Lisanna Strauss

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People hate Lisanna generally because...

1) They ship Nali. It's pathetic that they hate a decent character for petty shipping reasons, especially when she's a much better character than Lucy.

2) They think she's a copy of Lucy. No. Lucy is arrogant whilst Lisanna is humble. Lucy is quite offensive at times whilst Lisanna is not. Lucy is more confident whilst Lisanna is more shy. They are not the same and she is very much her own person.

3) They think she had no reason to be in the anime. Yes, she's under-developed but only because she has less screen time. And many other characters do not add to the story at all.

These reasons to hate her are invalid. Lisanna treats everyone kindle (Lucy included). She didn't really love Natsu when she was young ; she was just a child who had hopes for the future. She doesn't deserve the hate from the irritating petty NaLu fans. - Cwawissa

I don't hate Lisanna, but she is next to useless to the story and her fighting power is weak. They should have kept her death in the story.

I don't hate her either... I just don't understand why she's even there... Why bring her back when SHE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING? - IluvBri

Worst than Lucy and is boy crazy with Natsu! She was like 8 at the time talk about crazy! And she should be the first because she has no sense of humour! And some of her takeovers are revealing for no reason! Lucy is revealing and all but at least she has a sense of humour!

She should've been the top 1 than just Lucy Heartfillia.

She doesn't have well-trained takeover magic than her older sister and young brother Elfman. Sure people say "she's strong in her own way" but it doesn't prove nor show anything relating to her takeover magic.

Besides, she would've had potential if she weren't such a bystander in the incident with Elfman losing his grip on his takeover magic- even if she lost that gap she could've trained herself. But instead, she's the clingy type.

Lisanna should be the top three! She's creepy when she talks about marrying Natsu and was she 8 at the time! No kid should be thinking about that until they're older! I can't believe fans are saying Lucy is worse! To be honest Lisanna looks like a boy on certain angles.. She can be cute at times like when she told Elfman "No matter what happens, we still love you." but that's it. She should be more loving to Elfman and Mirajane than Natsu. I would like Lisanna to have pigtails like Lucy had then she wouldn't look like her gender! Nali is the worse because Lisanna was boy crazy at such a young age and she kept urging Natsu! I was happier when Lisanna didn't show up.

No character, magic sucks, and is kind of a distraction from the story. Shoulda stayed dead like she was supposed to.

I don't hate Lisanna, but I don't really like her that much. She kind of annoys me and she has like no character. And she's not funny at all (i like funny characters). Like, she literally never even made me smile or chuckle. And she's pretty weak. Like, she can't really do a full takeover. For example: on her bird one, her arms and legs turn into bird wings and legs, but her head and body is still human. Is that a full takeover? No it's not.

Lisanna is just a nightmare actually... (Sorry about that). She is just to innocent, she think Natsu is going to be her husband... Kids doesn't even think straight about their promises, doesn't she knew that!? She is too annoying and really a pain in the ass. She is not that strong and acts like I'm the cute little sister, don't blame me for their love for me... Sorry for being too mean to all the Lisanna lovers, but I'm just expressing my feelings... And if it's too rude, I'm sorry but it's the first time I write a hatred comment...

(SPOILERS) Did you guys notice that Lisanna sometimes copy's Lucy? Lisanna usually wears the same clothing as Lucy and when Natsu left to train, Fairy Tail disbanded but a year later Natsu came back found out and reunited Fairy Tail once again. When Lisanna and Mirajane came back they were both waitresses and LISANNA had PIGTAILS just like LUCY did. Search similarities of Lucy Heartfilia and Lisanna Strauss.

What similarities? Nothing of the sort comes out when you search it. Plus, you're basically saying that when two girls wear the same hair automatically means one is copying. You're just looking for any excuse to hate her, huh? - Hanah_Ant

I hate Lisanna. She's supposed to be dead but Hiro brought her back in the edolas arc for no reason. What even is her point of service? She just sits on the sidelines, thinking about her and Natsu together. I MEAN what! I just hate her. Enough said.

Really the only thing I have wrong with her is her name. It sounds too much like lasagna and it makes me oddly uncomfortable

I would just like to say something. How the hell is she not in the top 10? She is so close to being at the 10th spot but you all had to put one of my favorite characters at #1! Lucy can be really useful sometimes and without her we wouldn't have all those NaLu moments that I love and that so many others love too! She helps her friends as much as she can, and she is kinda a relatable character to me. All Lisanna does is talk to Natsu and try to ruin NaLu forever! She is really sweet and adorable though I will give her that, but stop messing with Lucy's man! It is never going to happen! NaLu for Life!

I find it hilarious how everyone defends Lisanna even though Hiro hates her. The only reason why she's still alive because his workers liked her.

She has no personality. She's bland and boring and is pretty weak.

At least lisanna don't use her sex appeal to defeat her enemies

I agree that Lisanna is basically useless but I think the hate towards her is unwarranted. Also I don't believe that she was boy crazed or urging nastu on.

I don't hate lisanna, in my opinion I think that Lucy is more annoying than her

She is annoying, why did Hiro Mashima brought her back to reality, she should've stayed in Edolas and died falling from a cliff! (Just kidding). She is fine, just a bit annoying sometimes... What I don't like is just her little sister character, like "Elf-niichan let's go back home..." That stuff, she should've thought before that it's too dangerous! She is cute as a little girl, but she has no personality and kind of weak? (I don't know the words...). Well the point is, she is not that bad just a little bit...

I don't hate Lisanna, and I don't think she should be on the list, but I don't get why she came back. It was a little unnecessary in opinion.

I really dislike Nali. I don't do shipping but Nali doesn't make sense! She was boy crazy and really urging towards Natsu. I don't want Natsu to break her heart but I do not want Nali to happen!

Hate to say this but Lisanna looks like a skinny boy in certain angles. THINK ABOUT IT.

What makes me angry is that Hiro Mashima is FORCED to bring Lisanna back! If he wasn't forced, Edolas arc wouldn't even happened and Lisanna would've been dead instead of staying in Edolas! I just don't understand if people said "she wasn't dead! " or something, just think! I used to like Lisanna, but after hearing that Hiro was forced to bring her back, I hate her... Really, just let Hiro choose! It's his manga anyway!

I love Lisanna. I ship her and Natsu because of their child hood and I hate it how so many people put all their crap on her because she gets in the way of Nalu sometimes. Lisanna is a sweet and caring character.

At the grand magic game: Lisanna doesn't even do anything in this arc! She could have been replaced by ANYONE! Plus, as a note, this could have made for Mirajane and Yukino's relationship to be MUCH deeper, as Mira would have seen Yukino as Lisanna even more.

I think it's really stupid that people hate Lisanna just because they are obsessed with Nalu. Hating on a character for shipping reasons is lame and pathetic.