Lucy Heartfilia


I really don't get people common sense like Lucy is such a damn horrible characters I mean how many times does Natsu and the Han needs to save you till you get that you're useless I mean all the time she is like hiding behind happy like what's damn wrong with you. You say that oh I have all this damn good celestial spirits but you don't damn use them. If anyone even says that oh she summoned all of them that's not a damn good reason especially since they can summon themselves like what the heck I'm really disappointed I hate characters like these and the people who support them. She may be the main character but she sucks at one that's why Natsu has to step in. Like make Natsu the main character if. Your main character can't do squat. She is a disgrace to all girls and main girl characters because her stupidity and uselessness.

I hate her cause:

1. 90 % Fanservice

2. She complains about other but when someone complains about her she gets angry.

3. She is taking too much screen time for a someone like her who has only sideline character potential but sadly is main character.

4. She is put into situations where it doesn't make sense. For example Oracion seis arc where it would make more sense to take Juvia, Gajeel, Elfman, Evergreen, Bixlow or Freed instead of her but the plot says she has to go which in my eyes is a big plot hole.

That brings me to point five.

5. Just so that she can shine and for her powers to seem barely useful there are made a lot of plot holes or situation that are not making real sense.

6. Tartaros arc: that arc is for me full of bad things and plot holes. But the biggest were caused only so that Lucy can shine a little bit.

For example why did only her didn't get caught in Algeria? The excuse for that was cause Mavis saved her. And ...more

I don't hate her because of the way she dresses, people can wear whatever they want! Doesn't matter, what I DO hate her for is using her LOOKS to attract other male characters, and "weaken" them, I also don't like how she is just used as fan service, this is just the typical damsel in distress that the hero is supposed to save, in fact, when they told me Lucy was the main character I was like "what I thought it was Natsu" YEAH! The character that steals the spotlight here is Natsu, HE is the real protagonist. Anyway back to the topic. I also hate her because they seem to try so hard to make her seem like she is "Developing" when in reality she isn't we get all of this things about her getting more keys, and all the inspirational speeches about "trying your hardest" but she is a REAL HYPOCRITE! People say she is weak, and she in fact isn't! She is just a lazy who doesn't want to use her magic, think about it, in every fight we see, Lucy is always ...more

She thinks that she has such a bad past, but compared to people like Erza, her life was cake.

I don't hate Lucy but I can't really bring myself to like her all that much. I'd say I'm pretty neutral about her. I like her cheery personality and warm-hearted nature. I wouldn't say she is weak. She may not be as strong as a lot of the other wizards but she has a couple kick ass moments. Furthermore, I don't think having humble abilities is necessarily a weakness. My problem with Lucy is that she disappoints on many occasions. She is kind of built out to be an intelligent character but she never utilizes her skills properly and I find that frustrating. Like Gemini could be rediculously powerful if she used them correctly but how many times does she summon Gemini? Very rarely. Instead, she always brings out Taurus, who we know is just going to say something pervy, mess up, and be sent back so Lucy can get her butt whopped again. I also find her whininess annoying. She talks so much about how her spirits are not tools and deserve to be respected yet she makes Horologium walk for her ...more

Top Ten reasons why Lucy Hearyfilia sucks

1) She rants about being kind to the Celestial Spirits but then abuses them by taking them for granted (the clock especially)

2) She cries more than Wendy, a twelve year old who has been through way more than her

3) She is absolutely useless without her keys because she can't be bothered to learn hand-to-hand combat

4) She disses everyone, but unlike Erza, she has about 50 times the flaws of the people she has no right to insult

5) She gets the guy, a star dress, and loyal spirits who she no way in hell deserves

6) She is terribly vain but that's not even the bad bit; she uses her looks to seduct petty men

7) She takes up way too much screen time with her rubbish fights, rubbish "inspirational speeches" and generally rubbish attitude

8) She is stupid, has no logic whatsoever and uses ONE DAMN KEY in each fight as well as not using Aquarius when there is a damn water source right ...more

Her past is lame compared to characters who have literally been enslaved, have both of their parents killed, and be a kid watching the closest thing to a parent sacrifice themselves to stop a giant monster from destroying their hometown. Meanwhile Lucy is suffering loneliness in her giant mansion. -claps-

If Fairy Tale characters were in our world, I would actually like Lucy's personality quite a bit. I personally don't mind that she uses her looks to get ahead. Everyone has manipulated a situation to better themselves at some point in life: whether you use deceit, pretty words, your consistency (so you can't be lying or untrustworthy with the same habits!), your strength, your authority, etc. Her crying can get annoying, but I'm sensitive as hell so it doesn't bother me too much when other people cry.

What I dislike about Lucy is that she complains about being dead weight while never furthering herself. You want to know why Natsu is so powerful Lucy? He trains! Natsu is constantly doing exercises, Natsu is constantly fighting, and he purposefully chooses challenging missions in order to better himself and get stronger. Imagine if Natsu constantly counted on Erza to save him? Imagine if Natsu shied away from the more challenging missions? Imagine if Natsu didn't care to exercise ...more - LuxuriousHeart

FAN SERVICE: Lucy. Is. So. Annoying. I mean seriously people say everyone in fairy tail is fan service, but seriously, seriously!? Count how much times Lucy is forced into fan service compared to the other characters?!? And the worst part about it is that Lucy doesn't want to do it ( sometimes she does but either way it's bad.) Just imagine being a girl being forced into exposing your body. And I can't hate on the character for this but I can be annoyed by the writer. When ever she uses her body to attract men she miserably fails and I've even caught Erza accidentally doing when Lucy tries all the time.

WEAKNESS: She is incredibly weak. People say " She defeated a member of torturous. " and " she's powerful for a celestial wizard. " Well even Yukino is more powerful than her with only 3 golden keys. Believe me I know for a fact that Lucy couldn't hold her own up against kagura if Erza struggled to. Her new upgrade is terrible as well, and yet again every ...more

Okay I voted Lucy just to say this

Many people dislike Lucy because she is conceited about her looks, but I personally think that it is just one of her flaws, as every other character has. It also makes her more relatable and more human, I am sure many of us girls in real life can be pretty vain at times. She is also accused by many to not help out in fights and leave everything to Natsu, Gray and Erza, but I mean lets just face the facts, she is not as strong as the rest of team Natsu, rushing into fights she obviously can't handle, she might only just get in the way. She is able to trust her teammates' abilities, and recognizes the limits of her own, which is something I love about her.

Lucy is obviously amazing as a mage, even though she is not very strong, she always tries her best to do anything she can to protect her friends, she cares a lot about her celestial spirits unlike many other celestial mages. She can also be considered the strongest celestial mage, being ...more

She's pretty useless through most of the series. People call her a "really strong wizard" when all she does is summon spirits to fight FOR her and doesn't do much herself. You could say she has a large magical pool to be able to summon them and keep the gates open, but she doesn't do crap but rely on them to fight for her. It would have been much better if she was able to use this large magical pool to learn some spells or attacks that would assist her spirits while they fought but no, she just sits in the back watching them fight and die, and calls HERSELF strong? Even though she does learn a strong spell, she only uses it a few times in the series, and it takes so long to cast it that the enemies could easily interrupt it and make it useless, but of course they just sit there out doing absolutely nothing while they wait for her to charge up and destroy them.

Ok for starters I don't hate Lucy cause she's weak (if I did then I might as well hate Levy and I don't hate Levy), I hate Lucy cause of her WHOLE PERSONALITY. SHES CALLS HER RECKLESS AND ANNOYING UNTIL SHE GETS HURT AND EXPECTS THEM TO SAVE HER. Then after they save her SHE COMPLAINS ABOUT THEM MAKING A MESS OR THE FACT THAT SHE DOESN'T GET MONEY (even though she didn't do anything).

Oh another thing, I here people saying a lot that Lucy makes up for physical strength with her brains. -_- bruh seriously. THAT'S LEVY'S THING. I know more than one people can be smart, but lots of people say Lucy's is the smartest one, WHEN LEVY IS. HOW DARE YOU DOWN GRADE LEVY. I also hate how Lucy treats her spirits. She says how she thinks of them as equals, yet she summons the clock spirit when she's cold, tired, or scared. OH and you know that episode when Lucy was trying to repay her spirits for being helpful SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING FOR LOKE. PLUS Nastu and Happy did most of the things the ...more

Lucy is so bratty and annoying! She can't go even a minute without complaining. If she wants to look like the normal better one, it's not working. She is stupid and always brags about her "inner and outer beauty" I hate it! Why did Natsu have to choose a buffoon like Lucy over Lisanna. I agree when Happy says that Lucy is stupid, cause it's TRUE! She also always complains about her celestial spirits when they act weird, yet they put their life on the line for her! Natsu was right when he said that Lucy was "just so weird"

The series would be so much better if someone like Erza or Mira took Lucy's place as the main female protagonist. Lucy doesn't need to be in the series at all. Lucy needs Fairy Tail to survive, but Fairy Tail doesn't in any way, shape, or form, need Lucy to survive lol. Lucy is such an awful character and if you honestly like her then...I'm not sure what to say to you lmao. - GodOfCreation

Gajeel's cat is more useful than lucy

She is only a prostitute! That is all she is! A prostitute! - SelfDestruct

If only it was the current-timeline Lucy Heartfilia, I would rejoice that she wouldn't appear anymore. - SelfDestruct

Where do I even begin with her. She uses her looks and flirts to get her way with guys (which really annoys me). And in case nobody else has noticed she's extremely judgmental of anyone regardless if they're a friend or a complete stranger. Not only that but she's constantly hiding behind other people and doesn't use a lot of her spirits to their full potential.

Lucy is just so basic to me and annoying just a waste of a character. I mean Gajeel even called her a "weakling"... So take that into consideration of how lame and basic she is not to mention annoying, useless and not powerful she is. I know these are old facts and that their may be some things likeable about her(not to me) but I just can't find anything interesting about her life. It's just basic and lame and not at all interesting. She may try her best and try and get stronger but compared to Natsu, Gray, Ezra, Gajeel, Juvia, Rogue, Sting and well etc... She's nothing big.

Lucy is horrible. She always doesn't want to do these pervy things, but she shows a lot of her cleavage and wears tiny skirts. The outfits are supposed to be ''cute'' but they're just too tiny for Lucy and her big breasts. Even Erza and Juvia know how to dress properly (and they're not that smart)

I can only believe that Loki only loves her because of her looks. Lucy is very kind to her Celestial Spirits, but I can't force myself to think otherwise.

Lucy seems so important in the story as well. She IS strong (I can't lie) but the more she acts weak, the more I think she wants attention.

The writer tries to make her better by giving her spirits wishes. The whole time she acted like she was trying to hide her hate for them. Seriously, all they want are little things, but she's SO tired of them. If you think Lucy deserves a break, she should just throw her keys out the window--ESPECIALLY Taurus.

Lucy has a unique personality, huh? She's the literal mixture of ...more

95% fan service and useless to the guild. Every single time people have to rescue her ass and all she can ever contribute is by bloody shedding tears in almost every single arc. Seriously though, from the start of the anime till the manga I don't see much character development in Lucy character. Hiro mate you did a bad job on this useless character. I really just don't get why people Favorite stupid Lucy what's so good about her cons & pros.

Lucy has the worst fan base in the entire series. If you say one thing about her in a negative way or criticize a legitimate flaw that she has...then the Lucy defense squad who can't interpret good characterization comes along and fan girls their way into an argument with you. I hate Lucy as a character and I hate her fan base, and NaLu is trash as well. Natsu deserves much better than that emotional wreck known as Lucy Crybabyfilia.

Lucy is the worst anime character ever she's weak and always crying for help and useless all the time

LUCY SHOULD NOT BE MOST HATED IN FAIRY TAIL! I know Lucy has some flaws but that makes her more human. Like her confidence in her beauty everybody has thought how handsome/beautiful they are. She doesn't always use her celestial spirits because it takes a lot of magic power so she has to always know it's the right time to strike. (SPOILER FOR UNCOMPLETED READER/WATCHERS) I love Lucy's star dresses even though some are revealing *Cough* *Cough* Taurus *Moo* they are MOOulous and makes her more powerful so she isn't the weakest anymore because she can fight now. You haven't read the Manga yet haters? Any she is very trust worthy.. Wait a minute WHY IS NATSU, ERZA AND GRAY ON THIS TOO!?

Quote: Don't judge me unless you have looked through my eyes, experienced what I've been through and cried as many times I have. In other words BACK OFF.

I really don't like I fined her really annoying as she always get into trouble and when her magic is strong she still uses her keys. Sometimes I fell she is too full of her self and just believes in her sprites than her own magic. And ya also with her sprites she mangged to kill one dragon. Although she is caring she is slightly dumb when it comes to battling. Her fighting style is the same as always. And one more thing I hate her

Lucy is an AWFUL character. I'm on episode 54 and it irritates me how she managed to wriggle herself onto this trip to fight OraciĆ³n Seis, as if The Master would let someone from the Guild who is sooo weak onto this mission.

She has yet to win a fight by herself, with other members of FT saving her sorry ass constantly. We never see her improve, her character remains the same, no development yet somehow manages to survive through ridiculous circumstances.

As a main character, you'd expect to see a journey, watch her grow from being an inexperienced wizard into one of the most powerful characters on the show (towards the end) however, we see her tussling with powerful wizards despite not really earning her place far too early on in the show.