, solely because Gray's a member. Honestly, her character revolves so much around Gray, it's scary. Not even Lucy or Levy OR Erza are that clingy to Natsu, Gray, or Gajeel. Juvia is a cardboard cut-out of a 'character' who doesn't really serve a purpose other than completely re-writing herself to desparately become Gray's perfect girlfriend (which she is far from being).

She is such a cringe-fest. It makes me sick to see her throw herself in front of Gray every chance she gets. Talk about THIRSTY.

People hate on Juvia because she obsesses over Gray? I mean, the only reason she does that is because he stopped her rain from falling. He told her how amazing Fairy Tail is. He helped her in so many situations. Juvia doesn't only like Gray for his good looks. She loves him for his personality, his determination, his passion and everything else. She always supports him and cherishes him. Wouldn't you cherish someone who helped you out of depression and showed that life has true meaning?

Fans of Juvia are just lost sasuke and sakura fans who were butt hurt at not being able to ruin Naruto with the bad pairing so they come to FT to ruin Grays character by forcing him with this useless and unredeemable piece of trash of a character.

Her past in comparison to Almost everyone else's is just plain and pretty tame. Cana had a more painful past...

Her OBSESSION over Gray is creepy, disturbing, annoying and just boring, her traits are things that everyone else has in the guild so you cannot refer to her by a good trait because everyone else does them better than her, the only trait you could refer to her by is definitely: STALKER!

Did I also mention that her character is just Ginny Weasly without the red hair? NO? Well, here you go...

She is a water mage, so what? Natsu would turn her water into steam and Gray can just effortlessly freeze her water into ice, Gajeel could just block her water off and Lucy has Aquarius who equals her.

Juvia ...more

WHY does everyone like her?! She's an obsessive fangirl with no personality except obsessing over 'Gray-sama' and being mean to Lucy.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HATE ON JUVIA! Not only was she a former S-class wizard, and a member of the Element Four but she's so funny, cool, and NOT USELESS...I mean at times yes she does fan girl over Gray a lot and it is annoying at times, but there love makes them stronger plus she's no weakling SHE'S A FLIPPIN' WATER MAGE and your telling me that's not sick? I don't understand why she's even on this list, and she's not annoying she's sick and super funny her attempts to make Gray hers are cute plus she never gives up and take a hint people they are going to end up together because in the manga and the series they draw closer to each other! So please for all those that hate her go back and watch Juvia Lockser's episodes and see how sick asss she truly is...and we all know if she unleashes her true power she could really kick as so stop hatin cause most characters are worse.

"I live for the people I love. If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living! " - Juvia Lockser. This quote is the moment I truly began to love and admire Juvia. She understands that love is the strongest and most important thing on Earth.

How is Juvia this hated? I feel sorry for people who can't recognize awesome characters. How sad..

Wait! Why Juvia is here? Juvia is awesome! She is powerful! And all of JUVIA'S HATERS, LET ME REMIND YOU THAT EVEN GRAY DOES NOT LIKE HER TO BE A LOVE ONE, GRAY LIKE HER TO BE A FRIEND! I watch that episode in YouTube when Gray said he didn't like Juvia but in a friend, that's okay.

I used to think she was annoying, but her character developed so much over the course of the series. Most people who think she's annoying just wants Gray to be with Lucy

I'm really sorry to say this, but Juvia has to be one of, if not, my least favorite characters. I mean, she has her perks, like she's strong, loyal, and loves her friends. But I cannot stand her obsession for Gray. When she's obsessive, I have to pause every 5 seconds to cringe. Sometimes, she can be cute, but it's overall annoying and stupid. I mean, she can fangirl about Gray, but when it's every second of her screen time, it gets old really fast. Lets face it, she is way too obsessive. If Hiro tones down her obsession to a normal person, I might like her better.

I personally like Juvia, but I can see why many people do not. With her magic, she easily had one of the best potentials in the whole series~ Being able to turn her body into water as well as control and manipulate water is a super strong power in my opinion. However, it was clear as soon as she joined FT that she would just be there as fodder to get laughs or emotional reactions from getting "killed" or badly beaten. Her water body should make her immune to most, if not all physical attacks, but of course, it hasn't even helped her once in recent memory. It also should have helped her fight Erza during the her S-class challenges, but no leave it to Mashima to let the sword lady easily beat someone who is made of water LOL yeah, it was anti-water armor... uh huh. More than the actual character of Juvia, I feel like Mashima completely dropped the ball with her and hasn't been very creative with her abilities or character growth. It kind of reminds me of Nico Robin and other ...more

This character gets annoying really fast

I wish we get to know her personality. Her obsession over Gray is the only thing I know about her other than people disliking her because she always made it gloomy. I really want to know her better. I don't hate her though. I just really REALLY want for her to have her own self show.

It's not her fault Gray is so damn fine

Juvia sacrificed herself for Cana. She fought to protect Gray against Meredy who wanted to kill him. She defended him when others called him a traitor. She always has a smile for him and supports him. She truly loves Fairy Tail.

She is the annoying character not only in Fairytail but also in the whole Anime industry! Always calling GRAY SAMA... GRAY SAMA! $he does not know anything. That idiot always saved by Gray. Always hate girls and even In her mind she doesn't like Gray talking with any other girl or even some times worrying about a boy(in manga about Natsu) I hate her even She doesn't like a person in terms of character (I mean I am not telling Gray has no character). She doesn't deserve Gray! That dumb ass! She should be number 1 in worst and annoying list! And Lucy is so... Much better than Juvia. Lucy doesn't deserve in this list. People can't understand.

Finally someone understands that Juvia is the worst character and even worse than Lucy! - Crystalsnow

When she obsesses over Gray, it's not as funny as it used to be,
Now it's just creepy, and annoying
who obsesses over someone like that?

UGGGHH. I AM SO SICK OF U HATERS HATING ON JUVIA. And its not because she is my second favorite character (i am perfectly fine with people having there own opinions) Its because you are calling her dumb and weak when she is PROVEN not to be. I mean come on why do u call Juvia dumb and stupid, she never show anything pertaining to those categories, actually Juvia is very smart maybe not levy smart but still smart.(sure when it comes to love yeah she may do some strange things but nobody is perfect especially at love, plus it is only meant for comedy). And why are u saying Juvia is weak. I mean come on she can cut through steel. OK LET ME GIVE U A FAIRY TAIL LEARNING LESSON. Gajeel is a strong dragon slayer and his magic is iron right, but when he is mixed with carbon his magic becomes steel-MUCH stronger than his original magic- but Juvia said (and showed) that she can cut through steel making stronger than Gajeel. And Gajeel is stronger than most of the members in fairy tail so she is ...more

Get JUVIA OFF this list she is a great character. She has a great personality, development and humor. AND SAID THAT SHE WAS WEAK, JUVIA IS PROVEN TO BE THE FORTH STRONGEST MEMBER IN THE FAIRY TAIL GUILD. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

I don't "hate" her but take away Gray and there is nothing about Juvia that is interesting

I can see why people would be annoyed with her, but I personally find her hilarious.